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PERSONAL - My Opinions Concerning Johnny Gosch

The John Gosch story has interested me because of his mother's allegations that his kidnapping was actively covered-up by various government agencies which jives with the testimony of Gary Caradori, Former Nebraska State Senator John DeCamp and Former FBI Bureau Chief and personal friend of mine Ted Gunderson as well as the testimony of one of Caradori's video witnesses Paul Bonacci.

However, I have recently gotten very burned out about The Johnny Gosch case, and suspect that there are many hoaxes involved in that case orchestrated by Jimmy Gibson (A self-alleged victim) and known associate of Noreen Gosch. I believe Johnny Gosch disappeared under mysterious circumstances, and I do not know for certain if anyone really knows what ever happened to him. Claims have been made by Jimmy Gibson who has been caught manufacturing evidence, that he knows Johnny is alive as well as others and I am dubious about these claims coming from people who have admitted to manufacturing hoaxes and persons known to associate with them such as Noreen Gosch. I continue to remain open minded about that case, but quite frankly I no longer believe that Noreen Gosch; the boy's mother is particularly credible involving allegations that she has made over the years that she has made concerning what may have happened to him, who may have kidnapped him and what eventually happened to him as well as allegations that he is still alive which has been made recently by her in the press. If Noreen Gosch has any real evidence that her son is alive, she needs to come forth with that evidence, but instead I strongly suspect that the evidence she refers to time and time again are either hoaxes manufactured by Jimmy Gibson or other of her associates or by her herself. I've grown tired of the hoaxes reportedly that Johnny Gosch is still alive and that Noreen Gosch or her associates have secret information that they refuse to release and when they do release information, It has often been shown to be inaccurate and even deliberately fabricated. It is my opinion that Noreen Gosch and her close network of personal on line friends and associates actually have no credible information of the whereabouts of her son or that her son is even alive and have no truthful information as to what happened to him. Jimmy Gibson certainly has lost any and all credibility he ever had since it can be proven that he faked evidence to make it appear as though Johnny Gosch was alive. Paul Bonacci probably is the most credible witness who claims information as to what happened to Johnny Gosch, but even some of Paul Bonacci's claims seem to be suspicious. Paul claims that he was there at the kidnapping and was an accessory and yet he was never charged with a crime for being involved in the kidnapping nor does he seem to have any accurate idea of where Johnny was taken immediately afterwords or any idea as to who the perpetrators are. I like Paul Bonacci, and believe most of his story but I certainly disagree with the comment that was made in John DeCamp's book that DID victims can not lie and therefore Paul Bonacci can not be lying. I think that statement is highly suspicious and has been made again and again and again. I have talked to Paul Bonacci, and he seems to be a very honest and credible guy, BUT he has DID and he claims that he is re-integrated but I am suspicious as to those claims and therefore am suspicious about Paul Bonacci's claims that he was involved in Johnny's disappearance. DeCamp claims in his book that Bonacci knew details of the crime that were never released to the public such as the type of clothing Johnny was wearing the morning he was kidnapped. However, Noreen Gosch herself has admitted that her husband John Gosch Sr. secretly visited Paul Bonacci and could have been the source of information that was never made public. All in all, I am so over the Johnny Gosch so called case. I don't think there is a case. The boy disappeared, and no one knows what ever happened to him. This is my opinion. I am sceptical that Jimmy Gibson knows what happened to him or anyone else, and I am certainly skeptical that Noreen Gosch knows what ever happened to him. In my opinion, this case should have become a murder investigation at some point and it never did, perhaps because people keep saying that he is alive. Personally, I would have liked to debunk all of the claims that Johnny Gosch was alive or that anyone really ever knew what happened to him so that perhaps the police could actually start a murder investigation, and if Johnny was murdered, then Gibson, and Noreen Gosch and others who have made statements indicating that Johnny Gosch is alive, have really played a role in the obstruction of justice. In final, all I will say further is that the other website that calls itself The Franklin Files, thinks that Johnny Gosch is a central figure in the Franklin Scandal, and I think the people that run and maintain that website are only offering false, manufactured, and bogus so called evidence in attempt to link Johnny Gosch to The Franklin Scandal and also obstruct any potential criminal investigation into what should be by now the very high probability that he was murdered. My experience on that website is that the stories concerning Johnny Gosch are mostly manufactured. I am not saying his disappearance was manufactured, but everything that has appeared and been posted and discussed on that website since its existence concerning evidence that he is alive, and that he was connected to MK-ultra or The Franklin Scandal are bogus, and intentionally manufactured, such as the photos Noreen Gosch claims were dropped on her doorstep, the photo's of Johnny Gosch allegedly tied up, the photo's of Johnny Gosch allegedly standing next to a truck owned by a fellow named Hank G. as well as the stories involving Jeff Gannon, and Michael Aquino, were all suspiciosly unlikely stories and all attempts to persuade media attention to the case that has long ago taken a flight into fantasy land and I strongly suspect have no merit what-so-ever, which is why I believe The Johnny Gosch story has only been mentioned in passing in John De Camp's book, and from what I hear in Nick Bryant's book. The Franklin Scandal has very strong evidence supporting the claims. The strongest evidence supporting the claims of Noreen Gosch is that her son disappeared. Just about all other claims concerning her theories or supposed evidence as to what ever happened to him or where he is now are in my opinion suspiciously phony or have been proven to be absolutely phony. In my opinion the only book that will ever be written exclusively about the Johnny Gosch case, is the book that Noreen Gosch wrote herself and self-published. the reason being is because she lacks credibility, and all of the evidence she claims as to what happened to him is very weak or proven hoaxes. Her strongest evidence is the testimony of Paul Bonacci who has never recanted his claims that he was involved in the kidnapping of Johnny Gosch and yet her and Paul Bonacci are friends. I find that suspicious, don't you? That one of the self-confessed kidnappers of Johnny Gosch is a personal friend of the boy's mother Noreen Gosch? If Paul really was involved in the kidnapping of Noreen's son and he was raped and killed, I wonder how Johnny feels about her mother's friendship with one of the people who claims was involved in his abduction and also claims sexually assaulted him. Never-the-less, Paul Bonacci is a credible witness in spite of the suspicions surrounding the case and the aparent unbelievability of many of his claims, some of which he has altered or recanted over the years.

You can post material related to the Johnny Gosch case here if you like, but I would prefer if you posted those comments in the JOHNNY GOSCH section. I am highly critical of almost all claims that have been made by Noreen Gosch, Jimmy Gibson, and all Noreen Gosch's on-line friends and associates from the other Franklin Files Board. Just keep that in mind. I am still as curious as anyone what really happened to Johnny Gosch, and as interested as anyone else who has followed the case to learn new and credible information concerning the case, however, as I have already stated, I think the most credible information has come from Paul Bonacci, and yet he apparently can not prove who the perpetrators were that were involved in The Gosch kidnapping, the type of car that was used, a license plate, a location where Johnny was taken, or apparently any other credible leads which could lead to the resolution of the case and the identity of those responsible for his kidnapping.

Paul Bonacci is welcome to make comments in this thread, for in spite of my skepticism, I still find him the most credible witness in the entire Johnny Gosch Saga; a much more credible witness than Noreen Gosch herself or any of her other associates. Paul Bonacci is welcome to post comments on this thread to defend his testimony. Who knows, maybe he really is telling the truth. If he is telling the truth, I think he is most probably the only one.

Ted Gunderson is also welcome to post comments here because I understand Ted believes much of the testimony made by Noreen Gosch, and although I do not consider Noreen Gosch particularly credible, I do find Ted Gunderson credible and an experienced investigator and a genuinely caring man who is not out to intentionally deceive anyone.

Former members of the other Franklin Board, who believe as I do that the other board is primarily a hoax communication website to promote bogus stories with the intention of influencing people to believe that Johnny is still alive or that he was connected with MK-ultra or The Franklin Scandal and agree as well that the site is primarily a celebrity website for Noreen Gosch fans, who do not tolerate disenting opinions reguarding Noreen Gosch's personal opinions or contrived "evidence" supporting her dubious claims, are also welcome to post here.

Noreen Gosch, Jimmy Gibson, Luke J. Iowa Girl, and other supporters of Noreen Gosch and Jimmy Gibson's outrages hoaxes are not welcome to post comments here. Supporting the mother of a boy who disappeared is one thing. Supporting her false statements and made up evidence is quite another thing, particularly when it involves the deliberate attempt to criminally implicate an innocent person as being involved with the dissapearance of Johnny Gosch and to knowingly attempt to deceive the public and the press.

Nick Bryant is welcome to post comments here as well as John De Camp, Ted Gunderson, Paul Bonacci, Alisha Owen, and really anyone except Noreen Gosch (Luke J) The Gosch Inner Five, and Jimmy Gibson.



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