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     I was suspended from school for three days, the film projector was replaced, the school agreed to drop all charges, and the case was closed.

     Somewhere, in an old file, probably sitting in the basement of one of The Inglewood Police Precincts, is the file. Sealed, of course, since I was a minor.

     In early February, my parents' transferred me to a private school on the other side of town.

     I was no longer friends with Scott, and it seemed that would be the end of it, but far from it.

     This was far from over.

     There is one thing that I want to express quickly, before I move on to what happened next.

     The story that I have told, so far, has been told the way that I perceive it. When I try to remember what happened, I perceive these gaps in my memory, and have presented the experiences to you, in that way.

     You may perceive that I was having black-outs in consciousness or memory in real time, as the events were happening, possibly because of some drug or narcotic that was being slipped to me.

     And although I think some kind of drug was being slipped to me, I want to point out that there is a perfectly rational alternative explanation as to why I perceive these "black-outs" or gaps in my memory.

     It may very well be, that at the time, I did not have gaps in my memory or black outs at all, that I could remember everything, just fine, or lot's of things, if not everything.

     And that at some later time, for instance, when I was fourteen or fifteen years old, these memory black-outs and amnesia's could have occurred, leaving me with the perception that these gaps in my memory occurred at the time the events were happening, when in fact, these memory gaps or black-outs could have happened later.

     There are a number of possibilities as to how this could occur, but I will name the two most likely.

     The first explanation is that I could have repressed all of these experiences that are "blacked-out" in my memory, through my dissociative tendencies.

     The second explanation is a little more terrifying.

     The second explanation is that something was done to me, to make me forget.

     Whatever-- I still don't know, if these Amnesic episodes happened in real time, or if these black-outs occurred later, either through perfectly rational psychological reasons, or through mind-manipulation-- what used to be called "brainwashing"

     If, these memories were intact when I was nine, ten years old, I strongly believe that the memories were erased, or repressed, when I was late fourteen years old, early fifteen years old.

     And, this alternative explanation for the memory gaps, opens up an interesting new possibility.

     In the previous chapters, I have described, what I believe was a murder attempt. The police believed that at least one adult was involved; in fact, a detective was assigned to the case to investigate that facet. The Principal of the school also intimated to me that he had no doubt that another adult or adults were involved.

     One thing I can tell you, is if an adult or adults were involved and they were setting these circumstances up, to end up the way they did-- with me almost getting shot and killed by the police, is that whoever this adult or adults were, I had no knowledge of them.

     And since they (the adult /adults) would need the cooperation of at least one of us (Scott or I) and since it was not I, it must then have been someone or someone's who knew Scott and who Scott knew.

     And now, this brings us to motive.

     Whoever this adult or adults were, what was there motive?

     The most rational motive, that I can think of, is that, I must have told someone about what really happened on the night of the sleepover and it got back to them somehow.

     Or I told somebody about any number of experiences I had that I had "blacked-Out"

     And, if the amnesia that I suffer, did not occur until a later date; when I was fourteen years old or fifteen years old, then I certainly had the capability at that time to tell someone, thereby giving them (Scott's dad and uncle) a motive to murder me.

     I think they knew what they were doing. I think it was well planned out, and it almost worked. 

     If it had ended there, I probably would never have put two and two together and figure out that the vandalism of the school was actually a plot for murder, and that the masterminds were neither me nor Scott-- I say IF, it had ended there.

     It didn't end there. It turned out, it was far from over.

     But, if it had of ended there, I might have been OK, with a Little psychological counseling. I'm sure the police officer who almost shot and killed me, got some counseling.

     I never did. I guess my parent's didn't think almost getting shot and killed might have been a traumatic event for a ten year old.

     What happened next, would be a much more obvious attempt at my life.

     But before I tell you about that, let me address a question or two you may have.

     First question; If indeed something happened to my memory later on in my life, long after these events actually took place, did I arbitrarily pick late fourteen years old, of early fifteen years old as the timing for the event which caused the amnesia?

     And the answer to that question is no. I have put a lot of thought into this, and after much thought, I arrived at the age of late fourteen, early fifteen as the time when the memories vanished, if indeed they vanished or were erased at a later time.

     Here, quickly, is how I came to this conclusion.

     First of all, let me say that there were other events that occurred after I knew Scott; when I was eleven, twelve, thirteen and fourteen, and even into my fifteenth year, that posses the similar characteristics as these amnesic events that happened while I knew Scott.

     There was nothing as dramatic and obvious as the night of the sleepover event, but there were other events similar in characteristic to for example, the day that Scott and I went to the recreation center; where I can remember an experience clearly up to a certain point, and what I remember strongly insinuates that the experience may be leading to a sexual one, and then I can't remember anything else that happened.

     If Scott was slipping me drugs and that explains the amnesia, then that explanation is not sufficient to explain the "black-outs" between eleven and fifteen years old, for Scott was not there to slip me any drugs.

     Further more, these episodic "black-outs" that began while I knew Scott, and continued until the age of fifteen, ended at age fifteen, and since that age I have not had one single episode like it, of any kind of a black-out or periodic amnesic episode at all, ever.

     The second reason that I conclude this to be the approximate age in which something happened that caused me to forget, is because at age seventeen, I had my first PTSD FLASHBACK episode concerning the night of the sleepover, and in order to have a flashback of an event one does not remember, one must first have amnesia of the event, so I know for a fact, that I had amnesia concerning the night of the sleepover event at the very least, at the age of having just turned seventeen. So I know the amnesia occurred before then.

     When I was twenty years old, I had my first spontaneous re-emergence memory; that is to say, that a series of previously amnesic events, suddenly came into my conscious awareness, not only confirming that this amnesia occurred at an earlier age, but the series of events that I spontaneously remembered were events that happened starting at the age of thirteen and concluding when I was late fourteen or early fifteen years old.

     What this indicates to me is that the date, that my memories were "erased" for lack of an easier term, happened no earlier, than when I was late fourteen or early fifteen years old, because the amnesia includes events that happened up to that age, and no older.

     At the time that I had my first PTSD flashback concerning the night of the sleepover, I also had become momentarily aware of a crap-load of memories that simply weren't there anymore, and the intuition at the time was very strong, that they had been recently departed, I couldn't say exactly when, but the intuition was they hadn't been gone lone, no more than two or three years at the most.

     Now, I have been diagnosed with the condition of DID, and some might ask, is it possible that I was multiple personality, and switching into alternate personalities at the time that these events were happening that would explain the amnesia.

     And I would say that although I have been diagnosed DID, Professional Psychiatrists or psychologists have never observed me switch into an alternate personality. I was diagnosed DID, because I exhibit some of the symptoms of multiple personality disorder but not the classic symptoms, so more specifically, my mind has a tendency to wonder, and daydream, and my moods can change (as if into alternate personalities) however-- and its a big however, I always have full memory of everything I do and all experiences I have, regardless of the mood changes I sometimes experience which could be described as separate personalities.  I have never had any amnesic experiences besides normal early-childhood amnesia, one case of alcoholic amnesia, besides the periodic episodes starting at age nine when I met Scott and ending at age fifteen when the experiences stopped happening.

     I do not believe that I have classic multiple personality disorder, nor do I believe I ever had it. I have been diagnosed DID, but I do not believe I have ever switched into alternate personalities with the classic symptom of amnesia.

     The second question I want to address, is concerning how it is that the memories could suddenly disappear when I was fourteen years old, maybe early fifteen years old.

     As I said, it could be a case of memory repression. Freud believed that natural memory repression can occur and being DID makes that possibility more probable than a person not diagnosed with the condition.

     However, as many know, the military, and the central intelligence agency, have developed methods to "erase" people's memories and these techniques can be quite specific. It involves the use of drugs and torture, but the government does have this capability.

     This brings us to the subject of MK-Ultra, which much of it I learned from my good friend Ted Gunderson, former Bureau Chief of Los Angeles and special investigator for the FBI now retired.

     It was Mr. Gunderson who informed me that the Central Intelligence Agency, as well as various military intilegence agencies as well as the pentagon, are involved in Satanic groups, and are involved in the sexual exploitation of children, as well as being involved in creating DID in children, so that they can be more easily brainwashed later on.

     One such example would be the Franklin Scandal, in which a national pedo-group apparently based in the Omaha Nebraska Area, and whose ring leader, Larry E. King, exec. director of the Franklin Federal Credit Union, who had ties to the CIA, was accused of being involved in the sexual exploitation of children, and that person's involved included a long list of promenent persons both is business, entertainment and politics, leading all the way up to the white house, and the story of which was front page news, then followed a BBC documentary called Conspiracy of Silence which was scheduled to air on the Discovery Channel, but was canceled at the last minute by high-pressure tactics from Capital Hill followed by a book by Former Nebraska State Senator John DeCamp called The Franklin Cover-Up and more recently a book called The Franklin Scandal by author Nick Bryant, about the apparent cover-up by the FBI and other government agencies of a wide-spread "pedo-network and child prostitution organization involving very prominent members of Government, The Media, and Big Business.

     Can the government erase your memory, and can they do it in such a way that the memories they erase are "surgically removed" so that the subject is not even aware that they have been brainwashed?

     The answer to that question according to my friend Ted Gunderson and many others is an emphatic yes-- not only can they, but they have and do.

     And does the government sometimes brainwash people who were child victims of sexual exploitation, and satanic violence?

     Again, the answer to that question by many is an emphatic yes.

     Exactly why, I'm not sure I can tell you, but I am being told that they are and do, because sometimes these pedo-rings are not acting alone, sometimes they are being aided by corrupt government agencies and the clientèle consist of very powerful and prominent persons involved in Business, Entertainment and politics.  

     And in my case, the precision of the amnesia is so surgical that I have no choice but to say that this is a possibility; a very real possibility.

     It is quite apparent to me now, that all of the memories that were erased, were sexual experiences, not only were the experiences themselves erased, but along with the experiences the memories of ever having talked about the experiences, ever remembering the experiences or pondering upon them at a later time, and all other associations which could remind me of the experiences later, and what was left, were blank spots.

     I am only introducing the MK-Ultra aspect at this time, I will discuss more about the subject in my story as the circumstances deem it relevant.

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"Sometimes when you open your mind to the impossible,
  you discover the truth." Walter from Fringe.

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