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RE: The Curse II

In Abyssinian the word is "Saba". The word "Nighisti" means Queen, and the Queen of Sheba is referred to as Nighisti Makeda Saba. Obviously Jones and Monroe believe in the mainstream false theory that the "Land of Sheba" was in Yemen, or southern Arabia, where most establishment historians place it. But "Saba" is a feminine name, like "Maria"; it is not the name of a land, but a woman. However, Josephus' statement that this "Land of Sheba" was located in Egypt and Ethiopia conforms to the theory of Dr. Immanuel Velikovsky that Queen Hatshepsut of Egypt was also Nighisti Makeda Saba and ruled both at Thebes and Axum. Queen Hatshepsut was succeeded by her son Amenhotep II, whom Dr. Velikovsky identifies with "Zerah" of the Scriptures and Menelik I of Ethiopia. It would have been an easy journey from Thebes to Axum; and although Queen Hatshepsut's memory was defaced at Thebes and Deir El-Bahari (which I have visited), she was, and still is, revered in Axum, her place of birth. RS]

"The Queen of the South shall rise up in judgement with the men of this generation and shall condemn them." Her enigmatic figure had gathered round itself a tangle of fantastic legends, many of which are reproduced in the Koran. Her dominions had already in the first century A.D. been located by Josephus in Egypt and Ethiopia.

Senmut, whose dazzling achievement in the conception and construction of Hatshepsut's funerary temple in the great bay in the cliffs on the western side of the river, opposite Karnak at Thebes, appears to us now to have been as much the inspiration of passionate love for his Queen as it was the most perfect expression in stone of the Egyptian religious ethos

1473-1458 B.C.
18th Dynasty

Hatshepsut, the fifth ruler of the 18th Dynasty, was the daughter of Thutmose I and Queen Ahmose. As was common in royal families, she married her half-brother, Thutmose II, who had a son, Thutmose III, by a minor wife. When Thutmose II died in 1479 B.C. his son, Thutmose III, was appointed heir. However, Hatshepsut was appointed regent due to the boy's young age. They ruled jointly until 1473 when she declared herself pharaoh. Dressed in men’s attire, Hatshepsut administered affairs of the nation, with the full support of the high priest of Amun, Hapuseneb and other officials. When she built her magnificent temple at Deir el Bahari in Thebes she made reliefs of her divine birth as the daughter of Amun. Hatshepsut disappeared in 1458 B.C. when Thutmose III, wishing to reclaim the throne, led a revolt. Thutmose had her shrines, statues and reliefs mutilated.



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Ma'at-ka-Ra Hatshepsut, Female Pharaoh of Egypt

Ma'at-ka-Ra - 'Truth/Order/Balance ("Ma'at") is the Spirit/Double ("ka") of Ra'

Hatshepsut-Khnumet-Amen - 'Foremost of Female Nobles, Joined With Amen'

Although not the only female ruler of Egypt, Ma'at-ka-Ra Hatshepsut (1473-1458 BC) is one of the best known (next to Cleopatra).

She was an 18th dynasty Pharaoh, daughter of Thothmose I and Queen Ahmose. When her father died her half brother, Thothmose II, ascended to the throne. He was young, apparently younger than Hatshepsut herself.

The Egyptian tradition of having the Pharaoh marry a royal woman led Thothmose II to marry Hatshepsut. (The women in Egypt may have carried the royal blood, not the males. To become Pharaoh, the man had to marry a female of royal blood, often a sister, half sister or other near relative. Usually it was the eldest daughter of the previous Pharaoh.) Thothmose II died soon after becoming Pharaoh, leaving the widow Hatshepsut, a daughter Neferura... and a son by another wife - Thothmose III.

Due to the young age of the Pharaoh, Hatshepsut became his regent. They ruled together for a number of years until she proclaimed herself Pharaoh (perhaps when Thothmose III was reaching manhood) - something almost unheard of, despite the higher status of women in Egypt compared to women in other cultures at the time. Women could own land, inherit from family members, and even go to court to defend her rights. But before Hatshepsut, there were queens who had ruled Egypt... but not a female Pharaoh.

She managed to rule for about twenty years, before disappearing from history... coinciding with Thothmose III's becoming Pharaoh in his own right.

But what happened in those twenty years?

Inscriptions on the Walls of Hatshepsut's Temple

Hatshepsut, with the backing of the temple of Amen, proclaimed that she was the divine daughter of the god Amen:

Amen took the form of the noble King Thothmose and found the queen sleeping in her room. When the pleasant odours that proceeded from him announced his presence she woke. She smiled at his majest. He went to her, his penis erect. He gave her his heart to her and showed himself in his godlike splendour. When he approached the queen she wept for joy at his strength and beauty. His love passed into her limbs. The palace was flooded with the god's fragrance, and all his perfumes were as from Punt.

On the walls of her temple, Hatshepsut describes how Thothmose I made her his heir:

Then his majesty said to them: "This daughter of mine, Khnumet-Amen Hatshepsut - may she live! - I have appointed as my successor upon my throne...she shall direct the people in every sphere of the palace; it is she indeed who shall lead you. Obey her words, unite yourselves at her command." The royal nobles, the dignitaries, and the leaders of the people heard this proclamation of the promotion of his daughter, the King of Upper and Lower Egypt, Ma'at-ka-Ra - may she live eternally!

The Birth Colonnade depicts Queen Ahmose in subtle images with the words of Hatshepsut's conception and birth. From an image of Queen Ahmose and Amen seated together while the queen breaths in life from the god, to one of the rare examples of a pregnant woman - Khnum and Heqet lead the queen to the birthing room. The stomach of the queen is only slightly rounded, despite the fact that she is shown going to the birthing room to give birth to Hatshepsut. Another scene shows a goddess handing the baby girl to the queen, with the goddess Meskhenet, the goddess of the birth bricks, kneeling behind the queen, and deities all around. Finally there is a scene showing Hatshepsut being brought before the gods, and before her father, Amen.
Hatshepsut began to adopt several male attributes, after the Oracle of Amen pronounced it Amen's will that Hatshepsut should be Pharaoh. She gradually took on the new role, rather than appearing all at once as the Pharaoh. That would have been a drastic step - she was rather cautious. She dropped her titles relating to those only a woman could hold, and took on those of the Pharaoh, and slowly started the trend towards appearing like a male, wearing the shendyt kilt, nemes headdress with its uraeus, khat head cloth and false beard. She even, eventually, dropped the female ending from her name ('t') and became His Majesty, Hatshepsu 'Foremost of Nobles'.

Hatshepsut's Daughters

On becoming Pharaoh, Hatshepsut had to give up her title - not just a title, but a special job with specific duties - of "God's Wife". She granted her daughter Neferura ('Beauties of Ra'), Thothmose II's daughter, this title. Unfortunately Neferura died young, but Hatshepsut apparently was grooming her daughter as a prince, rather than a princess, despite the title. There is a beautiful block statue of Senmut, holding the child Neferura enfolded in his arms. Neferura is wearing the royal false beard, and the side lock of a youth.

One of Neferura's tutors was a soldier, Ahmose, who wrote:

Hatshepsut gave me repeated honours. I raised her eldest daughter, Princess Neferura, while she was still a child at the breast.

Merira-Hatshepset ('Beloved of Ra'), Hatshepsut's who may or may not have been second daughter (there are different schools of thought on this matter), became the wife of Thothmose III, and married him just before or during his coronation after Thothmose II died. Little else is known about her, other than she may have been the mother of Amenhotep II.

Senmut and Other Officials

When Neferura was still a child, Senmut ('Brother of Mut') was her tutor. It is unknown as to his relationship with Hatshepsut, but he was one of her strongest supporters, probably even one of her top advisers... During his time, he gained over 40 titles, including chief architect. He disappeared some time before the end of Hatshepsut's reign, and it is unknown what actually happened to him.

The backing of the priesthood of Amen was very important to raise and keep Hatshepsut in power. Hapuseneb was the High Priest of Amen, and Hatshepsut also put him in charge of her monuments at Ipet-Isut (Karnak). He may have even been vizier to Hatshepsut, but she certainly gave him power.

Nehsy was one of her Chancellor, known for leading Hatshepsut's expedition to the Land of Punt.

One inscription that Senmut himself left proclaimed of himself:

Companion greatly beloved, Keeper of the Palace, Keeper of the Heart of the King, making content the Lady of Both Lands, making all things come to pass for the Spirit of Her Majesty.

But, from his titles, it may be a true statement. Senmut was a lowly born man who rose to power with Hatshepsut. Some of his many titles included Overseer of the Works, Overseer of the Fields, Overseer of the Double Gold House, Overseer of the Gardens of Amen, Controller of Works, Overseer of the Administrative Office of the Mansion, Conductor of Festivals, Overseer of the Cattle of Amen, Steward of the King's Daughter Neferura, Chief of the King, Magnate of the Tens of Upper and Lower Egypt, Chief of the Mansion of the Red Crown, Privy Councillor, Chief Steward of Amen, Overseer of the Double Granary of Amen and Hereditary Prince and Count.

Hatshepsut's Mortuary Temple and Other Works

After becoming Pharaoh, Hatshepsut ordered many works, carrying on from her father's works. Her first were two obelisks, cut at Swentet (Aswan) and transported to Ipet-Isut. There is not much left of these, as most of her things were vandalised after Thothmose III took over. She later ordered three more to be cut (one of which cracked before it was carved from the rock, so it still remains at Swentet till this day!). These were to celebrate her 16th year as Pharaoh.

At Ipet-Isut, she carried out many repairs to the temples, assuring herself the favours of the priests. It was a continuation of the works of her father, but her own restorations included a pylon to the temple and obelisks. Somewhat further north, she built a small temple in the rock, with more inscriptions of her reign. This is a most beautiful temple, again.

She also ordered a tomb made for herself, while married to Thothmose II. It was a queen's tomb in the Valley of the Kings, but it was never completed. Supposedly she and her father, Thothmose I, were actually buried there until the priests moved the bodies elsewhere, to stop thieves from desecrating the tombs. (There was a first, small tomb that was also unfinished, built behind the Valley of the Queens, but this was abandoned when Hatshepsut married Thothmose II and became queen.)

After the Valley of the Kings tomb was abandoned, work at the beautiful Deir el-Bahri tomb was started. This was to be her famous Mortuary Temple - Djeser Djeseru. It was built at the site of an even older temple - Montuhotep II's mortuary temple from the 11th Dynasty. This is the place where the inscriptions of her life and achievements can be found, although they, too, were vandalised.

It was modelled on Montuhotep II's temple, but Senmut, the architect, improved on the design, blending in with the cliffs around the area. It is a three-terraced building with porticoes, with chapels to the gods at the top - one to Hathor, Anubis, Ra-Horakhty and, of course, Amen-Ra.

Inscriptions at the temple say:

When you rest in your building where your beauties are worshiped, Amen-Ra, the Lord of the Thrones of the Two Lands, give Hatshepsut Ma'at-ka-Ra life, duration and happiness. For you she has made this building fine, great, pure and lasting...

It most certainly is lasting.

Her temple was filled with many beautiful scenes that prove herself as Pharaoh. There was even some reference to military activity at the temple, even though she is often portrayed as a peaceful queen. She did, in fact, have some conquest, like the rest of her seemingly war-loving family.

This refers to a campaign in Nubia. She even sent Thothmose III out with the army, on various campaigns (many of which little is known at all!). One inscription even says that Hatshepsut herself led one of her Nubian campaigns. The inscription at Setet Island (Sehel Island) suggest that Ty, the treasurer of Lower Egypt, went into battle under Hatshepsut herself. She had to prove herself as a warrior Pharaoh to her people.

It also depicts her expedition to the Land of Punt.

The Expedition to Punt

Hatshepsut ordered a trading expedition, her ships reaching the Land of Punt (perhaps to present day Somalia), as commanded by the god Amen-Ra. This was a land rich in products Egyptians desired - myrrh, frankincense, woods, sweet-smelling resin, ivory, spices, gold, ebony, ivory and aromatic trees. Even animals and fish, many of which can be identified today.

There are also reliefs of the homes and people of Punt. The huts of the people, and the native flora, resemble the huts of the Toquls (according to some) near Somalia. The fish and other animals are not natives of Egypt, leading to evidence that Hatshepsut's people had actually visited such a place. Even the people are shown - the most obvious of the people, though, would have to be the ruler of Punt's wife - she is depicted as an obese woman. But their outfits and the fashion shown of the people seem to describe the ancient peoples of Somali.

The chief and his wife, quoted on Hatshepsut's mortuary temple, say:

How have you arrived at this land unknown to the men of Egypt? Have you come down from the roads of the Heavens? Or have you navigated the sea of Ta-nuter? You must have followed the path of the sun. As for the King of Egypt, there is no road which is inaccessible to His Majesty; we live by the breath he grants to us.

On the return of the expedition, Hatshepsut held a procession to the Temple of Amen-Ra, where her inscriptions stated that the god himself, and Hathor (Lady of Punt), guided the expedition to the new lands. After the appropriate sacrifices had been made, tributes from the Land of Punt were transferred to the temple.

She recorded this on the walls of her temple at Deir el-Bahri, and many of the scenes can still be seen today. (Unfortunately many were damaged or destroyed when someone - most likely Thothmose III - tried to erase her name and image from every monument that may have had her name.)

Though this seems a little drastic, there was obviously bitter feelings against Hatshepsut. No-one knows if she was murdered, died or retired from politics to let Thothmose III and her second daughter rule, but she disappeared when Thothmose III became Pharaoh in his own right. Her body has not been positively identified, so it is difficult to prove one way or another. There are a mummies that are a good candidates to be the pharaoh herself, though. An elder woman found in the cache of Amenhotep II; the second female mummy found in the tomb of Hatshepsut's nurse, Sitra-In; and a female mummy found in a cache of mummies along with Hatshepsut's canopic chest containing the remains of her liver.

But, despite all the damage, the people of today still know of Egypt's first female Pharaoh - Hatshepsut.



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Microwaves, optics, acoustics and ancient Egyptian temples
Senmuts Tomb

ASTRONOMY IN DENDERA'S ZODIAC AND IN SENMUT'S TOMB (Slovenská verzia nasleduje za anglickou)

author: RNDr. Pavel Smutný 12.11.2002


Secret of Dendera's Zodiac

Secret of this zodiac is in his astronomical meaning. It could be an important astronomical discovery. Original Dendera's Zodiac is placed in museum in Louvre, Paris. Copy of this zodiac is in Dendera.

Persons, animals, signs which are inside of zodiac are celestial bodies as planets, Sun, tenth planet (X), constellations...

They can also simply show directions and shapes of orbits of planet X, when these one is crossing or is to near to orbit of particular planet of our solar system.

Circumpolar constellations of southern sky are completely visible only from southern hemisphere (from Southern America, from Australia...). After detailed analysis of signs and of constellations was clear, that in central part of Dendera's Zodiac are depicted constellations, which are surrounding southern pole of sky, that there are southern circumpolar constellations. Egypt and Dendera too but are situated on northern hemisphere, so it was not possible, that there were painted such constellations as circumpolar constellations. It was perhaps only in case, that Earth was overturned and northern pole became southern and vice versa. Constellations (on picture denderasouth) Tucana with Pavo and with Triangulum Australe form statue of hippopotamus. Octans is umbrella, which is hold by hipo. Leg of horse is formed by Dorado and Chamaeleon. Big Magellans Cloud is node, which is placed on middle part of leg of horse. Hydrus and Horologium are on Dendera's Zodiac painted as fox connected on falcon and on another fox leaning on baboon. Directions and positions of mentioned stars formations are in coincidence with real star maps (used was mirror image) . These facts are convincing proof, that Earth was overturned during Egyptian history.


picture denderasouth

On Dendera’s Zodiac are painted positions of planet X exactly, as were seen on sky. If X was seen (records were done probably during days (nights) of Spring and of Autumn equinoxes…) for example 25 degrees above constellation of Capricorn, so also record of this position was done in zodiac 25 degrees above sign of Capricorn in direction toward center of zodiac.

First sign which is discovered from outer orbit is Lion. It is standing on sign of water, that would represent water of comets and asteroids from Kuiper cloud. This cloud is some milliards km behind the orbit of Pluto and was discovered only some tents years ago. Every person, sign, animal has got more significations. Important is who or what is it and also the direction of movement, which are showing hands, feet, face or other body parts. When we have paths of planets in our solar system during normal conditions, these paths have on sky and in zodiac shape of geometrical circular patterns, which can not go through central part of whole big Dendera's Zodiac. Here we have but paths of celestial bodies crossing central part of this big zodiac, where are circumpolar constellations.

From lion (direction from lion through woman - archer to Pisces and from Pisces in helix to central part of zodiac is symbolic for movement from outside of our solar system to its center ) we go to the archer, who is shoving first choice for path of planet X. Direction of arrow shows this choice, which depends on positions of Neptune and Uranus on their orbits. If Neptune, Uranus and Saturn are far away from crossing place of planet X and their orbits, so X is going to orbit of Jupiter (circle with eye-spot on atmosphere of Jupiter). Next to Jupiter is sign of water, which means water of comets, asteroids, little planets from band of asteroids between Jupiter and Mars. This band was discovered also not long time ago. At Jupiter are more options for shapes of paths of planet X. If Jupiter is not to near to orbit of planet X, so X has got another two choices for crossing of band of asteroids.

One path is path of man holding long stick

This person (X) is going from sign of Aquarius (from orbital path of Saturn) passing next to Jupiter in sign of Sagittarius to position, where are Scales-sign for Venus. Man continues in walking to Mercury in Virgo and also to Sun in sign of Lion. When this person is in sign of Sagittarius-Jupiter, so planet X has got two choices. If Jupiter is on his orbit behind of X so X after gravitational influence of Jupiter is slowing speed and changing direction more toward Sun. After making arch around Sun, X is making another arch to the opposite side, because Sun is crossing path of X. It happens, because mass of X is not too small in compare with mass of Sun and Sun is making opposite movement to planet X. Shape of path of X looks like wavy line (path 3 on picture nibirudraha41),or Jing Jang sign in this case. If Jupiter is in time, when X is coming to central part of solar system in positions in front of X, so X is little accelerated by Jupiter. In such circumstances can path of X looks like path 2 on nibirudraha41. See pictures. Here were described extreme cases, when planet X during its arrival approached too close to some heavier planet. In most arrivals of X to our solar system but heavier planets are on their orbits around Sun not so close to X. Real orbital path of X but during majority approaches of X to Sun is not deformed by influence of planets and looks like non-deformed ellipse (look in direction perpendicular on main half axes of path of X).

X goes from Lion to Cancer - Moon, where is smallest distance between X and Earth. Statue of man is here changing suddenly direction. Sign of Cancer is in zodiac compare with standard position of other zodiac constellations shifted toward central point of zodiac more than 30 degrees (diameter of zodiac is 180 degrees). Here is point, when Axis of Earth was over turned or tilted. This was caused by gravitational force from X. First tilt of Earths axis was in sign of Libra, where X was crossing (flew above very close) orbital path of Earth too. Shift here was also more than 30 degrees. These shifts sign, that position of X on sky was more than 30 degrees above (below) ecliptic plane.

In the next part will be described another possible paths of X in our solar system and also other discoveries tied with Dendera's Zodiac and with myths concerning Usire, Hor, Sutech and other Egyptian gods. These conclusions concerning to planet X I had made after serious astronomical-physical and mathematical calculations and after study of orbits of planets and of binary and triple stars.




Binary Star Orbits

Each of the two stars orbits around the same point which is called the center of mass of the system. Kepler's Laws govern how each star orbits the center of mass.

In this example, the two stars travel on elliptical orbits, so that sometimes they are further apart than at other times. Can you figure out which star is the more massive? How can you tell?

Apastron is the point where the stars are furthest apart and are travelling slowest in their orbits.

Periastron is the point where the stars are closest together and are travelling fastest in their orbits.



When one star passes directly in front of the other, as viewed from Earth, we seen an eclipsing binary.

Dendera's Zodiac

RNDr. Pavel Smutny

Part 2.

When I had for the first time partly understood Dendera's Zodiac it was clear for me, that this is message from ancient civilization or from the rest of it. They wanted let us know, what had destroyed their world and what we can await in the future. Maybe, this is part from Thovts lost book. On zodiac painted path of man holding stick, paths of star, of falcon, of fox and of another ones show us, what celestial bodies (planets, planet X,...) had caused during one or more periods of precession cycle, or what were their collisions. Here are maybe the most important events in our solar system history during last n times 25800 years

If we want to know every possibility for path of X in our solar system, we must know what way and what sources of gravitational forces are influencing X, planets and Sun on their orbital paths. Normally in case of two celestial bodies the paths are ellipses with various eccentricity. Examples are thereinbefore. If we have more bodies, so the paths are not exact elliptical, but look like paths on enclosed pictures. Sun has got also path, but with smaller diameter than X. This orbiting of Sun is probably purpose for precession with period 13000 years, or 26000 years. It looks so, because per 100 years is shift in zodiac 1 deg and 23 minutes.

According to now valid theories is precession caused by not homogeneous distribution of mass of Earth and by gravitational forces from Moon, Sun and planets. According me is precession caused by reposing of circular motion of Earth around Sun with elliptical motion of Sun, which is as second part of binary star with X. When nutations on precession motion of Earth are caused by gravitational forces of Moon and of planets, why should be so long time of precession (26000 or 13000 years (compare with one period of rotation of Earths axis-24 hours and with one year long rotation of Earth around Sun) be caused by other forces than by gravitational forces in composite orbital motion of Earth and Sun (in binary with X)?

Way of gazelle (looks like fox).


It begins and goes from outer circle through Leo to Taurus next to sign of Jupiter (circle with eye inside). Gravitational forces here change partly direction of movement of fox. Fox is pressed to go from man who is holding fox to hippopotamus and then directly to central part of solar system to place, where is Venus in sign of Libra. X afterwards makes in acute angle bow near to Sun. Fox then (sitting on circle above Libra) is going through fox on sledges, through fox with long tail, through Aries out from inside of solar system. It was not path of planet during standard orbiting of Sun, because motions of fox went through circumpolar constellations. It can be also record of X’s path during days, when X was visible on the sky through days as shining body. It means part of orbital path, when X was near to its periastron (near to Sun). In that time occurred on firmament something like paper-chase between Sun (or satellite of X) and planet X. Seemingly on sky was some time planet X higher above Sun, some time was under Sun. X was some time in front of Sun, some time behind Sun. That heavenly spectacle had been observed (watched from Earth) some months.


This path is on next picture

missing crop circle pics......

Here are some interesting circles which appeared on corn fields and are tied with motion of celestial bodies and with evolution of solar system...

New astronomical meaning of ancient Egyptian myths

RNDr. Pavel Smutny

After discoveries concerning to relative positions of pyramids in Giseh and in Dashur to position of river Nile also sceptic and conservative Egyptologists begun to admit, that old monuments in Egypt are copying positions of stars on sky. Other significant fact is, that those positions (of pyramids,...) are most probably such as they were in time when monuments were built.

Gods in myths are tied exactly with stars and planets. After research of Dendera's Zodiac, after mathematical-astrophysical analysis of planetary orbits, axes of rotations was for me clear that Usire is Uran, Hor is Jupiter, Sutech is planet X or Saturn after change of orbit influenced by planet X. Thowt is Mercury, Geb is Earth.

When we look carefully on Dendera's Zodiac there are some circles inside. One circle-Jupiter is with sign of eye (Horus eye-spot in atmosphere of Jupiter) inside. Next to this circle is sign of water-it corresponds with band of asteroids between Jupiter and Mars. Mars is circle next to water. Here is also duck, what is sign of Geb-Earth. Earth-Geb is circle with tied people. It means that their fate is sealed when Sutech is near. It is really so, because Sutech is standing in front of Earth. Behind Sutech is scriber, who is holding tablet with four wavy lines what means, that there will be big (global) flood. Hieroglyph with three wavy lines means only big flood on river Nile. When Sutech is crossing path of Earth it is most dangerous case for Earth.

Relative position of planets and of belt of asteroids here on zodiac corresponds with very good knowledge of astronomy in Egypt or in his precursor. Planets, stars and other celestial bodies were precisely carved to stone zodiac just they were seen on the sky.

In front of and behind Sun (among sign of Venus in Libra and Venus in Gemini are signs, which very accurately sign, what way were or will be curved paths of planets and X during motions around Sun.

These curves very correspond with gravitational law and with astrophysical wisdom. In normal case planets could be found inside the zodiac, but not too close to the middle of whole big Dendera's Zodiac where is point, (represents such place) through which goes Earths axis. In fact this axis makes small circle around this middle point of big whole zodiac. It is so called (it was caused by) precession motion of Earths axis. In this small circle-ellipse during normal conditions in our solar system should not be found planets. If there was Sutech –X, or Jupiter-Hor it means, that their paths had not been approximately in plane of ecliptic.

How it is with myths about fights between Sutech and Usire and between Hor and Sutech.

In one version of first battle was Usire cut by Sutech on 14 pieces. One piece was eaten by fish and rest was after big effort put together and Usire was relived for short time by goddess Eset. Usire was but put aside and other gods tried to stand him up.

This fact very corresponds with planet Uranus, which is only one in our solar system rotating around its axis in angle nearly 0 degrees with ecliptics. From our position is Uranus so lying aboard.

I have found also one picture of circles in cornfield in England, which is depicting this first battle very nicely. It is also in accordance with astronomical observations of reciprocal actions of binary stars. Eset after resurrection of Usire had to use artificial falus for mating with him. Falus is part of body which Usire lost in battle and it is also channel through which was sucked mass of Uranus.

There was interesting also fact, that after battle Sutech made for his justification such speech, in which he said, that Usire had been walking too quickly. It can be fact that orbital path of Uranus was too eccentric (speed is changing in big range) or had inclination suitable for crash of Sutech with Usire.

In myths about Sutech is mentioned, that he has got iron bones and skin of hippopotamus.

When Sutech was able to destroy Uranus, to injure Jupiter it should be massive planet with bigger density, not gas planet, or it is rest of other sun-neutron star.

In these myts is also told, that there were armies on both sides. These armies should been months of Sutech, of Usire and of Hor.

Hor-Jupiter lost in second battle eye, and this eye was thrown far away on the sky to the Thowts - Mercuries wings-path. I think that in this battle was Jupiter shoot through by one of Sutechs months or by planet X oneself. Sutech lost two months there too.

Hor was after these battles more important than Usire, who was send to underworld. This can mean fact, that Usire was after battle less massive and was taken on more distant orbital path or to Duat. Hor-Jupiter-new big star became more significant.

Sutech-planet X was defeated but not destroyed. It means, that he can come back again. Here is picture of one pictogram, which was found in England in Summer 1999. Big body is here destroyed (cut on 14 pieces) by another, but smaller one. One part of cut body was sucked by destroyer.

picture of pictogram


Fact, that all mentioned gods came from Rea-Sun is significant too. It means that gods-planets were created from material of Sun or suns.

On Dendera's Zodiac you can see also therein before described path of Sutech, who during chasing with Hor-Jupiter-falcon changed himself on hippopotamus. When falcon caught him, he changed himself on gazelle (looks but like fox on zodiac) and tried to escape from battle. Fox is also in central point of big zodiac. This path of fox so could not be path of normal planet during normal orbiting around Sun.



positions of planets way of falcon

What is shape of orbital paths of planets when X is too near to them?

Orbital paths of planets are changing shape from elliptic on zigzag, wavy-elliptic, because gravitational force from X and consequently from Sun is changing direction of which they affect quickly. It is so especially when paths of X and of particular planet is on one line, or is parallel, or vectors of momentary velocities lie in one plain.

It is clearly visible on pictures.


If X is 10x heavier than Jupiter and if X is 10x nearer to Earth than Jupiter, so gravitational force from X is 1000 x bigger and gravitational tidal force is 10000 x bigger than force of Jupiter.

In our solar system planets have mentioned wavy-zigzag motion too. This sort of motion is but nearly invisible in normal situation in solar system, because forces from planets influencing one another are very soft.

Influences of gravitational (maybe also of electromagnetic...) forces from planets (also from Sun and Moon) on human bodies and minds depends from positions of these celestial bodies on their orbits around Sun. There are standing waves, maxima and minima, impulses from compound fields. Theoretical physics can not till now exactly describe, what is happening in such situations (when there are more sources of gravitational forces), but it does not mean, that efects of such compositions not exist. Astrology on opposite side handle with such efects, because people are sensitive on mentioned forces. It is particularly valid during gravidities.

If we see pictures with orbital paths of X and of Sun it is clear, that also Sun is moving quite quickly and is changing direction of motion quickly when X is close to it..

Results of such motions of X, Sun, planets is even more stronger zigzag motions of every planet, of Sun and also of planet X .


/Correction of Sitchins and of others researches /

author : RNDr. Pavel Smutny in cooperation with Z. Egry

After reading of books like 12th planet, Return to Genesis,... written by Z. Sitchin and from another sources (Wiesner, Wojnar, Zelezny, Grygar, biblical sources like Book of Josue, Book of Job, Babylonian Enuma Elish, Mayan, Hopi, Egyptian, Sumerian myths and legends) and after phys. astronomical calculations I decided to make some changes in Nibirus theories and to make myself ones. I made consultations with Z. Egry, who is expert on Egypt. mythology and astronomical and astrological theories, myths...Theories concern to path of Nibiru in solar system, concern to mass, volume of Nibiru and concern to mutual reactions among Nibiru and planets and moons in our solar system.

Nibiru is planet /or rest of sun from another solar system/, which rotates around our Sun on elliptic path with big eccentricity. The angle between this path and our ecliptic is about 17 deg. This angle should be the same as the angle of path of Pluto. It is written in Enuma Elish, where Pluto was renamed on US.MI-Who shows the way. This angle-17 deg has got also big part of comets in our solar system. In Enuma Elish is also written, that Nibiru returns on place of Battle-place, where was destroyed Tiamat. It had been planet, which was orbiting sun between Jupiter and Mars. After crossing the plane of ecliptic so goes Nibiru in direction on path of Venus, where Nibiru is in perihelia-about 114000000km from Sun and about 30 mil km above Venus.

If you make model of such situation you can find, that Nibiru goes from battle place /2-2.66AU from Sun-according diagram of Bode or Enuma Elish/ nearly 15-mil. km above path of Mars, 15mil. till 25 mil. km above path of Earth and 30 mil. km above path of Venus to perihelia and then goes back. The distance between path of Nibiru and path of Jupiter is nearly, from Saturn, Uranus or more. If we count in also motions of planets toward X caused by gravitational force of X, so distances of planets from X could been shorter. But although the distances among outer planets and Nibiru are longer, than it is at inner planets , speeds (of X and of planets) are smaller and so the time of stay in their neighbourhood is longer. Result from these facts is very big influence of Nibiru on each planet in our solar system, but it is not in each return of Nibiru to perihelia / especially for outer planets.

For Earth is dangerous-causing cataclysm (big floods...), probably one of 2 or 3 or even only1 from 9 (or alike ) meetings with Nibiru.

Fact, that Nibiru is influencing each planet in our solar system is mentioned in many legends and myths of various nations. Simultaneously with cataclysm on Earth were there even worse on Mars (destroyed atmosphere and hydrosphere), from Earth visible change of color of Mars, what is mentioned in some legends. Change of color of Venus,even then Venus was visible with cometic tail.

Nibiru effect on planets but not only with own gravitational force, here is also gravitational force of Nibirus satellites, which are orbiting Nibiru and can approach to Earth on some millions km. Nibiru also has got ring similar to rings of Saturn, Jupiter or Neptune...-according Enuma Elish. Satellites of Nibiru are probably in distances till 30 mil. km from mother planet. It could not be more because if it was more in perihelia thus these satellites and ring could be totally evaporated or overtaken by gravitational force of Sun.

What is happening with ring and with satellites of Nibiru in perihelia?

Similar to comets-water and some other frozen liquids are evaporating and with small particles forced (by pressure of sun wind, quick particles and photons) to make big tail and leave gravitational sphere of Nibiru.

When is average comet in perihelia water, fumes, particles and small pieces are released -it is some tens thousands tons per second. Nibiru has got ring and from this ring ,satellites, atmosphere it could be millions times more (of evaporated water,...).

When Earth is crossing such tail there is rain and meteoritic rain from heaven (meteorites are mainly from iced water). This rain could be source of changes of level of water in oceans. Level of water in oceans had risen 50-100m after each flood. There are scientific proofs that such changes were in Earths history (terraces in steps -50/100m under see level are evident).

What can cause Nibiru and his companion when they are close to Earth?

It is change of orbital speed and direction of this speed of Earth.

As a result is other lent of year, changes in position of poles and magnetic poles. In humans history are mentioned years with 365, 360, 260... days. Earth is swinging when Nibiru is to close-even can redraw Earth. North pole was after those changes there, where was south pole. Sun was rising not from east but from west...Such changes are mentioned in Egyptian history more times.

But not only length of years had changed, also length of day was then other. Gravitational force of Nibiru or of his months can it cause.

How is influencing Nibiru on water cover of Earth-especially oceans. When is Nibiru close to earth-20+-15 millions km his gravitational force on Earth is nearly 35 days nearly from the same direction. Tidal forces from our Month are functioning on the same place on Earth surface from the same direction only 6 hours-for 90degr. angle/. When we read Genesis-during big flood there was rain for 40 days, 150 days water was above highest mountains >5000m high Ararat, then it begun to drop.

So if normal tidal from our Month is till 20m and gravitational force from
Nibiru is affecting from 50 times longer distance /F<SUB>gravit.-tidal=k.M.d/L<SUP>3 / -for 50 times longer time and influence is 250 times bigger-5000m tide-it makes this result-mass of Nibiru is // F/tidal/~1/L<SUP>3.//

equals to mass -minimum 20 times mass of Jupiter, or little more. (See also picture in below). In case, when path (positions) of Nibiru and path (orbit) of Earth are too close, so Earth can be moved toward Nibiru about 5 millions km closer till 10 millions or on little less distance. But also for mass of Nibiru is than result, that it is more than 5 times of mass of Jupiter.

Why is not possible that Nibiru is causing big flood on Earth, if its motion is like path predicted by Sitchin and by others?

In such case is minimal distance between Nibiru and Earth more than 100 mil. km (perihelia of Nibiru somewhere in band of asteroids). When mass of Nibiru is 1/40 of mass of Sun, so influence on Earth is smaller than influence of Moon on Earth. Even angle between ecliptic and the path of Nibiru is in this case less then 17 deg. Time of gravitational effect on the some part of Earth surface in such case is short-only hours, not many days.

In Egyptian myths was mentioned also another important fact. It is said that during whole Egyptian history (during governing of gods and half gods in Egypt has Sun twice changed direction on sky. Sun had twice sun set on west and twice on east. How it was possible? When X was in perihelia it overturned Earth with his gravitational and magnetic force. Where was south after it was north and vice versa. But after first overturning goes second, because X for the first is going from position under ecliptic to position above ecliptic in perihelia (first redraw ) and from this position goes again under ecliptic (second redraw). It happened probably in sign of Cancer and Libra, because only Cancer and Libra are in zodiac too much above ecliptic though they should be below. Cancer can go but also backward (sign of backward motion or symbol of overturning), what can also support theory of redraw. There is little person (under cancer on zodiac), who is falling backwards-enough symbolic too. These facts corresponds also with Babylonian myths and with book of Job, where is mentioned, that X is lighten in sign of Cancer. Face of X is lighten in this sign of zodiac. It means perihelia of Sun.

When is X near to Earth it can cause double overturning of Earth.

If X is not too near to Earth, so X can cause only one redraw or only swing of Earth.

Planets and constellations

According Sumerian and Chaldean traditions planets are rulers for particular constellations from zodiac. Every one from closest planets rules two constellations. Moon and Sun has got every one assigned only one zodiac constellation

What is this assignment:

Saturn-Capricorn and Aquarius Sun-Leo

Jupiter-Sagittarius, Pisces Moon-Cancer

Mars-Scorpio, Aries

Venus-Libra, Taurus

Mercury-Virgo, Gemini



When we have allocated signs of planets to signs of zodiac constellations it is easy to find why there are such combinations.

It is good visible on picture. Ancient astronomers had curved to stone on map of sky paths of planets and X so, how it was visible when it happened. Signs for planets are depicting paths of planets how they should been and how they were, when X was crossing paths of these planets in particular constellations. These signs show also directions from which X had arrived to planets. Signs for constellations shows shapes of path of X when this one crossed constellations, or what had happened during crossing, what way changed speeds or directions of motions.

When we look again on Dendera's Zodiac completed with signs of planets and constellations so it is clear, that X came to sun system from Aquarius (was probably firstly visible on night sky when approached to orbit of Saturn). When crossed orbit of Jupiter in constellation of Sagittarius X had accelerated and her path was curved to orbit of Mars in Scorpio. Than followed orbit of Venus in Libra, Mercury in Virgo and sun in Leo, where was perihelia of X.

From this point some millions kilometers above orbit of Venus X had continued in motion above the paths of Earth and Moon in sign of Cancer to Mercury in Gemini, Venus in Taurus, Mars in Aries, than crossed ecliptic and went under it toward Jupiter in Pisces. X left visible part of her path behind Saturn in Capricorn.

Directions of little crosses on signs of planets can show us also from which side were cut orbits of Mercury, of Venus, of Earth and of Mars. Perihelia of X was so somewhere between Venus an Earth- closer to Venus. Signs for Jupiter and Saturn are depicting their primal directions of speeds and deformation of paths during big gravitational influence of X.

At signs of constellations is now clear that for example in Cancer was over turned Earth, or was only tilted-two 66-one is redrawn on 9.

66 is fatal number of man…

At Mercury in constellation Virgo are depicted two possible directions for path of X and her wavy motion there. X can after influence of Jupiter make arches from both sides of Sun…

Astronomical solution of mysterious painting on ceiling of Senmut’s tomb

RNDr Pavel Smutný

Scene was found on ceiling of crypt, which should belong to famous architect and astronomer, who was also near friend of queen Hatschepsut .

References of Egyptologists are various.

It is very probably that these astronomical records are very tied with exodus of Jewish nation from Egypt.

What is depicted on ceiling of crypt?


In middle part of scene are placed three stars from Orion belt. There is statue of Sah-Orion under these stars. Before him is constellation Hyads and behind him is constellation Sirius-Sopdet.

If this painting was only image of paths of planets during regular circulations around Sun, so painting could not been written on such small part of map of sky. It could not been only surrounding of constellation of Orion in such case. It is not also only painting of conjunction of planets, because this can happen only in upper area on sky map near to ecliptic plane. On ceiling is probably painted orbit of celestial body, which had moved like comet.

Egypt was empire which existed thousands years and during its history met many bright comets on sky. Well schooled astronomers were able such phenomena on firmament write down without use of modern technical devices but very exactly.

According funeral texts from pyramids Sah-Orion was spirit of Usire and area where is this bright constellation used to be reckon as good place for spirits of died kings and gods after traumas of dead and of rebirths (citations from Mystery of Orion written by R. Bauval and A. Gilbert).

Why are these constellations suitable for departure and arrivals of kings, gods and also for planets?

It is enough to connect stars in fresco in proper way as in painting book for children and after it before us we have slightly deformed orbital paths which belong probably to Sutech-planet X. There are elliptical shaped curves.

Artist had left to us footprint from thereof, what had happened in ancient past times on sky and what in important way influenced life on Earth. There are all such paths what way are painted on pictures nibirupath41, Star-map16orbitangl and on senmutorbitb.




picture Star-map16orbitangl

Planet X is quite heavy and makes together with our Sun binary star. Orbital time for X is more than thousand years and so orbital path of Sun must be also extended ellipse with quite long eccentricity and with the same period as X. Orbits of interior planets are depicted like concentric ellipses which are on one end deformed to nib by extreme gravitational force of X, when X is to close to them. Sun as opposite star in binary system makes counter movement to X. When orbit time is very long, so radius or exactly main half axis of orbit of Sun is also quite long. It makes about 500 millions km. See picture Senmutpc13, where is orbital path of X depicted from side of elliptic path in direction of main half axes. Inside of central small square are orbits of Mercury, Venus, Earth and positions of Mars. These positions also sign exact times of years on Earth, when measurements for distances and angles of X were done. If there were painted only crossings of bright comets through solar system, so there could not been painted orbits of inner planets curved to the shape of pointed ellipses. Masses of bright and heavy comets are too small for causing deformations of orbits of planets. On paths (near to them) of X are marked positions of planets in places where X is crossing their orbits. There are also signs (falcons) for positions of Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus. Width of columns is marking distance from Sun in Astronomical Units (AU). It is valid in central part of painting in big rectangle.

Near to signs of planets are signs, which specify distance of X from Sun at particular positions on orbit of X in years.

After recalculations how quickly should fly space craft or comet if they had got extreme elliptic-near parabolic path these dates pass very exactly with depicted record for X.

X had come from orbit of Jupiter nearly in one year-one scrape. From Saturn to Jupiter flew X 3 years-three scrapes. From Uranus to Saturn flew 6 years-six scrapes on picture.

Why are elliptical paths of X deformed and wavy?

During motion of X to inside of solar system Sun (also Earth ) makes counter motion to X. Position of X was so depicted, how it was visible during time when it had happened on the sky. Positions of X so painter had seen also with shifts once to the left, once to the right during half year cycles. It is so because Earth is after half year changing positions on its orbit 300 millions km to the left and than after another half year to the right and so there must be shifts also on path of X on sky. This is one sort of waves on orbits of X.

Another deformation on paths of X is caused by counter motion of Sun. It is something like bending of path in central path of orbit. There are but also influences of planets, mainly of Jupiter.

If X is at arriving to central part of sun system not braked by planets mainly by Jupiter, so X is ringing Sun standard from outside. If planets are on other side of orbits than X (from side of Sun) so X is pulled to Sun. X after it is making bow from opposite side of Sun and orbit of X looks like number 8. See pictures.

If at arrival to orbits of planets is X in such positions, that Jupiter is like in pivot so

consequently under gravitational influence of Jupiter is path of X extremely curved to inside of orbits of indoor planets. X after it can round Sun in inside bow. Path of X than looks like sign Jing-Jang or part of our galactic spiral.

In upper middle part of painting, which is divided from the rest by horizontal line is painted path of X during arrival to solar system. There are depicted apparent positions of X on sky. Such depictions were done in exact days during years, when X was visible, probably during Spring and Autumn equinoxes and in beginning of Winter. In curve drawn under mentioned horizontal line are compensated shifts caused by elliptical shaped path of Sun. Diameter of Earth orbit is on painting projected as horizontal shift among stars recorded in various particular days of year in upper curve. Red line on picture senmutpce eliminate these shifts.


Places, where curves cross one another are points of intersection between ecliptic plane and path of X. Reason why positions of these intersections are not symmetrical to position of Sun is, that orbit of X is not only slant to ecliptic plane in nearly 17 degrees but is also side tilted. X in this part of orbital curve is quicker. Because this tilt exist, so X after making bow around Sun seemingly goes to the area under Orion. X in distant part of its orbit goes back to place from which came. See pictures. Projection on firmament of here described path so is visible as deformed number 8 or even two on their ends connected numbers 8 (view in direction of main half axis of path of planet X).

Wavy path crossing middle part of fresco in direction of column going next to horns of bull is probably path of X during day. This wave is namely going above line of ecliptic. This is path of X in its perihelia.

Area around constellation of Orion was not chosen for cemetery of gods and thus also of planets accidentally. It is sector of sky from which is X arriving or is leaving to.

From these places X can bring like its satellite or moon also other planets. When X is in suitable position near Sun, afterwards X can also lose these satellites. To this area called Duat also outgo planets when are joined to X like satellites.

Sector of sky in Orion is also probably direction in which is gravitational force from our Sun strongest eliminated by gravitational forces from bodies and from mass which is concentrated there.

Paths of every celestial body which circulate around our Sun in extreme distances have probably thanks strong gravitational forces from constellations Orion and Sirius-Sopdet tendency to turn to this direction in long time terms.
Calculations for period of orbital path of planet X and for its mass.

RNDr. Pavel Smutný

Based on my exact analyse of graphical, of astrophysical and of text meaning of painting on ceiling of Senmut tomb. I have got these results.

Planet X orbits around Sun on slightly deformed elliptical path. Deformations on this path are caused by gravitational influence of planets of our solar system and by gravitational forces from system of Sirius.

Deformations on depicted curve are also caused by precession and by motion of Earth around Sun. See pictures.

Sun as opposite star to planet X in this binary system moves also on deformed elliptical path. This motion is caused by gravitational forces from X.

Elliptical path of Sun is diminished copy of path of X . From analyse of mentioned painting is possible to calculate lengths of half axis of orbit of Sun and also length of side axis of X. Marks are according picture senmutpce 13.


Width of slim vertical columns is 150 millions km every one. Outer limits of main half axles of elliptical path of Sun were marked in particular columns. Hieroglyphs which represent positions of ends of elliptically shaped path of Sun in opposite movement to X look like letter n. Planets are symbolized by falcons, positions of X are depicted as little stars. There were used hieroglyphic signs for these points.

main half axis for path of Sun is: a<SUB>s = BH/2 = 520 millions km

length of side axis for path of Sun: b<SUB>s = DF/2 = 110 millions km

length of side axis for path of X : b<SUB>x = WY‘ = 4300 millions km

Based on similarity between path of Sun and X is: a<SUB>x = (b<SUB>x/b<SUB>s).a<SUB>s = 20,250 billions km

According Kepler law where (T<SUB>x/T<SUB>e )2 = (a<SUB>x/a<SUB>e)3 is time of orbit for planet X nearly 1580 years.

T<SUB>e a<SUB>e are period (one year) and length of main half axis (radius) for orbit of Earth around Sun.

Sun on inner little elliptical orbit and X on long orbit have the same orbital periods and so according s=a.t<SUP>2/2 pay s<SUB>x/s<SUB>a = (k.M<SUB>x/R<SUP>2)/(k.M<SUB>s/R<SUP>2) = a<SUB>x/a<SUB>s. R is relative distance for Sun and X. M<SUB>x and M<SUB>s are corresponding masses. For mass of X after mentioned calculations pays, that M<SUB>x is nearly 1/40 of mass of Sun or otherwise 26 times mass of Jupiter.



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If we use other similarity, where like watcher from Earth we see b<SUB>x in ratio (19 : 4,3) to width of band of Orion., where width of this band on sky is 2.7 degree, so b<SUB>x is visible from Earth in angle 11.94 degree and so for a<SUB>x = b<SUB>x / tg 11.94 = 20,330 billions km.

For period T<SUB>x from Kepler law and from here above computation is T<SUB>x = 1585 years.

From shifts of positions of Sun on investigated star map resulted, that there are depicted also shifts which were caused by precession of Earth axis. See angle FM&. There is marked shift 10,5 degree for T<SUB>x/2, and when precession period is about 25800 years so T<SUB>x is (25800years / 360 degrees).21 degrees, what is 1505 years.

On bottom of Senmut star map (drawing of the northern panel on picture Elunar or snnmwtastralc) is painted 17 arrivals of planet X (persons who have above heads black spheres) in whole precession cycle. For one period for X is so 1518 years.


Sizes of spheres above heads of persons there are not identical and also separations among them are various, what represents irregularities in times of orbital periods and various relative size of X on sky at concrete observation of X. Dark red color used for the most of spheres above heads of figures was probably real color of X and it can speak about temperature and about material of surface of X.

Depicted arrival of X is also painted as point to which shows spear on bottom of star map (upper middle part on picture Elunar).

this point is nearly on end of sign of Taurus.

Now we have above1500 years from Pisces, so depicted situation happened 3500years ago, what is in agreement with historical dating of Senmut time.

Signs similar to these ones, which are used on northern and southern panel were used also on Dendera zodiac an also on lid of sarcophagus from Theben, where is painted goddess of firmament Nut. Nut is surrounded by signs of zodiac constellations. Cancer is here also point, where direction of motion of constellations had changed. Breasts of Nut looks like path of opposite motion of Sun to X in binary star and arches on breasts resemble to paths of inner planets in our sun system. Here is also man, whose spear is showing on point (also exact time) on sign of Taurus, when painting was probably done. With little imagination hands and legs of Nut forms shape of path of X. On this orbit is also boat with X (top one sign above head of Nut).


Some symbols, emblems which suggest shape of orbital path of X, or respectively motions of Sun or planets at arrival of X are on paintings in tombs of Egyptian rulers, but also on Chinese burial pottery. See pictures ovalisland2, vk17, vk19_2, vk2, vk10, chinese1.






On Chinese pottery is painted dragon (looks like long snake), which body has formed shape very similar to the path of X in our solar system. Even in middle part of painting is dragon crossing circle, which resemble to orbits of inner planets. Here is also outlined path of Sun in opposite motion to X. On upper part of pottery between dragons is sign of coming god of death (destroyer-planet X). Compare this picture with Star-map16orbitengl.


Motives of snakes or of dragons with bodies twisted like orbit of X are also in mythologies of Mayas, where for example on Dresden Codex is god snake bringing deluge and also falls of ice (in central America).

Calculations and measurements done here above are with precision --approximately 10 percents. Results acquired here are with 20 percent deviation.

For more precise results must every measurements and detailed photos be done directly on place of Senmut tomb.

How were tied disappear of dinosaurs before 65 millions years with collision of celestial body with Earth which happened nearly 200 millions years ago and Sirius?

RNDr. Pavel Smutny

According quite exact calculations of scientists is disappear of dinosaurs which was caused by impact of massive asteroid to Mexican gulf dated to term 65 millions years ago. Another much more destructive catastrophe was before 200 millions years. Testimony to this one is very young age of rocks on base of Pacific Ocean (nearly 200 millions years), though the age of continental rocks is even more than 3 billions years. Before 200 millions years happened collision between Earth and with much more massive celestial body, than that which hit Earth 65 millions years ago.

What connectivity is here with Sirius?

Stars of band of constellation Orion and of Sirius move relatively slow to our sun system in compare with rest of sky. Sun moves with velocity nearly 20 km per second to constellation Hercules, which is on sky opposite to Orion. These facts speaks about it, that Sun moves toward or from band of Orion and from position of Sirius. Sirius A and B have together mass 3,4 times higher than Sun and with area around Orion are also the strongest source of gravitational force for our solar system from outside. System of Centauri is also nearly on this line.

From these facts we have result, that Sun with Siriuses (Centauri too) can make multi star system and so Sun orbits around Siriuses.

Try to suppose, that Sun is now nearly in apastron (analogy for aphelion for planets orbiting around Sun), where at big eccentricity of orbit of Sun this moves longer part of orbital time. For distance 8.7 sun years between Sun and Sirius we can calculate from gravitational law and from third Keplers law period of this orbital path as number among 14 and 40 millions years, if there is involved also opposite motion of Siriuses to Sun.

When we consider n orbits of Sun around Siriuses, than at n <15 it is nearly 200 millions years. As a result of these findings are facts, that die out of dinos and also previous mentioned bigger catastrophe are tied maybe with arrivals of Sun to Siriuses in periastron. Whole our sun system was in those times only some billions km from Siriuses. Comets, asteroids, moons and planets in both systems had deformed under strong gravitational influences of Siriuses and of Sun, or had completely changed their orbital paths. Some of planets or moons had even changed mother star. Periodical extinctions of species and arrivals of new ones during Paleozoic and Mesozoic supports this theory too.

This theory takes also the part with my previous discoveries tied with planet X and with Duat.

Dendera Zodiac in linear form

The part of decorations of Hathor temple in Dendera is also zodiac which is on sides of staircase in mentioned temple. There are two long reliefs which are painted with constellations of zodiac and these signs are in regular distances. Motion goes from faces of depicted big persons, who symbolize firmament with stars. There are statues of bearded man and of woman (or young man). These persons show through stretched hands and by faces direction of motions for constellations.

Hand of woman shows direction of motion from sign of Capricorn through Sagittarius, Scorpio till Leo. Bearded man gives direction of motion from Aquarius through Fishes till Cancer. It is opposite to previous direction. Why is it so?

Planet X had over turned Earth at its approach and it was written to zodiac.

North pole became South pole and vice versa. Result of it was also fact, that Sun begun to sun rise on West, not on East. Southern constellations became Northern and Northern became Southern. Precession motion of constellations changed direction about 180 degrees. Constellations began to move in opposite direction in that time. This change happened in sign of Cancer and Cancer is also only one constellation of zodiac which is ejected from direction on which are others signs. There is sign of celestial body with cometic tail next to Cancer. This body is enough symbolic for planet X at its perihelia in Cancer.

If we consider precession motion for relatively fluent motion, so (according this zodiac) over turn of Earth had happened before little less than 11000 years. Fluency of precession but was at perihelia of X to Sun violated, so this prediction could be inaccurate. Another important sign is doubled spiral. It looks also like overturned two numbers 8, which are connected on ends. This sign is in constellation of Virgo and symbolized shape of path of X ( look in direction of main half axis), how was described in my previous texts.

Here is used ambiguity. Either over turn in constellation of Cancer can mean every over turn of Earth, when X was in those times in periastron (from Earth was X visible in that time in constellation of Cancer), or a</span>nother possibility is, that it was record of event, which had happened when Earth was in Cancer (now we have Pisces).


Study of history written to ice.
How can ice from Greenland make testimony for existence of planet X called also Nibiru or Nimiru or Marduk, or Maldek, or Pheaton?

After my study of northern panel on ceiling in Senmut tomb (see picture Elunar)


was clear, that spheres above persons painted in row on bottom part of this panel are actually signs for arrivals of planet X. Over there are depicted 17 arrivals (17 till 18, because there is prepared place for last of them in one cycle) during last precession cycle (nearly 25800 years). It makes about 1500 years per one orbit period time of X. There are spheres with little other distances and also with other sizes. It means that period time changed approximately between 1000 till 2000 years, but the most probably was about 1500 years. Distances when X was closest to Earth were also different. Because X has got extreme elliptical path with big eccentricity, so orbital time can vary in big scale. During arrivals of X to inner part of solar system Earth can be also on various places on its orbital path. Orbit of X makes probably also rotational motion around main axis, and so the most dangerous approaches of X are such, after each nearly 12900 years and 25800 years (half of this rotation time and after period of rotation time), when distances between Earth and X are smallest (picture Star-map16orbitangl from previous page ).

According to researches and measurements done by scientists mainly on samples from ice from Greenland and Antarctic is clear, that there were extreme weather, temperature and climate changes during last 40000 years on Earth. Extreme swings of temperature were in about 1500 year periods (see pictures and graphs). The most sharp temperature change lasted from nearly 11000 BC till 9500 BC. So it was 1500 years with temperature shift more than 10 degrees Celsius. Years around 9500 BC are in consent also with Herodotos, who said, that Egyptians priest had mentioned this date as catastrophic end of Atlantis.

According data and graphs from www pages :,,

there were 24 strong temperature changes between 40000 BC till 10000 BC. Sharp temperature shifts so were in approximately 1250 or little more years intervals. The most important are plus changes (temperature peaks on here below placed graphs), when were poles shifted or ice caps were over flooded. Graphs, data and informations, what methods were used for this research are on Greenland Ice Sheet Project 2 (GISP2).


Resource List



If you want to compare these researches of ice core with another similar studies, so here are also addresses of web pages where are these works.

D:NOVA Online Warnings from the Ice Stories in the Ice.htm


Graph from : Warnings from the Ice Stories in Ice.htm

When begun direct observing of arrival of X to area of visibility?

It had started nearly 7 years and 100 days before perihelia (periastron) of X to Sun. Why? This time length is painted on northern panel as sector of circle. Man with spear is showing exact point from which was arrival of X painted (marked) to rectangular star map (to big rectangle), which is part of southern panel in Senmut tomb. This point shown by spear is between marks (hieroglyphs), which are used also on big rectangular star map for the same purpose. So we know exactly, that in distance 2,3 billions km was X 7,3 years before income to its perihelion. Sector 3.5degree is 3,5/360 from circle, which is taken from 10,5 degree (one elliptical half path of X), of 360 degree, what is whole circle, what is 25800 years-whole zodiac. It is (3,5/360).(10,5/360).25800years=7.3 of year. Sign that this calculation was done in proper way is hippopotamus holding rolled umbrella-zodiac. Hipo is standing next to above mentioned sector. The same sign for zodiac is used also on Dendera zodiac. See pictures. Crocodile on lower part of this picture is sign for northern constellations (crocodile is hieroglyphic sign for northern constellations). Here is depicted situation, where croco moves on back of hypo (sign for southern constellations) and here are also another significant motions of croco (changes of its positions). This scene is another clear sign for over turning of Earth what happened in that time.



Senmut’s tomb and The Great Pyramid of Giza

Author: RNDr. Pavel Smutný

After 90 degrees revolving of picture Senmutpc13, (star map from southern panel of Senmut tomb) and after bold painting of some important lines was Senmutpc13 modified on picture Senmutpc13pyramid.

At detailed look on this picture is getting off background image - skyline of Cheops Pyramid. Left cant of this pyramid (on star map Senmutpc13pyramid) makes flowline of Siria (star in left down corner of big rectangle above which is hieroglyphic name of Siria) with horns of bull and with left edge of boat above constellation Hyads.

Tilts of sides on painting correspond with tilts of cants of real pyramid.

Direction of look of statue (Usire-Orion) is also direction for shaft leading from Kings chamber to Zeta Orionis from Orion belt.

Hand, eyes and tip of Usires boat imprint course, which is also direction for another shaft in big pyramid.

Figure Eset (which is bringing by Usire) has above head circle, which is situated on the picture equally as chamber under big pyramid.

Length of Grand Gallery in Cheops pyramid corresponds with length of main half axle for opposite movement of Sun to planet X in binary system (it must be revolved according plane of ecliptic in axial symmetry). Angle between big gallery and vertical line is the same as the angle between main half axle for Sun and vertical line.

Position of head of Usire on Senmut star map is also place of Queen chamber.

Zeta Orionis is on position for King chamber.

Zeta Orionis (Symbol for The Great Pyramid according compare to star from Orions Belt) is placed exactly in the middle of skyline of The Great Pyramid on picture Senmutpc13pyramidc!

Height of big pyramid multiplied by two is equal to side half axle of orbital path of planet X, according picture Senmutpc13pyramid!

According sizes of inclinations, which have cants of The Great Pyramid (picture Senmutpc13pyramid) and based on fact how are visible these cants we can deduce, that pyramid was painted to map (Pyramid was built according map?) from place approximately lying in direction to Sphinx. Watcher was looking from south on north. On star map, but we see constellations of southern sky. Here is again connection with over turning of Earth caused by income of planet X. When belt of Orion is visible under angle 2,7 degrees and on picture is its width equal to half of height of The Great Pyramid, than from tangential sentence for sides of right angle triangle is valid, that place of watcher was in distance nearly 146,6m x tg5,4 degree = 1550m from The Great Pyramid.

There is also resemblance between length of Grand Gallery with opposite movement of Sun to X. Length of this gallery is like main half axle of Sun’s path. Height of gallery is like side half axle of Sun’s path. Twice height of The Great Pyramid is alike to side half axle of path of planet X. 2 x Main half axle of X’s path is than (46,11m/8,74m) x (2x146,64m) x (4.3billions km/146.64m)=1550m x (4,3billion km/146,64m)=45,4billions km.

We have two the same results (1550m) from two various calculations. It is not accident!



When we look at picture senmutpc more carefully, and after compare with topography of country, which is surrounding three big pyramids in Giza is unambiguous, that monticules of terrain on west from these pyramids are on Senmut’s sky map written as fields of hieroglyphic signs. Shape and division of inscribed surface on sky map represents shape and division of terrain in Giza. Painted is here area nearly 1500m x 2500m. See picture gizamap.

Universal validity of Bode law

Empiric deduced formula for relation between relative distances of planets from Sun pays within the limits of tolerance also for more massive moons of Jupiter (Io, Europe, Ganymed, Callysto). It is enough to compare relative distances for these moons from Jupiter with distances of planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune) from Sun.

Even more visual it is at compare of orbital speeds mentioned planets with orbital speeds mentioned moons of Jupiter.

planet(moon) orbital speed x 1,414 orbital speed + 5,4km/s o.s.+4,3km/s

JUPITER 18,5km/s 18,5km/s 17,4km/s

SATURN 13,7km/s 15,1km/s 14km/s

URANUS 9,7km/s 12,3km/s 11,2km/s

NEPTUNE 7,6km/s 10,8km/s 9,7km/s

Orbital speed around Jupiter

Io 17,4km/s

Europe 13,8km/s

Ganymed 10,9km/s

Callysto 8,2km/s

Chosen were planets and moons, which have relative ratios for masses (their order is) not too different.

If around planet X are orbiting planets (moons, satellites), so for them should pay Bode low too.

Planet X is the most probably ridding of satellites in perihelia (periastron), when these satellites are expelled by maximal inertia (path of X is there maximally curved) and with maximal gravitational force from Sun (change of circular orbits of satellites of X on nearly parabolic orbits, Sun is taking over satellites from X, on quasi equipotential lines). Here is also analogy with Roche boundary.

After ejection have satellites speeds, which have these components :

a. nearly escape speed from solar system (also speed of X)

b. component equal to Bode speed around X for concrete satellite

If Jupiter catches satellites from X, so these must end at Jupiter with speeds, which are orbital speeds for moons orbiting around Jupiter.

Components of this speed are:

nearly escape speed for given planet in given distance from Sun (this speed is vertical on orbital speed of Jupiter around Sun). This speed is also equal to speed of X when X passes Jupiter.
component equal to Bode speed of satellite orbiting around X. With this speed (speed relative to speed of X) is satellite ejected from X. This component of speed is mainly used for run down of planet (in our case Jupiter) on orbit around Sun.
At meeting for satellite (which left X) with Jupiter had satellite got speed which components are:

nearly 18.5km/s
Bode speed of satellite around X
From these components is speed 13,1km/s deducted and used for run down of Jupiter on its orbit around Sun.

In result for speed of satellite than orbiting around collecting planet (in our case Jupiter) is again involved Bode speed plus 5,4km/s (18,5 km/s-13,1 km/s). This formula is not very precise, because when we repose speeds so there must be involved members, which depend of angles of speeds.

When we look at table of orbital speeds of above mentioned planets and moons so it is clear, why were orbital speeds of planets multiplied by 1,414, or why we had added value 5,4km/s to speeds of planets in our calculations.

Planets were (most of them, mainly gaseous planets) brought to our solar system by planet X too. They have got so Bode speed, which they had also when they were satellites of X.

Escapes of planets from orbits around X happen mainly in periastron of X at Sun (reasons were mentioned yet). After ejection of planet from X so planet had got speed equal to sum or difference between components, which are:

nearly escape speed (equal to speed of X)
Bodes speed of satellite around X



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nearly escape speed (equal to speed of X)
Bodes speed of satellite around X
If escape of satellite happened in such configurations of bodies, that speeds add (bodies are nearly on one line going through Sun, X and considered satellite), than this satellite could escape from solar system in direction somewhere to Alpha Centauri.

If escape of satellite happened in configuration of positions (nearly line through Sun, satellite and X), so satellite (perspective planet) left orbit around X and ended on independent orbit around Sun with speed equal (minimal) to escape speed of X minus Bode speed (speed of planet around X).

When X is in periastron (distance circa 120 millions km from Sun), so thanks to approach of quite heavy X (25 x mass of Jupiter) incomes to changes also on surface of Sun (higher Sun activity, X can attract outflows of particles, of mass, can influence electromagnetic field of Sun).

Maximal Sun activity is coming up.

Changes in number and in positions of planets (their sizes too) in our solar system could be based on here above mentioned facts much often and more radical, than how it was supposed till now.

Planet X is thus carrier for planets and for moons, which have probably origin in place of production of stars and of planets in nebula M42 in constellation Orion. Egyptians called that place Duat or birth - place for gods (actually of stars and of planets).

Common signs for clues on Senmut’s astronomical map and on Dendera’s zodiac.

Except some, till now yet mentioned connections there are on both scenes used common (action) elements as motions of man holding stick, motions of stars and of falcons. For more visual projection is necessary compare pictures, for example den1soznakmibh and senmutpce.

Figure of man with stick is on astronomical map displayed at some, for motion of X toward Sun (also toward Earth) important places. Here are points in which X had crossed orbital path of Uranus, points after (X was) passing orbits of Saturn, of Jupiter, before and after moments, when X had tilted (turned over) Earth. Man (holding stick or rod) is in similar positions also on record on Dendera’s zodiac. The same analogies pay also for motions of stars and falcons. Important is also comparison of angles (concerning to plane of ecliptic), in which was X seen on sky. Passing of X through plain of ecliptic is recorded at place of passing of X near orbit of Saturn on Senmut’s map but also on Dendera’s zodiac.

Path of X (according Senmut’s map) during approach of X to Sun is sinking from angle of visibility on sky around 20 degrees above plain of ecliptic till nearly 20 degrees under ecliptic at Jupiter’s orbital path. There are the same angles on corresponding positions on Dendera’s zodiac, but motion goes from place under plain of ecliptic in direction above ecliptic.

When we realise, that on Dendera’s zodiac are as circumpolar constellations placed constellations of southern star sky (not from northern sky how it is now), so everything is correct.

Why are records (for positions of X from sky) on Dendera’s zodiac and on Senmut’s astronomical map so visually different? On Dendera’s zodiac are positions of X (concerning to constellations of zodiac and to one of sky half spheres) depicted to circular map. This map is plan of half sphere (of sky) to plain. This map is very well showing directions and angles in which was X seen on night, eventually shorter time on day sky.

There are painted not only directions and angles on Senmut’s star map, but also distances of X from Sun (from Earth). Plan of distances of X from Sun is done to plain, which is normal on main half axis of path of X. Here are relatively precisely depicted distances of X from main half axis for X, so also length of side half axis of X.

continue on:

CD (with full text and picture documentation) + post fee is 12 Euro

paperback (full text and pictures) + post fee is 14 Euro

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