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RE: Luna - Ouroboros Barrier - 7 - 13 Hidden In Plain Sight....



TABLET I: The History of Thoth, The Atlantean

TABLET II: The Halls of Amenti

TABLET III: The Key of Wisdom

TABLET IV: The Space Born

TABLET V: The Dweller of Unal

TABLET VI: The Key of Magic

TABLET VII: The Seven Lords

TABLET VIII: The Key of Mysteries

TABLET IX: The Key of Freedom of Space

TABLET X: The Key of Time

TABLET XI: The Key to Above and Below

TABLET XII: The Law of Cause and Effect and The Key of Prophecy

TABLET XIII: The Keys of Life and Death



Secret of Secrets
Now ye assemble, my children,
waiting to hear the Secret of Secrets
which shall give ye power to unfold the God-man,
give ye the way to Eternal life.

Plainly shall I speak of the Unveiled Mysteries.
No dark sayings shall I give unto thee.
Open thine ears now, my children.
Hear and obey the words that I give.

First I shall speak of the fetters of darkness
which bind ye in chains to the sphere of the Earth.

Darkness and light are both of one nature,
different only in seeming,
for each arose from the source of all.
Darkness is disorder.
Light is Order.
Darkness transmuted is light of the Light.
This, my children, your purpose in being;
transmutation of darkness to light.

Hear ye now of the mystery of nature,
the relations of life to the Earth where it dwells.
Know ye, ye are threefold in nature,
physical, astral and mental in one.

Three are the qualities of each of the natures;
nine in all, as above, so below.

In the physical are these channels,
the blood which moves in vortical motion,
reacting on the heart to continue its beating.
Magnetism which moves through the nerve paths,
carrier of energies to all cells and tissues.
Akasa which flows through channels,
subtle yet physical, completing the channels.

Each of the three attuned with each other,
each affecting the life of the body.
Form they the skeletal framework through
which the subtle ether flows.
In their mastery lies the Secret of Life in the body.
Relinquished only by will of the adept,
when his purpose in living is done.

Three are the natures of the Astral,
mediator is between above and below;
not of the physical, not of the Spiritual,
but able to move above and below.

Three are the natures of Mind,
carrier it of the Will of the Great One.
Arbitrator of Cause and Effect in thy life.
Thus is formed the threefold being,
directed from above by the power of four.

Above and beyond man's threefold nature
lies the realm of the Spiritual Self.

Four is it in qualities,
shining in each of the planes of existence,
but thirteen in one,
the mystical number.
Based on the qualities of man are the Brothers:
each shall direct the unfoldment of being,
each shall channels be of the Great One.

On Earth, man is in bondage,
bound by space and time to the earth plane.
Encircling each planet, a wave of vibration,
binds him to his plane of unfoldment.
Yet within man is the Key to releasement,
within man may freedom be found.

When ye have released the self from the body,
rise to the outermost bounds of your earth-plane.
Speak ye the word Dor-E-Lil-La.

Then for a time your Light will be lifted,
free may ye pass the barriers of space.
For a time of half of the sun (six hours),
free may ye pass the barriers of earth-plane,
see and know those who are beyond thee.

Yea, to the highest worlds may ye pass.
See your own possible heights of unfoldment,
know all earthly futures of Soul.

Bound are ye in your body,
but by the power ye may be free.
This is the Secret whereby bondage
shall be replaced by freedom for thee.

Calm let thy mind be.
At rest be thy body:
Conscious only of freedom from flesh.
Center thy being on the goal of thy longing.
Think over and over that thou wouldst be free.
Think of this word La-Um-I-L-Ganoover
and over in thy mind let it sound.
Drift with the sound to the place of thy longing.
Free from the bondage of flesh by thy will.

Hear ye while I give the greatest of secrets:
how ye may enter the Halls of Amenti,
enter the place of the immortals as I did,
stand before the Lords in their places.

Lie ye down in rest of thy body.
Calm thy mind so no thought disturbs thee.
Pure must ye be in mind and in purpose,
else only failure will come unto thee.

Vision Amenti as I have told in my Tablets.
Long with fullness of heart to be there.
Stand before the Lords in thy mind's eye.

Pronounce the words of power I give (mentally);
Mekut-El-Shab-El Hale-Sur-Ben-El-Zabrut Zin-Efrim-Quar-El.
Relax thy mind and thy body.
Then be sure your soul will be called.

Now give I the Key to Shamballa,
the place where my Brothers live in the darkness:
Darkness but filled with Light of the Sun
ODarkness of Earth, but Light of the Spirit,
guides for ye when my day is done.

Leave thou thy body as I have taught thee.
Pass to the barriers of the deep, hidden place.
Stand before the gates and their guardians.
Command thy entrance by these words:

I am the Light. In me is no darkness.
Free am I of the bondage of night.
Open thou the way of the Twelve and the One,
so I may pass to the realm of wisdom.

When they refuse thee, as surely they will,
command them to open by these words of power:
I am the Light. For me are no barriers.
Open, I command, by the Secret of Secrets
Edom-El-Ahim-Sabbert-Zur Adom.

Then if thy words have been Truth of the highest,
open for thee the barriers will fall.

Now, I leave thee, my children.
Down, yet up, to the Halls shall I go.
Win ye the way to me, my children.
Truly my brothers shall ye become.

Thus finish I my writings. Keys
let them be to those who come after.
But only to those who seek my wisdom,
for only for these am I the Key and the Way.


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12 Around 1

Reality begins as a source of sound, light and color, resembling a pulsating orb which is a consciousness program through which 12 spiraling cones burst forth to create endless grid programs. "Cones" link with "horns" or creational harmonics and other "horn" references found in mythology, especially those linked to gods and angels. It all began with a tone and so it shall end.

Souls sparks of light spiral out from the central source, randomly moving into the grids to consciously experience programs simultaneously. This movement of souls resembles spiraling galaxies linked with creation through the eye, the lens of time, projected illusion through the looking glass, Eye of God, etc.

All Seeing Eye
Isis, Iris, Pupil, Rods and Cones, Masonic Symbolism
The pattern "12 around 1" repeats in time (loops) as does the spiraling movement of consciousness referred to as sacred geometry. When understood, "12 around 1" acts as a subliminal archetype that helps souls remember reality and creation as a virtual construct having a beginning and an end to which we move closer. Slinky Effect

The "12 around 1 pattern" (12 = 1+2=3) or third dimension, 3D for 'drama', as physical reality is nothing more than a biogenetic experiment based on linear time to experience the full gamut of emotions.

We mark time in cycles, circles, loops, etc. We find "12 around 1" on a clock, calendar, zodiac wheel, alchemy wheel, wheel of time and karma, mandalas, etc.

The term "Archeometre" originates from the Greek and means "the measure of the principle". The system refers also to a series of symbols and meanings, which refer to the federal drawer.

'Archeometre' is it the measurement of the 'Archee' (Universal Cosmic Force) of which the Hermetists speaks. Is it a process, a 'key' which makes it possible to penetrate the Mysteries of the Word. It is a measuring instrument of the first (primary) principles of the manifested universe.

Alexandre Saint Yves d'Alveydre's Archeometre shows the original Atlantean alphabet translates into the material the word, form, color, smell, sound and taste, the key to all religions and the sciences of antiquity.

The Archeometre is represented by a circle, which has two scales from 0 to 360 degrees and 360 degrees to 0. It is divided into 12 ranges with 30 degrees each. In the individual ranges are drawn in the tierkreiszeichen, planet, colors, tones and the letters of different alphabets.

The Archeometre is a universal canon (guide), which wants to point the relationship out between the astrological indications, tones, smells, letters and colors. The musician finds therein the color of tones, the writer the toncharakter of letter etc. The Archeometre is to also point practical use out that the religions, arts and architecture a synthesis from different ranges to form.

Alexandre St. Yves d'Alveydre (1842-1909)

He is buried in the cemetery at Notre Dame.

Alexandre St. Yves d'Alveydre, together with contemporaries like Eliphas Levi, Maitre Philippe, and Fabre d'Olivet, belonged to the most influential spiritual teachers/philosophers of France in the 19th century. Saint-Yves may be looked upon as a 19th century profound thinker, philosopher and mystic.

Being an occultistand alchemist, Saint-Yves believed in the existence of spiritually superior beings. These 'beings' could be contacted telepathically.

Apparently Saint-Yves claimed that he was in touch with these 'superiors' himself, as a matter of fact the principles of Synarchy were partially received telepathically from these Masters who lived in the mysterious underworld realm known as Agartha. Thus d'Alveydre introduced the concept of "Agartha" to the Western world.

The myth of "Agartha" is also known as "Shambhala", as it was known in India, the underworld realm peopled by initiates and lead by 'the Masters", Masters who are the Spiritual leaders of humanity.

Agartha is the great Asian University of the Initiates of the Greater Mysteries. Their 'Mahatma' ('Great Soul') plays the part of the supreme spiritual leader of humanity.

According to Saint-Yves the secret world of "Agartha" and all of its wisdom and wealth "will be accessible for all mankind, when Christianity lives up to the commandments which were once drafted by Moses and Jesus, meaning ' When the Anarchy which exists in our world is replaced by the Synarchy".

Saint-Yves gives a 'lively' description of "Agartha" in this book as if it were a place which really exists, situated in the Himalayas in Tibet. Saint-Yves' version of the history of "Agartha" is based upon ' revealed' information, meaning received by Saint-Yves himself through 'attunement'. However, several French 'reliable' sources state that Saint-Yves was NOT a medium. We've seen that Saint-Yves used a medium, a certain Marie Victoire, when he wrote the "Archeometre". It seems that "the sources" disagree with each other when it comes to Saint-Yves' gifts.

St. Yves d'Alveydre was incredibly influential in the development of 19th century occultism. The concept of Agartha and its Masters had a big influence on the teachings of Blavatsky, founder of the Theosophic Society . Blavatsky also 'promoted' one of Saint-Yves' other concepts, namely the idea of 'root races' ; a 'root race' dominated a long period in history, "destined to be supplanted by the next superior race ". The concept of "root races" can also be found in the writings of Alice A.Bail, Rudolf Steiner and Max Heindel.

On the matter of Atlantis - Saint-Yves believed the Atlantis was an advanced superior civilization. According to Saint-Yves the Sphinx was built by the Atlanteans, many thousands of years before the rise of Egypt. Saint-Yves placed the downfall of Atlantis at around 12,000 B.C.

Another source of inspiration for Saint-Yves were the medieval Knights Templar, which he regarded as the ultimate Synarchists in history. After all, the Knights Templar exerted control over the political, financial, and religious life of medieval Europe. These three pillars of medieval society corresponded with Saint-Yves' model of Synarchy.

Saint-Yves was influenced by the many neo-Templar societies that were flourishing in his day. He incorporated many of their ideas, in particular from a Masonic-Templar order called "the Rite of Strict Observance", which was founded around 1740-1750 by German Karl von Hund. Saint Yves borrowed the concept of "Unknown Superiors" from Von Hund , however he expanded the concept into "spiritually advanced beings that lived in a remote part of Tibet", aka "Agartha".

In his youth Saint-Yves (who was of French origin) apparently was not easy to handle and because of his "insubordination" he was, at the age of 13, taken under the custody of 2 professors, Frederic-Auguste of Metz and the Abbot Rosseau. Encouraged by his teachers, he started to read Joseph de Maistre and learned about Fabre d'Olivet. The young Alexandre wanted to study literature, but his father decided otherwise; His son should aim for a career in the military.

At a naval-academy in Brest, where he studied medicine (which his professor, Frederic-Auguste of Metz, had advised him to do), he contracts the blackpox (or "black variola") and he leaves for Jersey to recover from the disease. There he met Pelleport and Victor Hugo. It is said that Victor Hugo, a famous French 19th century novelist, was involved with a group of "Rose-Croix" (rosicrucians) of which Maurice Barres (a later member of the "Ordre Kabbalistique de la Rose+Croix" and of the Supreme Council of Papus' Martinist Order) was also a member.

Around this time Saint-Yves d'Alveydre also visited London for the first time . In 1870 Saint-Yves, still on Jersey, joined the 171 "bataillon de Marche". In 1871 he accepted a post at the Ministry of Home Affairs.

It is stated by an unknown biographer that Saint-Yves at his stay on the Isle of Jersey, received from a relative of Fabre d'Olivet several of his manuscripts which apparently made a huge impression on Saint-Yves. The works of Fabre d'Olivet exerted a major influence on the development of Saint-Yves' philosophy.

In 1877 Saint-Yves met Countess Marie de Riznitch-Keller, a relative of Honore de Balzac, novelist and a member of the 'original ' Martinist Order. Saint-Yves married the Countess, a decision which made him financially (in)dependent. He could afford it to spent almost all of his time doing research in libraries in France and abroad. In 1880 Saint-Yves obtains the title of "Marquis", a title which was confered to Saint-Yves by the Vatican. Saint Yves had an excellently connected circle of acquaintances through his marriage with the Countess.Ý

Saint-Yves published 4 books between 1882 and 1887, about the concept of 'Synarchy'.

In the year 1885 Saint-Yves was visited by a group of Eastern Initiates, one of them being named prince Hardjij Scharipf. Their mission was to inform Saint-Yves on 'AGARTTHA' , a spiritual and political organization. Their visit lead to his publication, titled "Mission de l'Inde en Europe, mission de l'Europe en Asie. La question des Mahatmas et sa solution". Saint-Yves dedicated this work to the "Sovereign Pontiff who wears the tiara of the seven crowns of modern Brahatmah in the ancient Paradise of the Cycle of the Lamb and the Ram". But Saint-Yves did not publish the book but decided to destroy the work and tore it apart. According to Saint Yves he acted under orders of the Brotherhood.

The wisdom revealed would not be understood and therefore a publication would be like casting pearls before swine. Other sources state that Saint-Yves decided not to "expose the life of a saint" to the outside world, the saint being "Guru Pandit", the Eastern initiate who'd visited Saint-Yves. Apparently Saint-Yves overlooked one copy of the manuscript which fell into the hands of Count Alexander Keller, son of Countess Marie de Riznitch-Keller.

This copy of Saint-Yves "Mission de l'Inde en Europeä" was published (posthumous) in a limited edition in 1910 by the publishing firm of Dorbon-Aone. During the Second World War the Gestapo seized all the publications of this book that were known to exist. According to Dr.Philippe Encausse, Papus' son, the original copy belonging to Count Keller was given to Papus. After the death of Papus in 1916 it was donated to the Library of Sorbonne.

After his wife's death in 1895, Saint-Yves started to work on his last work, an enormous work called the "Archeometre", a book published in 1903. The "Archeometre" 'intended to be a comprehensive key permitting a survey of ancient culture'. The book 'explores' the value of various philosophical, scientific, occult and religious systems 'and its place in the universal tree of science or tradition'. "Archeometre" is derived from the Greek meaning roughly "the mass of the principle". Saint-Yves' system is build around a series of symbols and interpretations relating to the "Ark of the Covenant". It's a very complex system which intends to be the key to all Religions and Sciences of the Ancients.

Saint-Yves d'Alveydre had many followers within the Martinist Order. Saint Yves' ideas have become part of subsequent occult "beliefs", mainly because they were also taken up and popularized by one of the most influential occultists of modern times, Helena Blavatsky (1831-1891), founder of the "Theosophic Society".

Blavatsky's work had an enormous impact on various esoteric organizations, mainly those which were established in the beginning of the 20th century. For instance, many of Blavatsky's concepts were incorporated into the teachings of Alice Baily (1880-1949), and it is generally known that Baily's teachings have had a huge influence over the beliefs of the New Age movement of today.

Then there is Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925) who used Synarchy as a major influence when he developed his own ideas for his own organization, the "Antroposofische Gesellschaft" (established in 1913, Steiner developed a philosophy which is known as "Antrosophy").

Steiner was a former member (and high dignitary) of the "Theosophic Society" in Germany. One of Steiner's former disciples, Max Heindel (1865-1919), founded the "Rosicrucian Fellowship" in 1908. All these organizations, and I just named a few of them, propagated several of the ideas which were "introduced" by Saint-Yves in a way. The principle of "Masters" is a well known concept within many of the esoteric organizations. The original concept did not descend from Saint-Yves, but he was probably one of the first in the West who introduced the idea of the hidden realms of these Masters, Adepts and Initiates which were situated in the East.

The Zodiac Wheel - Astrology

Synchronized Celestial Patterns that tell the
Story of Humanity's Progressed Time/Motion in this Program

12 around 1
Spiraling movement of consciousness in different frequencies
12=1+2=3=-manifestation in third dimension, the physical realms
12 spiraling cones around 1 source = 13 = 4=4th dimension = time
Sacred Geometry = SG = StarGate = Wheel of Karma = Alchemy Wheel - Clock -Time
Electromagnetic energy grid programs of experience - polarity - duality - emotions
Alchemy Wheel of Consciousness based on the spiraling patterns of
Spiraling back and forth to the center - heart - the Eye.

Perpetual rhythmic motion [dance] of sound, light, and color
that creates endless grids in which we consciously experience.

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Sacred Geometry, Spiraling DNA, Golden Ratio, Fibonacci Numbers

Flower of Life

The Court Jester and the Fleur de Lis (Flower of Life)

Qabbalah - Flower of Life - Star of David
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Conical Hats

Tube Torus

Zero Point

Twin Flames Balance
Reunion of both aspects of your soul at Zero Point

Eclipse of Time and Consciousness

All Seeing Eye
Isis, Iris, Pupil, Rods and Cones, Masonic Symbolism

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The Emerald Tablets of Thoth (thought, consciousness)
As is Above, So is Below

Gordian Knot

Metatron's Cube

Counter rotating fields - Rotation and Spin
Movement of consciousness between realities

Center, Heart Chakra

Hour Glass Effect - Time - Hours - Horus Rebirth


Reptilian Influences (DNA)

Quetzalcoatl Feather Serpent God, 2012, Mayan Calendar

The Garden of Eden

Sumerian Gods Allegedly Create a Biogenetic Experiment

Dilmun, Iraq

11:11 Vertical Pupils - Balance

Caduceus Rod of Hermes, DNA

Alchemy of Consciousness in Time

Lyra of Hermes

Using the Rod to Slay the Dragon

Omega Project, Ending the Human DNA Experiment, Leo, Lion

Ouroboros, 2012


Coiling Snake, Dragons


Saturn, Chronus (Cycles of Time), Portrayed with Reptilian Imagery

Uraeus, Egyptian Connections Alpha, Omega

Dogon Nommo

Reptilian Part of the Brain

Gods with Water Buckets

Amphibious Gods
Oannes, Oneness, Babylon, Baby Lion, Many Others


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"To the land of the eagles its queen shall return
the prison of the Moon she'll be required to break
guardians of other times at her side will come
and joined all together battle they will give.

Wandering sleepwalkers will see her move forth
and the only one awake her aid shall ask
The worst and the best for her will unite
and the water fom the heavens will cleanse them all

To rings of the past the present will be heard
but only in the silence her voice will be listened
and in case of deafness a sacrifice shall be had
whose light for millenia the path will shine"

From the book "Regina: 2 de Octubre no se olvida",
by Antonio Velasco Piña


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This is major news! please pin. and be informed that our consciousness
is being ripped apart already!

Reference: ISAIAH 13 / 1.2.3. ...."to fulfill my wrath"....

Friends: *This is a research document. Please read carefully. Thank you.

To Tom Horn:

I am a researcher into paleobotany and astro-archaeology in CHINA. (I am an Australian/American by the way). Recently after listening and relistening to Radio Show 4 with Steve Quayle, I went to task with all
my resources on your behalf to help you qualify the 2892 BC date and the ENOCHIAN connection.

YOu of course if I do hear back from you can add to this detail. But as I listened to your show and found the vague comment of BIBLICAL scholars adding information on this date, I went to task to see if
I can find any info on this.

My background in the last 3 years has been the study of cosmogenesis and the resurrection of lost cultural artifacts that were based in the Indus-Valley cultures and Egyptian cultures from 3200 BC. Which is known as
The FLIGHT OF ISIS who is pursued by the DRAGON (ENERGY and demons?)

Below is the precis EMAILS that ensued to support the 4900 configuration and what actually was happening in 2892 BCE on planet Earth.

I'm certain that the discussion of the BEASTS OF HEAVEN COME
ALIVE (from my works on the Denderah Zodiac
over the last 2 years!) is part of the LION's GATE COSMOLOGY and the lifting
of the paw, Apollyon that holds the hells-gate closed.

****EMAILS to STEVE and my colleagues who are involved in cosmogenesis and plasma galactic bursts 3300 BCE

Steve Quayle's last reported radio show was a bit of mind-tester on the ENOCHIAN revelation that in 2008 was the beginning of an official breakthrough of the BEASTS into our dimensions.

It began here: [link to]

and I began wondering what the 2892 BC date was all about. It was ENOCH's configuration based on a solar clock that by 2008 or 70 x 70 generations we would awaken the BEASTS of Heaven and they would begin entering into our Earthly domain. Well, it has been known since 1979 and before that this has been a possibility.

I worked out the following to realize that 2892 was a real date, but had less to do with floods and cataclysms


Thanks for reading the former Emails. From the consecration of the closing of the AGE OF ARIES in 98 BCE, the Temple of Hathor's Denderah Zodiac was transmiting it's messages in math and story and sealed inside the temple.

There are some distinctive calculations that do fit in with your 2892 value. There are 2 cycles of sun changes that have been noted to weave between one another a 700 year Brown Solar cycle and a 1050 year Boyle Cycle (from Charles Boyle research available upon request)

Lets focus on the 700 year cycle whereby a starting point in a solar cycle would suit ENOCH's mathematical mindset.

2892 - 700 = 2192 -700 = 1492 - 700 = 792 - 700 = 92 BCE ( a place
to comment on the transient place of URANUS crossing the Hathor Temple ( a coincidence? ) but the temple was completed in 98 continue

92 - 700 = 688 AD + 700 = 1388 AD plus quarter cycle of 175 = mini ice
age ends 1483 AD plus 525* = 2008 !!!!!!!

Now that is interesting, the mini ice age finishes off with a 1/2 cycle from BOYLE cycle.

So ENOCH may have calculated this computation based on the value 7 as a key, 700 years for example

or 7 cycles of x 700 years = 4900 that makes perfect sense.

FOR THE BOYLE's CALENDAR for the CULDEE science: 1050 value....

2007 was chosen minus 525 minus 525 = 957 AD ** minus 5 equals 952 AD noted on the ROCK ART in New ENGLAND 957-525 = 432 - 525 = 93 BC - 525 = 618 BC - 525 = 1143 - 525 = 1668 - 525 = 2193 - 525 = 2718 plus
175 years (a quarter cycle ending from the 700 cycle to complete the count !) the 2892 BC value.

FOUR CYCLES of 1050 plus one 1/2 cycle plus a 1/4 cycle of the 700 cycle !
or FOUR CYCLES of 1050 plus a 700 year cycle to complete the count.

The point is that the 700 year cycle and the 1050 cycle cross at the head and the tale of the 4900 count.

IN TEANGA (secret language of light the CELTS USED) the missing 5 years as a cache-code.

5 cryptic years (-1 -0 0 +0 +1) 5 years meaning the CULDEE were SHORT FIVE YEARS...when they engraved a value of 952 it was in the Gregorian count 957, when they wrote 2007 it would be 2012, the did write 2002 which would be 2007/8

-98 BC plus 525 = 427 +525 = 952 * recorded on rocks in NEW ENGLAND plus 525 = 1477 (mini ice age) plus 525 = 2002 AD


- 98 STARTING POINT "ZERO" IS : -97 plus 525 = 428 + 525 = 953
+ 525 = 1478 + 525 = 2003 (5 year discrepancy to 2008)

Let's move to a topic of unique length and breadth. Cosmic portals that are
known to exist and have now been registered in our history by sargel 18 and varion 11 for example:

WEll, was I asleep on the Beasts coming into our domain. For sometime I knew about sargel18 and varion11 who independently work to make the rebuttal against those that say these beasts of other dimensions don't exist. Well they do. I was aware for some time that my photographs have revealed this. Sprites and elementals for example But for these creatures of the universe to move into our world seems a bit like the movie CONSTANTINE.

See this link...a place to start: [link to]

JJ Hurtak was keen to represent a vortex-warrior who has living proof beyond the normal sasquatch that these demons and other dimensional beings are coming into our world.

I have been close to that New Jersey reservoir one night when going out to that area near NYC, and had a whopping ufo experience. But the point is that a vortex is a vortex and this one is big! and inspired the writings of the script Ghostbusters.

Also have a read of Varion 11 's site [link to]

So the idea that the BEASTS of HEAVEN come alive is something that seems so vile and arcane to our normal senses that we actually forget that they can come knocking at any time, especially if...too many portals open by mistake! or by design.

I sent Steve the links to the Denderah Zodiac research i wrote and mentioned to him that those beasts are mathematical moments frozen in stone's space time to talk about the cosmic beasts of heaven who were the representatives in 98 BC on who are present when the precessionary age closes.

following are some links on the work I have done on the Lion's Gate Cosmology and the knowledge from as far back as PERSIA that the gateway was beneath the front foreleg/paw of LEO at REGULUS also known for it's anti-energy point: APOLLYON.

In the 4 shows that I did with Radiorbit's Mike Hagen the conclusion of the
last shown below was a real powerful proof that on side is the CHRIST LIGHT of the universe that pours down through the Flower of Heaven
held up by Virgo and on the other side is the Greatness of Truth at the Lion's
Gate at LEO/CANCER Boundary. Beneath it's front paw is the doorway to the powers held back by Arch Angel Raphael in 2892 BCE.


[link to]

Peratt, on the TP9 EVENT, Torus Plasma 9 event witnessed during this galactic core energy volleys that change the DNA of our higher spiritual platforms:
"Characteristics for the Occurrence of a High-Current Z-Pinch Aurora as Recorded in Antiquity Part II: Directionality and Source"

[link to]

[link to]

[link to]

[link to]

It is my contention that the BEAST that we fear is the extreme imbalance as 2008 time-code is passed, this will released as indicated in Hurtak's KEYS OF ENOCH. the negative dark forces emanating from the black cube that
is the antithesis of the WHITE STONE that brought the lines of Jesus through the Kings of this Earth. More than that the NEPHILIM which you specialize in are in fact the wicked virusesthat are small but do great damage
and also these demons that SARGIL 18 reveal exist and come through portals.

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