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        I’m Ted Gunderson. A retired Special agent of the FBI, and former Bureau Chief of The FBI Los Angeles division.


        Since my retirement, I have been involved in the investigations of many famous cases, including The McMartin Pre-School Molestation case in Manhattan Beach, California, The Okalahoma Federal Building Bombing, The Doctor Jeffrey R. Macdonald triple murder case at Fort Bragg, North Carolina and others.


        I also was involved in the investigation of the victims of The Franklin Scandal in Nebraska.


        I helped photographer Rusty Nelson look for evidence driving across country, where he allegedly hid it.


        Rusty Nelson, was the man Special Investigator Gary Caradori last met before his fatal plane crash in which he and his young son A.J. were killed by Rusty’s own admission, he believes it was evidence he gave Caradori that resulted in Caradori’s untimely death.  Caradori was heading a special investigation into the allegations of the Franklin victims which involved prominent Washington, D.C. politicians.  


        I believe Rusty Nelson to be an MK-Ultra victim who  was personally involved in the Franklin Child-Abuse Scandal.  Rusty was a personal associate of Lawrence E. King.  One of the leading perpetrators.  Rusty took pictures of the politicians having sex with children so the politicians could be told how to vote on bills before U.S. Congress.  The boy children are called “toys”


        MK-Ultra is real. It’s a military/CIA project that involves the illegal and unethical sexual abuse and sexual exploitation of children for the intended purpose of causing Multiple Personality Disorder in them at a young age.


        I interviewed one of the victims, Paul Bonacci who has a long history of sexual abuse.  These abuses involved persons associated with Lawrence E. King of Omaha, Nebraska.  His abuse was approved by and orchestrated by covert intelligence agencies as part of the MK-Ultra project. Satanism was a major element of the persons involved and the project itself.


        There are an extensive number of Satanic groups, and esoteric groups secretly Satanic in nature, that have been and are actively involved in criminal behavior, including the sexual exploitation of children often times being aided by covert government agencies as part of the MK-Ultra project.  Also child kidnappings. 


        Many  organized pedophile groups that are sexually exploiting children, have connections to covert government agencies, including the CIA and various military intelligence agencies as part of the MK-Ultra Project.


        I also have investigated The Finders organization which has ties to the CIA.  They were caught red-handed by the Metropolitan police Department of Washington, D.C. with abducted children.


        I first met Darron several years ago, when he took an interest in The Johnny Gosch kidnapping case.  This case involved MK-Ultra and Satanic Ritual Abuse as well as The Franklin Scandal. 


        Darron told me some aspects of his own story. He told me he was not a part of The Franklin Scandal, but he believed he had been sexually exploited as a child by persons involved with a Satanic Group; at least that Satanic interests and Satanic sentiments and ideologies were an aspect of these alleged perpetrators.  Darron indicated that this group was connected with a still-larger international organized pedophile group centered in the Los Angeles area involving Hollywood people and probably being aided by covert government agencies.


        Darron and I have spoken on the phone several times, and in late summer of 2009 we met again this time to discuss his own case rather than the Franklin Scandal or The Johnny Gosch Case.


        Darron revealed to me many things about his own case at that time that are in my opinion consistent with MK-Ultra and Satanic Ritual Abuse.  At the very least there are many “co-incidental” patterns in Darron’s history that are consistent with being an MK-Ultra victim.


        I don’t want to spoil Darron’s book and will let him tell his story and reveal the details as he chooses.


        There are many aspects to Darron’s story that are consistent with an organized Satanic pedophile ring being supported by and protected by Covert government agencies, as well as early childhood circumstances and family history that are consistent with the CIA MK-Ultra program.  I plan to interview him so we can go public with his information.


I am not saying that Darron was a part of the MK-Ultra project. I am saying that there are suspicious circumstances in his background that make this a strong possibility.


I think there is compelling evidence in his story that the alleged perpetrators who sexually exploited him when he was a young child were part of a Satanic group of some kind.  There also is compelling evidence that this group was involved in the production of professional produced kiddy porn that is world wide in scope.


I find Darron to be a competent and intelligent young man, and I find his story completely believable.  I consider him a personal friend.




Ted Gunderson

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"Sometimes when you open your mind to the impossible,
  you discover the truth." Walter from Fringe.

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