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Franklin Case Timeline

12-31-1968 - The Franklin Credit Union is established in Omaha, Nebraska.

8-1970 - Lawrence E. King Jr. becomes manager at The Franklin Credit Union.

7-1976 - Accountant Thomas Harvey, of the Franklin Credit Union, discovers the manipulation of the bank accounts. Harvey begins to manipulate the Franklin Credit Union books to cover for the missing money. By the end of 1976 $400,000 was missing from the Credit Union's bank funds.

1978 - Paul Bonacci attends sex parties with Alan Baer at an apartment at the Twin Towers in Omaha.

12-1978 - Paul Bonacci starts a sexual arrangement with Harold W. Andersen at the Red Lion Inn.

1979 - Paul Bonacci is introduced to Peter Citron at Peony Park.

12-1980 - Paul Bonacci meets Lawrence King in Sarpy County, where he says they preformed satanic ritual abuse.

1981 - An anonymous letter was sent to the National Credit Union association detailing concerns about the Franklin Credit Union. A limited investigation took place; the investigation revealed approximately $400,000 was missing.

8-1981 - Paul Bonacci began going of town with Alan Baer, he would assist Baer in entrapping new children to be used by Baer and others.

1982 - Paul Bonacci was flown to California (Bohemian Grove) to participate in orgies.

1983 - James Daniel (Danny) King meets Lawrence King and Alan Baer at a party.

4-1-1983 - Harold Andersen speaks at the Franklin Credit Union Annual Meeting.

8-1983 - Troy Boner meets Alan Baer thru a friend at Twin Towers apartments.

2-1984 - James Daniel King takes an out of town trip with Alan Baer.

2-1984 - Edward Hobbs, a Franklin Credit Union teller who had worked for the bank for five years, writes a letter to the Franklin Board alleging embezzlement at the Franklin

Credit Union. The following day Hobbs was fired. Hobbs also supplied a letter to an Attorney and a Legislator. Their response to Hobbs was that "We've been watching Lawrence King for some time. We are aware of his living beyond his means. However, the Department can't do anything because we don't want to seem like the big bad white guy jumping on the tiny, black credit union."

4-1984 - James Daniel King meets Lawrence King at Alan Baer's residence.

7-1984 - Troy Boner meets Lawrence King at the Max Bar in downtown Omaha.

8-1984 - Lawrence King throws a lavish party in Dallas, Texas, after singing the National Anthem at the Republican National GOP Convention.

9-1984 - Lawrence King gets an apartment for Troy Boner at 48th & Dodge, at the apartment King would abuse Boner.

9-1984 - Lawrence King takes Lisa Webb and 15-20 boys from Boys Town Omaha to Chicago for a sex party.

1-1985 – A party is thrown at the Brandeis Building in Omaha, where both Troy Boner and Lawrence King were in attendance.

5-1-1985 - Alisha Owen gives birth to a baby named Amanda Jayne.

6-1985 - Foster children are removed from Jarrett and Barbara Webb's home after children complain of physical and sexual abuse by the Webbs.

8-1985 - Party at the Woodman Tower Ballroom. In attendance were James Daniel King, Lawrence King, Alisha Owen, Rusty Nelson, and Troy Boner.

11-1985 – Throughout a six-week investigation by Lincoln and Omaha Police thirteen individuals were arrested for child pornography charges. Included in the arrests were: Joseph Burke, Walter Carlson, Winford Fryar, and Leo Weidenfeller, all of which were

charged with felonies. Misdemeanor arrests included: Alden Jensen, Ben Bruner, Jon N. Nelsen, Harold Potter, Alvin R. Buehler, Mark Woods, Lawrence Reeves, Harold Miller, and Don Nordboe. Joseph Burke was later sentenced to 2-5 years in prison. Walter Carlson was sentenced 15 months – 3 years. Investigators, however, indicated in reports that there initial six week investigation did not mean the investigation was over, and that half of the pornographic material still had not been viewed by police. Reports though indicated no further investigation took place into the child pornography ring. Later certain investigators of the Franklin Case would question whether or not this case had any ties to the Franklin debacle.

1-1986 - Lisa Webb, who testified to have been abused by the Webb's was administered, and passed multiple polygraph tests questioning her allegations. However, prosecuting attorney Pat Tripp made a decision not to prosecute the Webb's.

3-1986 - Julie Walters interviews the Webb girls, after the interviews Walters contacts Pat Flocken regarding the allegations made by the girls. Allegations included instances where Larry King was in attendance at parties in which the Webb girls and other children had been physically and sexually abused.

4-1986 - Paul Bonacci reveals his history of sexual abuse to school authorities. Authorities contacted the Omaha Police, however, no investigation was ever made on the allegations.

6-1986 - Harold Andersen raised $600,000 to pay for a renovation of the Franklin Credit Union.

6-1987 - Lawrence King donates $16,000 to the Omaha Press Club (a club of Omaha's business elite).

12-1987 – The Foster Care Review Board begins investigating Franklin related allegations.

3-1988 - The Initial Franklin probe begins.

6-1988 - Omaha Police Department begins to receive allegations from the public concerning Lawrence King photographing young ladies at the Twin Tower Apartments.

6-1988 - The Omaha Police Department receives a report from Kristin Hallberg of the Richard Young Psychiatric Hospital in Omaha regarding sexual abuse and homicide allegations involving Larry King. These allegations came as a response to reports from the Foster Care Review Board on Nelly Patterson*, and her sister Kendra.*

7-1988 -The Foster Care Review Board turns over all investigative information to Attorney General Robert Spire and the Omaha Police Department.

8-1988 - Lawrence King throws a lavish party in New Orleans, after a return appearance to the Republican GOP Convention to sing the National Anthem.

10-02-1988 - Lawrence King donates $18,000 of Franklin’s assets to the D.C. Board of Human Rights Camp Fund, a lobby for gay and lesbian rights.

11-04-1988 – The Franklin Credit Union is closed by the FBI and IRS. After the closing $37,000,000 in secret liabilities were discovered. Originally the Franklin Credit Union ledgers showed $2,600,000 in liabilities.

11-14-1988 - The NCUA files a lawsuit against Lawrence King, contending he diverted money from the credit union for his personal use. The NCUA suit claimed King had used the diverted funds to run his businesses and to pay interest and principal on unrecorded certificates of deposit.

11-18-1988 - The Nebraska Legislature passes a resolution to investigate improprieties at the Franklin Credit Union.

11-21-1988 - The Foster Care Review Board receives additional information from the Richard Young Hospital (Kristin Hallberg) including allegations of cult activities and sacrifices of small children, and sexual abuse.

12-1-1988 - NCUA officials raise their estimate of Franklin's potential liabilities to $39 million.

12-1988 - Lawrence King admits in an Omaha World Herald article that he suspects the Franklin case involves more than the certificate of deposit allegations, King declined to be any more specific about the allegations.

12-1988 - Lawrence King denies diverting more than $34,000,000 from Franklin's assets. King followed by asking the court to dismiss the civil lawsuit that had been taken out against him. King also requested for a trial by jury.

12-1988 - The FBI and Nebraska State Patrol contact the Foster Care Review Board and question certain children's reliability and credibility.

12-19-1988 - Omaha TV news outlets mentioned they were investigating the sex and drugs angle of the Franklin Case. This marked the first time the media mentioned drugs in relation to Franklin matter.

12-25-1988 - The State Foster Care Review Board turns over their report of sexual abuse to the Executive Board of the Nebraska Legislature.

1-10-1989 - The Franklin Committee is fromed by LB-5.

2-19-1989 - Senator Loran Schmit meets with Lawrence King. During the meeting King

discusses his powerful acquaintances including Harold Andersen and agents of the

FBI and Omaha Police.

5-19-1989 - A federal grand jury charges Lawrence E. King Jr. with 40 felony counts. His

wife, Alice was indicted on 12 charges. Three employees of Franklin who sold certificates of

deposit on commission were indicted on income-tax-evasion charges.

5-23-1989 - Lawrence and Alice King plead not guilty.

6-13-1989 - Mrs. Harvey and her son, E. Thomas Harvey Jr., Franklin's chief accountant, each pleaded guilty to one count of embezzling and one count of evading federal income taxes.

6-22-1989 - Omaha Police Officer Chris Carmean testifies in front of the Franklin Committee that the child abuse witnesses are credible.

7-1989 - Nicholas O'Hara of the FBI claims there are no credible witnesses for the Franklin Case.

7-1989 - The Franklin Committee reports that their intent of investigative action is to follow the money trail.

7-1989 - Ernie Chambers, James McFarland, Kirk Taylor, and Jerry Lowe resign from the Franklin Committee in light of the new angle the committee was to take by following the money trail.

7-25-1989 - Concerned Parents Group formed to press local officials in regards to the Franklin Case

8-21-1989 - Gary Caradori hired as Chief Investigator for the Legislature's Franklin Committee.

11-25-1989 - Gary Caradori interviews victim Troy Boner at the Residence Inn.

12-27-1989 – The Franklin Committee gives copies of taped testimonies to the FBI, which subsequently was leaked to the media.

1-18-1990 - John DeCamp releases the "Franklin Memo," which included the names of Harold Andersen, Lawrence King, Peter Citron, and Alan Baer.

1-30-1990 - Attorney General Robert Spire calls for a Grand Jury.

2-23-1990 - Sex Charges (unrelated to the Franklin Case) filed against Peter Citron.

3-12-1990 - The Douglas County Grand Jury convened.

3-19-1990 - The Douglas County Grand Jury starts the Franklin abuse trial.

3-29-1990 - Lawrence King is declared incompetent to stand trial.

4-19-1990 - Harold Andersen testifies before the Grand Jury.

4-26-1990 - Mayor P.J. Morgan testifies before the Grand Jury, stating that he was "outraged"

by accusations against him invovling the Franklin Case.

5-14-1990 - Gary Caradori takes videotaped statements from Paul Bonacci.

5-15-1990 - Former World-Herald columnist, Peter Citron pleaded no contest to two felony charges of fondling boys. He is later diagnosed as a mentally disordered sex offender requiring treatment.

5-25-1990 - Judge Murphy orders for a blood test on Alisha Owen's baby.

7-11-1990 - Gary Caradori and his son, Andrew, are killed in a plane crash in Aurora Illinois.

7-23-1990 - Peter Citron sentenced to 3-8 years for sexual assault.

7-23-1990 - Media Polls taken in Omaha show that 70-90% of the population polled believe there is a cover-up that has taken place in the Franklin matter.

7-23-1990- Paul Bonacci is indicted on 3 counts of perjury.

7-23-1990 - Alan Baer is indicted on felony charges of pandering.

7-23-1990 - Alisha Owen is indicted on 8 counts of perjury.

7-24-1990 - The Grand Jury throws out the Franklin Case, labeling it as a "carefully crafted hoax."

7-26-1990 - Alan Baer pleaded innocent to pandering charges, and is released on a signature bond.

8-8-1990 - Paul Bonacci and Alisha Owen enter innocent pleas to their perjury charges.

8-17-1990 - John DeCamp files a suit against the Douglas County Grand Jury.

11-07-1990 - Lawrence King is now called competent to stand trial.

1-4-1991 - John DeCamp's suit against the Grand Jury is dismissed.

1-11-1991 - The Nebraska State Legislature refuses to continue the Franklin Committee's investigation after losing important chairs on the committee.

2-1-1991 - John DeCamp files a Civil Rights suit on behalf of Paul Bonacci, against the Catholic Archbishop of Omaha, Lawrence King, Peter Citron, Alan Baer, Harold Andersen, Michael Hoch, Kenneth Bovasso, and other Nebraska persons and institutions.

2-11-1991 - Lawrence and Alice King enter a plea bargain to stay out of open court.

5-1992 - John DeCamp publishes The Franklin Cover-UpHYPERLINK "franklinbook.htm".

7-1-1993 – Alice King completes her prison sentence in Dallas, Texas.

7-5-1993 - Lawrence King had paid $25.00, and his wife Alice had paid $10.00, thus far, after agreeing to pay $41,800,000 in the plea bargain they had entered in 1991.

5-3-1994 - The Discovery Channel, was to air the Yorkshire documentary Conspiracy of Silence, about the Franklin cover-up, however, the documentary was pulled off the air at the last minute, and purchased by an unknown buyer.

2-14-1999 - Paul Bonacci wins a judgment of $1 million against Lawrence King, John DeCamp had represented Bonacci in his lawsuit against King.

11-1999 – Alisha Owen is denied a hearing to commute her sentence in order to set her free.

1-2000 - Lawrence King drops an appeal to the $1 million judgment against him.

4-10-2001 – Lawrence King is released from prison after serving less than 10 years of his 15-year sentence.

Spring-2003 - Troy Boner arrives at a New Mexico hospital; he was sedated upon admittance, the next day he was found dead in his hospital room.

Sources: The Mystery of the Carefully Crafted Hoax, by the Nebraska Leadership Conference. The Franklin Cover-Up, by John DeCamp. Multiple articles from the Omaha World Herald, which can be found at the FranklinCase resources page.

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