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     The following weekend, Scott wanted to go back on to the school campus to see if we could access another room to vandalize.

     I was reluctant, but he seemed so sure he would be able to access a room.

     I didn't understand why he wanted to do this, I wasn't really into it, but as long as we only messed things up and didn't do any real damage, I supposed it was OK.

     Scott promised me that he wouldn't cause any real damage and he was very confident that we would be able to access a classroom.

     "I'm not so sure Scott, I'm sure they are aware of our last attack, and they will double check to make sure all the doors and windows are all locked," I told Scott.

     "Trust me, will find a window or door that's unlocked," he said.

     And so, we went across the street to the school campus again. I believe it was a Saturday afternoon.

     We started by doing a kind of systematic check of all the classroom doors-- Scott seemed certain that we would discover a door that had been left unlocked.

     At first I thought I was right and Scott was wrong. I mean, the first time we did it, it was a surprise and we took advantage of the staff who may have been lax, but now the entire school staff was aware of the vandal attack, and it wasn't likely that we would find a door left unlocked. We didn't find a door left unlocked the first time. It was a window and a very small window. Why Scott was so sure we'd find a door unlocked was beyond me.

     I say At first I thought I was right and Scott was wrong because after checking all of the classrooms on the North perimeter we found none that were left unlocked. I thought the whole idea ludicrous to begin with, but after checking all those classrooms I turned to Scott with a look of 'I told you so' clearly upon my face.

     I said, "See, no unlocked doors."

     "Well, let's check the other side, but first let's check the teacher's lounge." Scott replied.

     I was certain the teacher's lounge would most certainly be locked.

     When we got to the teacher's lounge I laughed out loud in surprise when I tried the door knob, and the door was unlocked and I opened the door and we walked right in.

     Scott didn't seem to be surprised in the least.

     We went inside the teacher's lounge, and this time, Scott kept to his promise. Well, there really wasn't anything in there except a table, a refrigerator and food in it. About the only thing Scott could have done any real damage to would be the refrigerator and he didn't.

     The both of us had fun taking food out of the refrigerator and throwing all over the place making a huge mess but not causing any real damage.

      After about fifteen minutes of spreading food all over the table we left.

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"Sometimes when you open your mind to the impossible,
  you discover the truth." Walter from Fringe.

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