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Strange Deaths....Do Books Trigger?......

strange deaths

During the past few years, there have been a lot of strange deaths in the news that pertain to my situation.

The most recent example occurred on Feb. 2, 2008, when five women were shot to death in the Lane Bryant store in Tinley Park, Ill. One of the victims was a South Bend woman named Jennifer Bishop who was a nurse. Another was a counselor at Homewood-Flossmoor High School. Her funeral was held at a Homewood church. I lived in Homewood when I worked at the Daily Southtown.

When I first heard about it, I thought it was probably another Manchurian candidate gone haywire, especially since the location was Tinley Park. I worked in Tinley Park at the Daily Southtown from 1998 to 2001.

At the time of the shooting, I had been reading a book called "A Citizen's Dissent" by Mark Lane. It's the story of how the news media attacked him after he published his indictment of the Warren Report, "Rush to Judgment," in 1966. A soon-to-be published book called "The Franklin Scandal" exposes the Franklin Credit Union case, which was first brought to national attention by Nebraska State Senator John DeCamp in his landmark work, "The Franklin Cover-Up," discussed in the mind control series on this web site. The author of "The Franklin Scandal" is Nick Bryant. For more information about the new book:

Then I heard a South Bend woman was killed in the shooting, and her last name was Bishop. Paul Bishop was the name of a CIA agent who was involved in the Johnny Gosch case. Johnny was the 12-year-old boy who was abducted while he was doing his paper route in West Des Moines, Iowa, on Sept. 5, 1982. I had been reading about the case around the time of the Lane Bryant shootings.

Johnny Gosch was kidnapped by a pedophile ring that is supported at the highest levels of the FBI, CIA and Justice Department. These are the perverted criminals who run our so-called "government." Johnny's mother, Noreen Gosch, wrote a book about her struggle for justice in the case. It's called "Why Johnny Can't Come Home," and you can order it at

The boys who are abducted by this pedophile ring sometimes end up committing mass murders because they are subjected to mind-control programming by the CIA.

So let's review the "coincidences" involved. Mark Lane/Lane Bryant; Nick Bryant/Lane Bryant; Tinley Park/Daily Southtown; South Bend woman (Bishop)/South Bend man (me); Jennifer Bishop/Paul Bishop; Homewood-Flossmoor High School/former Homewood resident (me).

This was a CIA operation all the way, designed to send me some kind of bizarre message. Who knows what? Stop reading about the JFK assassination? Stop reading about Johnny Gosch? Stop living your life? You are causing all these things to happen?

If so, here's my response: I am not causing ANY of the these things to happen, YOU ARE! I am just trying to live my life and find out what the hell is going on in this country.

In her landmark book, "Mind Control Within the United States," published in 1997, Kai Bashir talked about being a lifelong victim of a bizarre mind-control experiment similar to mine. She, too, was plagued by strange deaths, including one of her best friends and a close relative, as well as seemingly random deaths that were designed to convey a message to her.

She talks about how mind-control technology can be used to influence people's thoughts and arrange for a "chance encounter," such as the confluence of people who were victimized by the Lane Bryant shootings. It can also be used to influence a programmed individual to commit mass murder. This happens all the time now. The Virginia Tech shootings and the Northern Illinois University shootings were two more recent examples of this mind-control atrocity.

Here's another case. Last April, I was reading a book by JFK researcher Larry Han**** titled "Someone Would Have Talked." It's about all the people who DID talk about the JFK conspiracy.
While I was in the process of reading the book, St. Louis Cardinals pitcher Josh Han**** was killed in a car "accident." The Cardinals were playing the Chicago Cubs in St. Louis at the time of the Han**** assassination, and the Cubs have always been my favorite major-league team, so the controllers knew I would be paying attention.

How could something like this be accomplished? The CIA has been staging "accidents" for so long, they have it down to a science. It's a convenient way of getting rid of people without drawing too much attention.

In my own case, my car has been tampered with, and it can be steered by remote control. It's possible that Han****'s car was tampered with, or the accident could have been "arranged" by other means.

What was the message? Stop reading about the JFK assassination or we'll kill someone else? If you're wondering what kind of monsters would do something like this, do a search for Illuminati on the Internet.

A New York Yankees pitcher also succumbed to an Illuminati mind-control operation. In September 2006, Cory Lidle was killed when his plane "accidentally" crashed into an apartment building in New York City. The intelligence agencies have had the the capability to cause airplane crashes for decades. That's how JFK Jr., his wife and his sister-in-law were assassinated.

The day before Lidle crashed his plane into the building, I had been in a local retail establishment discussing the 9-11 attacks, and I expressed my opinion to the store's owner that the hijacked airplanes could never have been allowed to fly around for so long without the complicity of the FAA and NORAD. If normal procedures had been followed, the planes would have been intercepted by jet fighters within minutes and either shot down or escorted to safety.

The next day, Lidle crashed into the apartment building. What was the message? "Oh well, accidents happen?" Sorry, I am not convinced.

And how about Heath Ledger? Do you really think he died because of the interactions of his anti-depressant medications with other drugs in his system?

I'll tell you why Heath Ledger died. Because he had a part in a movie that was used in my mind-control atrocity. He played Billy Bob Thornton's son in "Monster's Ball," co-starring Halle Berry. My ex-wife invited me to attend this movie with her, and if there's one thing I've learned from being a lifelong target of mind control, when someoneone invites me to see a movie, there is a message in it for me.

The character played by Heath Ledger was treated badly by his father, played by Billy Bob Thornton. He was always running his son down, telling him he was worthless. So one day, the kid shoots himself to death in front of his father.

That is what the controllers have been trying to get me to do for years. My father also inflicted a lot of emotional abuse on me as part of the mind-control operation. So the message was, "We want you to do what Heath Ledger did in that movie. His father never loved him, either. It's the only sensible thing to do."

Another thing about Heath Ledger, he starred in "Brokeback Mountain," the story of the gay cowboys who were in love with each other but couldn't show it in public. It was a terrific movie, and I was honestly touched by Heath Ledger's performance. Since I admired him so much, killing him was another form of ritual abuse against me.

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