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        I was at the beginning of writing this part of my book, quite tempted to write the events in chronological order starting at where it all began, In San Antonio, Texas in the summer of 1964; for that is when and where I was born.


        However, I have chosen instead to tell this part of my story, relating events as I became cognizant of them. To tell the story starting at the beginning and moving forward to the present I believe would give the reader a false perception, and in the end the story would be something that I myself probably would be unable to relate to.

        In my mind, it all started in the summer of '74. That's when I met Scott. I was nine years old. I will start my story there, and tell you what I remember happened at the time that it happened, starting that summer and ending early the next winter, not long after my friendship with Scott came to an end and all the crazy things that happened.

         But after that I am going to jump ahead t
o when I was seventeen years old, for that is when I first became consciously aware that there was much more to me, and much more happened that summer than I had thought at the time, and it was at that age, that the first puzzle piece seemed to literally descend from the sky and land in my lap.


        Since then, many other puzzle pieces have fallen into my lap, and I now have somewhat constructed a picture of something that is beginning to resemble a coherent story.


        Before I begin my story however, I just want to give the reader who may be unfamiliar, a little explanation as to what Mk-Ultra and Satanic Ritual Abuse is.


        I will tackle the second one first. SRA, or Satanic Ritual Abuse, began to emerge into the public consciousness around the mid to late 1980’s, and was being reported by psychiatric patients who had sought professional help from the psychiatric community for a whole host of psychological symptoms, including PTSD (Post-Traumatic-Stress Disorder, more commonly known as “Shell-Shock”), DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder previously known as Multiple Personality Disorder, and more commonly known in this way), Acute Anxiety Disorder (characterized by numerous phobias), Clinical Depression, as well as Agoraphobia (the fear of leaving home or going very far away from where one lives) as well as other neurotic symptoms, sometimes resembling schizophrenia, bi-polar disorder (more commonly known as Manic-Depression), and the list goes on and on.


        It was suggested to many of these patients, or it was a treatment that was sought out by these patients, that hypnotherapy may be a solution for their numerous psychological symptoms. Since, the apparent cause of their psychiatric conditions largely suggested their was a causal event that occurred probably in their youth that they simply can not remember, probably because the event was so traumatic that it was psychologically blocked out rather than there being some kind of biological cause or chemical or hormonal imbalance in the brain.


        Or at least that was the theory.


        During this time hypnotherapy was being offered as a type of therapy that could lead eventually to a cure of the symptoms, since psychiatric medication and that kind of thing was mostly designed to help patients whose mental disorders were probably not caused by a psychological state, such as post-trauma, but rather to biological causes, which are probably permanent, such as is now believed about bi-polar and schizophrenia and even clinical depression.


        The type of hypnosis being offered to these patients at that time, was called “regression hypnosis” since the aim here was to “regress” the patient under hypnosis to an earlier time in his or her life when the trauma was most likely to have occurred, and that while under hypnosis the patient may be able to recall painful and traumatic events that they are consciously blocking out in order to help them heal by processing the events and the emotions that remained blocked.


        What happened, and what was rather shocking, is that there were at this time a large number of patients who recalled under hypnosis shocking events of child sexual abuse, and there were other common details amongst many people who did not know one another. One of these details was the recollection of occult ritual ceremonies, or at the very least it was very common that almost all of them, remembered something about the perpetrators that associated them with some kind of occult group or satanic group in practice and ideology.


        In the beginning therapists I think were very skeptical, but around the mid to late 1980’s therapists began to come forward and report to the public about this phenomenon. And more and more therapists, psychologists, and psychiatrists became convinced that this was not mere coincidence, and that the mere numbers of patients reporting this type of phenomenon under hypnosis, revealed that something was going on, and that they were convinced that the patients were not making this up. They didn't necessarily believe all of the details of the patient's stories, but more and more professionals were convinced something had happened to these people, something that had caused trauma-based mental disorders.


        The book that I first read about this phenomenon detailed by a psychiatrist who was at first skeptical but when a large percentage of his hypnosis patients were recalling under hypnosis not only sexual abuse, but another type of abuse as well, that could only be described as “satanic ritual abuse”.

         Whether or not satanic rituals actually took place as described by many patients was somewhat irrelevant. It became obvious to this professional that something definitely was going on. These people had suffered traumas that went way beyond ordinary child molestation, and they were describing bazaar events, that could only be described as pagan and occult in nature and, uh, well Satanic.

          The experiences related by persons who were unknown to each other and experiences related under hypnosis which they had no conscious awareness of before being hypnotized, indicated that something else besides sexual assault was taking place, it became evident that the perpetrators were often using violence and superstitious fear upon the victim in order to main control over the victim, in an attempt to prevent them from being able to tell others what was happening or even to be able to remember what happened.

           In other words, it seemed clear that some perpetrators, particularly those that organized into groups, not only sexually assaulted children, but then attempted to super-traumatize them with frightening and often times brutally violent experiences that often involved ritual sacrifice, or at least the illusion of it, or the perception of it, in order to so traumatize the victims that they would likely suppress the entire experiences.

        And then of course, there is the possibility that it was really happening. Satanic groups were really sexually assaulting children and then involving them in sacrifice rituals in which babies and small children were actually being murdered.

        The alternative view was that it was an illusion; kind of like a show that was put on by the perpetrators in which no one was actually killed, but it would seem so to the children they were attempting to traumatize. Such an illusion could be as traumatic as the real thing and perceived to be the real thing particularly if the children were also given drugs; such as LSD or other powerful hallucinogens, making the show that much more real, and making them that much more suggestible.

        Either way, the psychiatrist of the book I read became convinced that either or was actually taking place and something real was happening and these people were not making these stories up. They had been subjected to additional trauma apparently designed to make the children not even remember anything that happened.

        The name of the book is called “Children of The Devil” and the author's name is Tim Tate, and if you don't know that much about the subject I suggest you read it.


        This book opened up my eyes to what was otherwise an invisible abuse, which appeared to be widespread, when calculating the number of patients that were recalling these types of events under hypnosis.


        I believe today this type of abuse is even more wide spread today than it was when first considered by the experts. It is so wide spread, that there really is no rational explanation as to how this many people could have been involved in this type of abuse unless there was some kind of government awareness.


        Which leads me into Mk-Ultra. Allegedly A top-secret military and Central Intelligence Agency, project, which apparently was experimenting in mind control, and was a continuation of experiments that were started in Nazi Germany during World War II started by Joseph Mengele and was purportedly conducted primarily on children, all boys, and all were identical twins.

        The main features that have been reported by the alleged victims, was three, first the deliberate and intelligent intention to create multiple personality disorder in children (something that can not be done with adults) and that this was accomplished primarily by subjecting the children to atrocious sexual abuse as well as Satanic Ritual Abuse, something that is called in the literature “Trauma-Based Conditioning”; a form of Behavior Modification of the most unethical kind.

        The other goal allegedly was to literally "brainwash" them, and make them forget and have complete amnesia of the traumatizing events.

        Whatever other goals of this experimentation is, or what the primary reason or rationalization for it is, is pretty much not known, shrouded in secrecy. All I can tell you is it seems to be widespread relatively speaking.


        Multiple Personality Disorder, used to be considered an extremely rare disorder. It no longer is, and during this time period that patients under hypnosis in mass were describing terribly traumatic events of sexual and satanic abuse in their early childhood, according to The American Psychiatric Association, as it was explained to me, there was simultaneously apparently an epidemic also of MPD in our society.


        So much so, that the A.M.A. renamed the disorder, which rarely happens, because this new, more modern, more common form of the disorder seemed to be fundamentally different than the much more rare type that had been identified before.


        This new type of MPD, could be described as “intelligent multiple personality disorder”, a type of MPD in which the alternate personalities all seem to have specific purposes and jobs, and their activities appear to work toward some kind of common group goal that is usually concealed.


        Or in other words, this new type of MPD, according to many professionals and experts is not a naturally occurring mental condition; it is an artificially constructed mental disorder that could be described as “synthetic multiple personality disorder” and the main feature of this new type of MPD, is trauma, just as before, but rather than random trauma, at least, what the patients have described under hypnosis, is an intelligent type of trauma, describing episodes of trauma that appeared to have a deliberate goal, to “program” a specific personality or personalities with specific and pre-determined characteristics.


        I myself am not an expert on the subject, although I have done much research on it. I do not intend to get into an in-depth description of Mk-Ultra or Satanic Ritual Abuse.  I will leave that up to the experts. All of the information about this can be easily researched by the reader herself or himself.


        I do believe that I may be a victim of SRA and more generally of Mk-Ultra, and what I do intend to do is share with you my story, of what happened and how I became aware.


        I will mention that I have met Cathy O’Brien, as well as Mark Phillips, and I am a good friend of Mr. Ted Gunderson, retired FBI Bureau Chief of Los Angeles, and at one time considered for the job as replacement of J. Edgar Hoover as FBI director who turned the job down.

        I have also met Dr. Colin A. Ross, probably the foremost expert and psychiatrist treating alleged MK-Ultra victims, as well as Rosie O'Donnell, self proclaimed victim herself.

       Ted Gunderson wrote the forward for this book, and Ted & I plan to do a video-documentary together at some point in time in the future.


        Ted Gunderson, since his retirement, has personally investigated or been directly involved in the investigations of many famous cases, including The McMartin Pre-School case in Manhattan Beach, California which was front page news for over a year, as well as The Oklahoma Federal Building bombing.


        Ted is convinced, as you may know, that the sexual and satanic ritual abuse of children in this country is wide-spread, continuing on to this day, and that these satanic groups involved in this type of abuse of children are directly associated with and being directed and aided by covert government and military agencies, such as the CIA, NASA, and The Pentagon as well as Joint Military Intelligence and has probably been the man most vocal about it and the man who has the most experience in investigating this phenomenon.


        I have also spoken with Paul Bonacci, who is reported to be an Mk-ultra victim himself, suffers from multiple personality disorder (which is now called DID), and I believe him. Mr. Bonacci also claims that the military was directly involved and managing and supervising his abuse. Although I have not talked with him in person or over the telephone, I have spoken with him over the Internet, and I believe him, I believe his story, and I do not believe he is lying.


        I have met experts who believe this is real and is really happening, and I am convinced it may be happening. There is a lot of credible evidence for it. 

        I, like Paul Bonacci, suffer from DID, and have recalled events of sexual assault with satanic references and there are inferences in my story to covert military intelligence as well as NASA.

        Ted Gunderson believes there are many organized satanic and occult pedophile groups that are being aided by the CIA and the FBI and has spent many years investigating many satanic groups and has spoken at length about his research and investigations.

        Again, I do not want to go way in depth about this, but you have a rash increase in the number of multiple personality patients, you have descriptions under hypnosis of terrible abuse of both a sexual and occult nature, as well as the alleged involvement and cover-up by government agencies.

        I am referring to THE FRANKLIN COVER-UP; a book written by former Nebraska State Senator John DeCamp which details the case of Lawrence E. King, and a reported child prostitution ring, first investigated by a select Nebraska committee headed by investigator Gary Caradori and his video interviews with several alleged victims. DeCamp claims that he picks up on the investigation where Caradori left off after he and his young son died suddenly in a plane crash under mysterious circumstances.

           The first I became aware of The Franklin Scandal (aside from reading the headlines about it in 1989) was when I watched The video documentary produced by the BBC called "Conspiracy of Silence" which was scheduled to air on The Discovery Channel when it was suddenly pulled, apparently by some quick political maneuvers by some Representatives in the Senate and House of Representatives. The show was pulled and they were ordered to destroy all copies in some kind of quick handed deal.

         A copy of the never aired damning documentary, according to DeCamp was left on his door step, and from there he went on to research and investigate for his book.

        A copy of the BBC Documentary which apparently exposes a cover-up by various government agencies, including the FBI to protect what was evidently an organized pedophile ring with Satanic overtones, can be found on the Internet. If you've never watched it, I suggest you do, and prepare to be shocked.

        There is a new book out now on the subject called THE FRANKLIN SCANDAL by author Nick Bryant. I haven't read the book so I will not make any comment about it except to say that the alleged pedophile ring is still being privately investigated to this very day, although not by the FBI or any other law enforcement agencies that I am aware of.


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"Sometimes when you open your mind to the impossible,
  you discover the truth." Walter from Fringe.

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