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Truths Against The World - The Curse III

Since my research into the Curse has lead me to find many references
that are coming to light with the newly released works of Michael Tsarion I will continue The Curse II thread following up on Tsarion's information.

What caught my interest was Tsarion's impressions that John Dee and the Enochian Angel Contacts were related to the Stargate that imprisons this planet as a sheild. They are looking for the Key that will allow them to turn off the sheild so they can leave when the 2000 yr window opens again.
When they open it.....who will be waiting to come in?

Tsarion Links:



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The return of Nibiru (Planet X) appears to be synchronized with 2012-2013.

Zecharia Sitching is advicing us to be prepare to meet our makers the Anunnaki.

Sitchin says, "be more prepared when the Anunnaki arrive."

Definitely, Sitchin knows more than what he is telling us so far.
I hope he lets the cat out of the bag this weekend.

But, are we going to be prepared for the final encounter?

The biochemical research is especially haunting. Our entire DNA structure is like a Contact time-release capsule. When we were originally programmed, our basic DNA structure was limited to a double-helix strand. The triggering mechanism that enables us to function as we do is affected by stellar radiation. We are now at a place in the orbit around our central galaxy where the radio frequencies of the center of the galaxy, as well as many other star systems, are communicating new information to us.



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Russian Scientist Doctor Vladimir Shaidurov has submitted to the Russian Academy of Science a most interesting report today that states, in part, that not only has our Earth’s climate been changing due to the ever increasing number of Cosmic Blasts hitting our Planet, but more ominously that the largest ‘Shockwave’ of all in fast approaching us.

Even more intriguing about Dr. Shaidurov’s findings is that this Massive Shockwave, soon to hit us, is a remnant of the historical Star of Bethlehem that Christians believe heralded the Birth of Jesus, and which ancient accounts suggest as being a Supernova located in the Aquila Constellation of the Milky Way Galaxy.

Dr. Shaidurov is no stranger to controversy in submitting this report as his previous reports, and which he uses to support his current theories, have also been met with skepticism, and as we can read as reported by the Mongabay News Service in their article titled "Climate change due to water vapor from cosmic explosion, not fossil fuels says new theory", and which says:

"In an unpublished paper, Vladimir Shaidurov of the Russian Academy of Sciences argues that the apparent rise in average global temperature recorded by scientists over the past hundred years could be due to atmospheric changes resulting from the Tunguska Event, a massive explosion over Siberia on the June 30th, 1908 that is thought to have resulted from an asteroid or comet entering the earth's atmosphere and exploding. Shaidurov says that the event could have caused "considerable stirring of the high layers of atmosphere" and triggered the subsequent rise in global temperatures.

According to Shaidurov's theory, "small changes in the atmospheric levels of water, in the form of vapour and ice crystals can contribute to significant changes to the temperature of the earth's surface, which far outweighs the effects of carbon dioxide and other gases released by human activities." Shaidurov claims that a 1 percent rise of water vapour could raise the global average temperature of Earth's surface by more than 4 degrees Celsius."

Though Western Researchers are quick to dismiss Dr. Shaidurov’s findings, as they do not conform to the accepted ‘political theory’ that Global Warming is caused by human beings, there are some Western scientists, conducting similar research, that are coming to these same conclusions, and as we can read as reported Canada’s National Post News Service in their article titled "Global warming linked to cosmic rays", and which says:

"A prominent University of Ottawa science professor says what we know about global warming is wrong -- that stars, not greenhouse gases, are heating up the Earth. Jan Veizer says high-energy rays from distant parts of space are smashing into our atmosphere in ways that make our planet go through warm and cool cycles.

The retired professor (he still holds a research chair and supervises grad students and post-doctoral fellows) knows that to challenge the accepted climate-change theory can lead to a nasty fight. It's a politically and economically loaded topic. Yet, he is speaking out -- a bit nervously -- about his published research.

High-energy cosmic rays are hitting us all the time. This has been known for a long time. What's new is that a variety of researchers are asking what cosmic rays do to our world and its weather. That includes a theory published last year by the Proceedings of the Royal Society arguing cosmic rays "unambiguously" form clouds and affect our climate. Prof. Veizer is a leader in geochemistry -- learning about Earth's past by the chemistry preserved in rocks and sediments. The Royal Society of Canada called him "one of the most creative, innovative and productive geoscientists of our times."

He won the 1992 Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Prize, worth $2.2-million, the German government's highest prize for research in any field. Yet, for years he held back on his climate doubts. "I was scared," he said. And he still is."

The fear Dr. Veizer speaks of in releasing his findings are well known to us, and as we have reported on many times, due to the Western Nations fears of their population’s reactions should they ever learn the horrific truths, and dangers, facing our Earth, and even worse learn about their leaders plans to protect themselves with their vast underground cities still frantically being built.

Today’s report by Dr. Shaidurov states that all of our present Earth’s problems, from Global Warming to increasing earthquake and volcanic activity to increased meteorite fireball sightings around the World, all have as their ‘common cause’ a Supernova explosion in the Aquila Constellation around 2,000 years ago, and at a distance from our Earth of 2,000 Light Years, and which since then the remnants of this Massive Cosmic Explosion, both Electromagnetic and Debris Field, have been traveling towards our Planet.

Dr. Shaidurov further states in his report that this Supernova explosion can only be attributed to the historic Star of Bethlehem that heralded the birth of Jesus, and of which we can read as researched by many scholars, and scientists, throughout the centuries:

"The British astronomer David Hughes, in The Star of Bethlehem (Walker and Co., New York, 1979) follows the trail from Kepler's investigation into the twentieth century – but is there any real evidence for a Nativity supernova or nova (a lesser star explosion that remains visible for a shorter period of time in the sky than a supernova)? There wasn't any – until Western scholars began to study Far Eastern astronomical records, some of which are very ancient.

For example, by 2,500 B.C. Chinese stargazers had determined that a year was 365 and 1/4 days long; and they also kept detailed records of sunspots, eclipses, shooting stars (bright meteorites), comets and novas.2 Interest focused immediately on two special objects – a 5 B.C. Chinese hui-hsing and a 4 B.C. Korean po-hsing. A hui-hsing ("broom star") was usually a comet that displayed a tail as it swept through the sky; and a po-hsing ("bushy star") was applied to a comet or bright star that seemed to emit rays.

The Chinese had a third category, k'o-hsing ("guest star"), which identified a new star, like a nova or supernova – but, using only the naked eye, many of these terms were misapplied, so that, for example, the first two terms were sometimes applied to novas or supernovas.4 Actually, supernovas (involving the explosion of a great star), that can produce light on Earth matching that of the Moon and lasting for as long as a year, are quite rare; and to be visible with the naked eye, they would have to occur in our galaxy (only four of these have been observed in the last 1,000 years).

The first suggestion that the Star might be a nova appeared apparently in the writing of the 18th-century Jesuit missionary J.F. Foucquet, who in translating Chinese astronomical records found reference to the hui that appeared mysteriously in the sky in 5 B.C. for over 70 days. With renewed study of these Chinese records from the 1950s on, K. Lundmark (1953) was sure that the 5 B.C. object was the Star of Bethlehem, while Hugh Montefiore (1960) felt that the Magi probably connected the 7-6 B.C. conjunctions with the 5 B.C. object.6 D. Clark, J. Parkinson and R. Stephenson in their study (1977) concluded that the March 5 B.C. event was a bright nova. A.J. Morehouse (1978) noted that the Korean po should be related to a different calendar than the Chinese hui; so he dated the po as appearing on April 24, 4 B.C.

The Chinese text dated the appearance of the hui only generally, in the "second month," between March 10–April 7, 5 B.C. Morehouse argued that these two events should be considered one in the same.

The fourth and final sign was a really bright nova, that appeared in March-April, 5 B.C. This startling "new star" blazed over the border between the constellations of Capricornus and Aquila, first seen in the eastern sky in the earliest light of dawn. The Chinese records suggest that it was quite bright, even very bright. This unexpected star must have told the Magi that now, indeed, the royal birth had occurred. A bright nova occurs approximately every 25 years, and by itself it might not have drawn much attention. But a really bright nova would have been a spectacular event and, lasting the extended period of time recorded by the Chinese, would occur only once every 150-200 years.

The reason the Chinese and Korean sightings are considered to be one and the same is that the probability of two such bright novas occurring within 1-2 years of each other carries an almost non-existent probability of 1/10,000. The whole sequence of related astronomical events that we see here preceding the birth of Christ could only happen about every 2,000 years.24 Anyway, for the Maji the last piece of the puzzle was in place, and now they had to act. The logical destination, without a doubt, was Jerusalem, capital of the Jewish world."

More curious to us in this report, by Dr. Shaidurov, is that from this same Aquila Constellation, attributed as being the location of The Star of Bethlehem in 5 B.C., came also the greatest Supernova of our Modern Era in 1918, and which is the same year that "Pope Benedict XV re-established the ancient diocese of Leiria on January 17, 1918, and in an April 29, 1918 letter to the Portuguese bishops, he referred to the occurrences at Fatima as "an extraordinary aid from the Mother of God."

It must also be noted that as Pope Benedict XV began the final minutes of our Age in 1918, it is the present Pope Benedict XVI, the Dark Pope, who is reigning for the final chapter before the return of the final, and most dangerous, Pope Peter.

Noted too, for our instruction, are the ancient myths of this Aquila Constellation and its association with the powerful Eagle symbol used by the American Empire and its allies in their conquest for total World domination:

"The constellation resembles a wide winged, soaring, short necked, bird, which the ancients identified as an eagle. In classical Greek mythology, it was identified as the eagle which carried the thunderbolts of Zeus..."

And as the ‘Thunderbolts of Zeus’ are indeed once again threatening our World, our very existence as human beings, the choices of, and for, survival must be made for those without the knowing.



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Russian Scientists Discover Evidence of Giants' Existence
Zhou Zheng
[] According to a news report by a Russian newspaper Prauda on Dec. 1, 2005, a group of Russian scientists lead by Ernst Muldashev has been investigating the existence of giants in Syria, Lebanon and Egypt since the beginning of 2005 and made major discoveries. Russian researchers have reportedly discovered the footprints of giants in Syria and even graves of gigantic people.

Ernst Muldashev gave several examples of giants' graves that the team has found. One is the grave of Abel, located in the vicinity of Damascus, the capital of Syria. The grave was about 6 meters long and 1.8 meters wide. There are many giant's graves in other places of Syria, and one of which was alleged to be the grave of a 7.5-meter man.

Due to objections from local residents based on religious considerations, the investigation was very difficult. However, as treasure diggers have vandalized many ancient graves, the researchers have obtained opportunities to see some of the graves.

The Russian scientists' discovery is not isolated. In both eastern and western cultures, besides legends, there are also many historical records about giants in every nation. Archaeological discovery in recent years have also supported that.

As recorded by Book of Han, someone recommended to Wang Mang, a rebel general, a man three meters tall named Ju Wuba. The Book of Later Han recorded that Emperor Liu Xiu of the Han Dynasty had commanded his army to fight Wang Mang's army led by Ju Wuba and won. In addition, in ancient books such as Records of the Taiping Era and Mengxi Essays, there are also records about giants.

According to June 2, 2005 report of Thai Travel Guide, the Dec. 26, 2004 tsunami in the Indian Ocean sent an ancient giant to the surface of water. A 3.1-meter giant's body was found in Thailand PP Island. Evidence from multiple archaeological discoveries in America in recent years has shown that giants 3 to 5 meters tall did exist in history.

What's interesting is, besides giants, archaeologists have also discovered that many giant animals existed in the past. reported on Dec. 1, 2005, that researchers discovered a giant water scorpion, about 1.6 meters long and 1 meter wide. The investigation shows that it lived more than 330 million years ago.

The earth has had many kinds of civilizations in history, which await humanity's further explorations.



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Under the territory of the round lunar globe,
When Mercury will be dominating:
The isle of Scotland will produce a luminary,
Which will put the English into distress.


Around the time of the full moon,
When Mercury is of keen interest:
The Royal Observatory in Scotland will confirm a light.
Which will alarm all of England.

Full moon 11/5/2006
Mercury transit of the sun 11/8/2006


Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio in October-November 2006 - How It Will Affect Everyone, Pt.1

This Mercury retrograde period starts October 28 (October 29 for Iran and east) and ends November November 17 (November 18 in Europe and east). This retrograde moves from 26 Scorpio back to 10 Scorpio, with the inferior conjunction of Mercury and the Sun at 17 Scorpio occurring November 8-9. This degree is one of "Woman Fecundated by her Spirit is 'Great with child,'" a point of "cooperation between spiritual and material agencies," "Pure self-revelation," and "Fullness of self-reliance and individual destiny." We are told it shows a human becoming a "mother of the living God," and is the "Transpersonal Way... that leads to creative mutations."

The inferior conjunction is when Mercury (mind) conjuncts the Sun (life) while retrograde, indicating that signals, messages, and ideas from either outer sources or subconscious sources will fuse with the life principle, setting the tone for the lessons involving how our minds are relating to our lives during the next four months. Since Mercury is retrograde, the degree of the inferior conjunction shows how our lives will merge with our perceptions and bring forth a new understanding of our light.

During the 11 days before the inferior conjunction (fusion) of mind and life, take a new look at how you can bring out your inner wisdom by adjusting to a future vision or broader perspective that's opening for you, and get a new point of view regarding what your imagination is willing to consider and how to coordinate your life to reorganize it productively. It's great for intuitive flashes, insights into the larger collective consciousness and unconsciousness, and you should find a new ease and sophistication among those you're with.

We are also told by Dr. Marc Edmund Jones that the degree of the inferior conjunction symbolizes "... the eternal conflict between the practical involvements and the ideal potentialities of human nature," with the Soul feeling the weight of its responsibilities "while the indwelling and immortal Spirit is sensitive to its need for an enduring place in the scheme of things." The keyword is NUCLEATION. He writes that "the degree is an illimitable self-potentiality with effective spiritual or ideal as well as practical or everyday orientations."

This retrograde beginning at 26 Scorpio retraces ground we covered October 7-27, and is a degree of "American Indians making camp after moving into a new territory," showing the "ability to adjust swiftly to a new situation by tuning in to its requirements" through "peaceful adaptation to nature" and "efficient functioning in all life situations." This will enable us to feel "at home" even in strange environments, and if we're alert to potentials we can find an "unusual resourcefulness" and will find opportunities ever where there don't seem to be many.

The entire retrograde Mercury is favorable to Venus, Jupiter, and Pluto, as well as conjunct Mars from the second week of November through the Winter Solstice on December 21, 2006 at 4:23 pm PDT. About the only fly in the ointment is the square to Saturn predominating October 20 through November 7. The favorable conjunctions will boost the depth, intensity, and connectedness of all our relationships, and help give us important information about what is been lost, what is being regenerated, and what we don't need any more as we embrace the wider destiny promised by the recent Solar Eclipse still in strong effect in all our charts. Follow the internal links to more about the powerful effects of the September eclipses.

With Mercury conjunct Sun, Venus, Mars, and Jupiter all in Scorpio, expect the parts of your life ruled by these planets to come together in whatever house Scorpio falls in the chart. We will get a new look at many things, and find out much that we may not have noticed before now. These aspects should assist our socializing, offering us in some cases a dramatic widening of our social vision, contacts, and power.

Because Mercury conjuncts Jupiter at 23 Scorpio just before it goes retrograde, and then conjuncts it again at 25 Scorpio at the end of October, it will yield an effect that Mercury will "bring the news" or the Jupiterian lesson or view as it goes retrograde to all the other planets it contacts, knitting together Jupiter's promise that will become activated as each of the inner planets moves into the conjunction with Jupiter.

Obviously, as Mercury, ruler of the Gemini and Virgo sectors and planets, moves into conjunction with all these other planets, it will fuse together all the areas these other planets rule with the Mercury ruled sectors, so everything should be feeling fairly connected by late November, even if there will be a profound sense of loss, whether echoes of memories of perceptions now fastly fading into our rear view mirror, or the sense that some things are going to have to give way if we are to create the psychic space needed to do whatever our wider destiny will require in the weeks and months to come.

The Mercury square Saturn while conjunct Jupiter is a) a good chance to break free of pessimistic or narrow interpretations of what's going on or been going on, b) the promise of wider things, blessings, or adventures to come once certain other things are taken care of first, c) a vision of a more generous or abundant view that will overcome grumpy attitudes, or d) all of the above. You can read more about the effect of Mercury conjunct Jupiter both square Saturn at the link.

The squares to Saturn fall at 24-25 Fixed, so defend your mission, see the broader context of your mission, find something you can enjoy with others, ground a high realization in everyday life, and be more volitional, less reflexive, in your responses. I would think this retrograde period will give us very important insights about the on-going Jupiter square Saturn lessons we've all be dealing with this past year, and show us the blessings, protection, or gifts for having taken on our higher or greater responsibilities.

An interesting factor in this retrograde is that as Mercury approaches its stationary retrograde point in late October, the Sun, Venus, and Mars all transit the early Scorpio point of The Grand Irrationality as they septile Pluto and biseptile Pluto, making the front end of the retrograde period very strange indeed! This would imply that we all hit critical forks in the road of our life around the time the retrograde begins, and that will condition what we learn, what we find, and what lessons are coming in the retrograde period.

It may be that events that happened in early October when Mercury transited these points will be seen in a different light, or we will see the results of what happened then. Still, try to suspend judgment until mid-November when Mercury finally goes direct again. Of particular note is the Moon's conjunctions with Pluto and Neptune during this period of peak intensity. Take nothing at face value, but what you find in late October will be important for what's coming in 2007.

A week before and after Mercury goes stationary direct at 10 Scorpio on November 17-18 it forms a powerful semisquare to Pluto, so decrease explosiveness, mental extremes, getting distracted by others' negativity, or uncertainty regarding a self-evident truth. Consciously practice relaxation, promote efficiency, deepen insights, don't believe everything you're told, and face the future with a deepened sense of connectedness with your comrades.

Just after Mercury goes retrograde Neptune goes stationary direct on a degree of unveiling and "conservation of experience." This will yield long term major spiritual realizations, as it promises roundabout ways of diverse truths being unveiled through our willingness to penetrate to the deeper meaning of things. Neptune direct will ultimately bring us the rewards and spiritual blessings beginning early 2007 that we were promised in the Spring and Summer of 2006.

Remember that nothing turns out as expected during a Mercury retrograde, and that things take strange twists and turns and there are curious returns of people, ideas, and experiences in new forms that resemble old forms. Be open to useful but overlooked angles of viewing things, learn and teach through a sense of perspective of how past and present relate in unusual ways, and be alert to roundabout or indirect communications that show things going on below the surface.

Given the irrationality of late October when the Sun, Venus, and Mars transit the Grand Irrationality at the same time as Mercury's station, as I mentioned earlier, expect things to get somewhat weird. During the retrograde, while there are always strange twists and turns and returns, if it's not a return of something you should have taken care of before then, remember that whatever happens, it probably won't turn out the way it seems at the time.

Mercury going stationary direct at 10 Scorpio on November 17-18 shows that through mid-February 2007 we will see the emergence of group "personalities," where activity done together builds group consciousness and connectedness. It is a degree of "comradeship," fellowship, and "an effective channeling of personal aspirations into the commonplace grooves of a shared experience." It is the culminating degree in the Emotional-Social-Cultural level of "Communion" and according to Jones, its formula is Sustaining, Ideal, Universal, Specializing, Social, and Inspired. I believe by Spring 2007 we shall all feel more connected with others to the extent that we've roused ourselves to participate in activities.

When Mercury goes direct, it is at a platform from which to bring the lessons it has reflected on during the rx period forward into the future life-in-the-making. The angle of retrograde exploration was the stationary retrograde degree. The degree of the inferior conjunction shows how life and mind must come together in a different, perhaps overlooked but definitely useful, view of what must be known. The entire retrograde function is inward-turned, so we can get insights into what must be known to understand some thing from a more holistic point of view. We can also note how our mind, ideas, or worldview are affected by our subconsciousness, or our receptivity to others' subconsciousness.

Mercury retrograde periods reveal their own unique rhythm in offering us a new look at things. Every period in some way echoes the messages of prior retrograde periods, and affects those to come. That's why it's important to observe what has been revealed during other periods in the recent months and years past, so that you can see how Mercury, or Hermes, the "Guide of Souls," is leading you to your authentic self. Regardless of appearances, or how difficult or easy, Mercury retrograde periods show us the path to our Soul. Part 2 of this series will explain how this recurring phenomenon affects each of us individually.

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