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I was diagnosed with DID a long time ago. I was first diagnosed with the disorder back around 1991 when I had first sought professional services for a host of strange symptoms that I was encountering at the time.

Believe me, I was as shocked as you can imagine a person to be. My reaction was, "What? Like Cybil? You've got to be kidding!"

The only thing that I had known about the disorder if of course the movie "Cybil."

It was explained to me at that time that until recently the condition has been called MPD or Multiple Personality Disorder. It had been thought up until recently to be very rare, effecting less than one percent of the population, and actually much rarer than that.

The classic diagnosis of MPD, was almost always caused by extreme trauma in very early childhood, and I was told by my therapist it was almost always caused by sexual assault, in the form of aggravated rape and repeated trauma's of a various nature.

However, starting about 25 years ago, much the same as what has been going on with childhood "autism", there has been an amazing and profound increase in the number of diagnosis being made and the number of people suffering from some of the classic symptoms of MPD.

I only compared this to autism not because the two disorders share similar symptoms, but for another reason.

Usually when a particular disorder begins increasing exponentially such as childhood autism has over the last 20 years, there is a strong indication that there is a REASON that accounts for this. Disorders don't usually just escalate because of magic. 

In the case of childhood autism, there is convincing evidence that there is a cause of the dramatic increase, which is somewhere around three to four THOUSAND percent from what I understand. I am not an expert, if you want those kinds of articles and more accurate data, go and do the research.

If you compare the increase in the incidence of autism, it matches a marked increase in the number of booster-shots and child-vaccinations that are required and recommended now, as compared to 30 years ago.

Although it hasn't been proved yet, it is almost certain that the mercury that is used as a preservative in vaccination shots has caused the remarkable increase in the number of autism cases.

I only bring this up to illustrate that these huge increases in a mental disorder were CAUSED by something. They didn't just happen magically.

In the case of MPD, there also has been a massive increase in the number of people who are being effected by symptoms of the disorder.

However, the vast majority of the newer cases, is a somewhat different form of the classic disorder, such as was seen in the movie "Cybil"

How this was explained to me was that there is a more modern much more common form of the disorder, and the disorder was even renamed and somewhat redefined, although the CLASSIC form of the disorder is still recognized.

The more modern more common form of the disorder, I believe also has to be accounted for; there is a reason; a cause for this.

The CAUSE, I believe, is an exponential increase in the sexual abuse of children of a particularly traumatic variety combined with other severe trauma, such as is described in Satanic Ritual Abuse, as well as extreme and traumatic forms of group pedophile activity (pedophile rings) and other extreme traumatic abuses such as those indicated as being used in MK-Ultra experiments.

You can read other posts related to this project. But in short, I can say that MK-Ultra has been described as designed to do just this-- to create MPD or DID in children through various and repeated extreme traumas. This has been referred to by some psychiatric professionals as a SYNTHETIC form of the disorder. In other words, systematically and deliberately created alternate personalities and inner systems that would not ever construct themselves in such a fashion naturally, created over time through multiple traumas; often referred to as "trauma-based conditioning or trauma-based behavioral modification" Reportedly each trauma is a new learning experience for the child to lean a new behavior or new conditioning (programming)

And because these inner systems are intelligently created, the underlying symptoms are fundamentally different than the classic historic symptoms of MPD; hence the new modern MPD called DID.
It is my belief that anyone who has been diagnosed with DID, is likely either a part of the Mk-Ultra experiment or were subjected to some kind of horrible trauma when they were a child; something way beyond ordinary sexual molestation, such as the types of activities being reported by members of Satanic Groups and Secret-Society groups and organized pedophile groups. I have spoken at length to many persons in various support groups that I have become close personal friends with who have either been diagnosed with the disorder or show symptoms of the disorder even though they have not been diagnosed.

In my experience, many of them has a sexual abuse history in their childhood, and usually it is the case that one or more of the perpetrators and family members were associated with or directly involved in, satanic, occult or secret-society groups as well as covert government and military intelligence groups and agencies.

I think when you combine the two together; symptoms or a diagnosis of DID, as well as a sexual-abuse history involving one or more perpetrators or family members associated with satanic, occult, secret-society groups, or covert government agencies, that it is highly likely that they were abused by some kind of government sponsored pedophile group.


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"Sometimes when you open your mind to the impossible,
  you discover the truth." Walter from Fringe.

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