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This is an interesting show that I have been watching on FOX TV.

In the latest episode "Jacksonville" (Season 2, Episode 14) Olivia discovers that she was part of a illegal and unethical experiment when she was six years old very MK-Ultra like.

She was given a highly hallucinogenic drug as a young child against her will while strapped down to a chair. Apparently the drug was to create in her an extra-sensory-perception of an alternate / parallel world very similar to our own.

Olivia as an adult has complete amnesia of these experiments when she was a child even after visiting the location where it took place.

Walter is the scientist that conducted these experiments on her and other children, along with William Bell (played by Leonard Nemoy) who actually resides in The Twin Towers in the alternate Manhattan.

Walter's father we discover in this episode was a NAZI.


In the previous episode "The Bishop Revival" (Season 2, Episode 13), the main antagonist was a NAZI, and in the show the name of JOSEPH MENGELE is specifically mentioned.


In one of the previous episodes in Season 2, MK-Ultra is specifically mentioned during the show.


As a side note to The Johnny Gosch fans, one of the first few episodes in the first season at one point during the show does an extreme close up on a cup with the letters JG clearly shown. There was no apparent reason why this extreme close up was done or any explanation offered. The episode was called "Unleashed" and it aired
14 April 2009 (Season 1, Episode 16).

I have attached a photo screenshot of the closeup on the cup.

For a recap of that particular episode go here:


Here is a link to the show:



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"Sometimes when you open your mind to the impossible,
  you discover the truth." Walter from Fringe.

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