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Gematria & Numerology

In his "Introduction to the Kabbalah Unveiled," McGregor Mathers categorized the parts of Kabbalah:

The Qabalah is usually classed under four heads:
(a) The practical Qabalah. [talismanic and ceremonial magic]
(b) The literal Qabalah. [gematria]
(c) The unwritten Qabalah. [secret oral teachings kept hidden]
(d) The dogmatic Qabalah. [doctrinal portion]
The literal Qabalah is referred to in several places, and therefore a knowledge of its leading principles is necessary. It is divided into three parts: GMTRIA. Gematria; NVTRIQVN, Notariqon, and ThMVRH, Temura. 26.

On the Kabbalah and its Symbolism by Gershom Scholem explains the changing terms referring to Gematria in (around) the year 1280. Gematria was added to the four methods of interpreting the hidden and esoteric meanings of Scripture, that is: outward fact (ma'aseh), midrash or allegory, Haggadah (which is also allegory), and sod (mystery) or theosophy.

...The old term haggadah is replaced by the new term remez, which in medieval Hebrew had come (under Arabic influence) to designate allegory... in addition to the above mentioned four levels of meaning [of the Torah], a fifth is mentioned, namely gematria, or interpretation through the numerical value of the Hebrew letters, which elsewhere is not regarded as an independent level of meaning. 27.
Jacob Prash compares Midrash, which we know was derived through esoteric means, to an equation that must be solved by the wisdom of the ancients.

Midrash is like a quadratic equation or a very complex second order differential equation, a thirteen or fourteen step equation. Some people take the first step of grammatical-historical exegesis and think the equation is solved. There is nothing wrong with what they do, but there is plenty wrong with what they don't do. The equation is not solved. There is nothing wrong with grammatical-historical exegesis. It is a necessary first step, it is a necessary preliminary, and it is okay for reading the Epistles. But that is all.

It takes the wisdom of the ancients to really understand these things - Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast... (Revelation 13:18) - not the wisdom of the 16th century, but the wisdom of the first century. 28

In her Theosophical Glossary, H.P. Blavatsky defined Gematria as she received it by special request from her colleague, William Wynn Westcott, who was Secretary General of the Rosicrucian Society and Praemonstrator of the Kabalah to the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, which he also co-founded:

Gematria. (Heb.). A division of the practical Kabbalah. It shows the numerical value of Hebrew words by summing up the values of the letters composing them; and further, it shows by this means, analogies between words and phrases. [w.w.w.] One of the methods (arithmetical) for extracting the hidden meaning from letters, words and sentences. (Theosophical Pub. Co., 1892, p. 127)
S.L. McGregor Mathers, who in 1888 co-founded with William Wynn Westcott the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, provides an understanding of the very complex application of Gematria and its various equations, modes and forms.
[Note: The term Bera****h in the second paragraph refers to the Genesis Rabbah recommended by Jacob Prasch as a classical works of Judaism. "A classical work of Midrash in Judaism is the Midrash Rabba on Genesis (Bera****h)."]

"Gematria is a metathesis of the Greek work grammateia. It is based on the relative numerical values of words... Words of similar numerical values are considered to be explanatory of each other, and this theory is also extended to phrases. Thus the letter shin, Sh, is 300, and is equivalent to the number obtained by adding up the numerical values of the letters of the words RVCh ALHIM, Ruach Elohim, the spirit of the Elohim; and it is therefore a symbol of the spirit of the Elohim..."

"Notariqon is derived from the Latin word notarius, a short-hand writer. Of Notariqon there are two forms. In the first every letter of a word is taken for the initial or abbreviation of another word, so that from the letters of a word a sentence may be formed. Thus every letter of the word BRA****h, Bera****h, the first word in Genesis, is made the initial of a word, and we obtain from it BRA****h RAH ALHIM ShIQBLV IShRAL ThVRH, Bera****h Rahi Elohim Sheyequebelo Israel Torah: "In the beginning the Elohim saw that Israel would accept the law."

"The second form of Notariqon is that exact reverse of the first. By this the initials or finals, or both or the medials, of a sentence, are taken to form a word or words. Thus the Qabalah is called ChKMh NSThRH, Chokhmah Nesthorah, "the secret wisdom;" and if we take the initials of these two words Ch and N, we form by the second kind of Notariqon the word ChN, Chen, "grace." Similarly, from the initials and finals of the words MI IOLH LNV HShMIMH, Mi Iaulah Leno Ha-Shamayimah, "Who shall go up for us to heaven?" (Deut. xxx. 12), are formed MILH, Milah "circumcision," and IHVH, the Tetragrammaton, implying that God hath ordained circumcision as the way to heaven." 29.
By applying the various forms of Kabbalistic gematria and numerology to the Bible, entirely heretical meanings can be promoted as also is demonstrated with the process of Temura or permutation of the Scriptures:

Temura is permutation. According to certain rules, one letter is substituted for another letter preceding or following it in the alphabet, and thus from one word another word of totally different orthography may be formed. Thus the alphabet is bent exactly in half, in the middle, and one half is put over the other; and then by changing alternately the first letter or the first two letters at the beginning of the second line, twenty two commutations are produced. These are called the "Table of the Combinations of TzIRVP, 'Tziruph'".

....There are 22 methods of combinations, plus the modes ABGD and ALBM... Then comes the "Rational Table of Tziruph," another set of twenty-two combinations... There are also three "Tables of the Commutations," known respectively as the Right, the Averse, and the Irregular...
Besides all these, there is the method called ThShRQ, Thashraq, which is simply writing a word backwards. There is one more very important form, called the "Qabalah of the Nine Chambers,"...

Besides all these rules, there are certain meanings hidden in the shape of the letters of the Hebrew alphabet; in the form of a particular letter at the end of a word being different from that which it generally bears when it is a final letter, or in a letter being written in the middle of a word in a character generally used only at the end; in any letter or letters being written in a size smaller or larger than the rest of the manuscript, or in a letter being written upside down; in the variations found in the spelling of certain words, which have a letter more in some places than they have in others; in peculiarities observed in the position of any of the points or accents, and in certain expressions supposed to be elliptic or redundant.30.



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Applied Gematria

Rabbinical understanding also reveals the light of Genesis 1:4 to be associated with Messianic fulfillment. By study of the numerical equivalence of the Hebrew words (gematria) the light of creation is shown to be related to the light of Torah, God's instructions according to the 613 commandments given in the first five books of the Bible.7. 32.
By applying Gematria, Peter Michas expounds on the remedy for Adam's Fall:

The human race would now need the full manifestation of the Light that God placed into the earth realm for redemption. 33.
In this chapter, Peter has previously explained that the Light of Genesis 1:3,4 refers to "Primeval Light," which is illumination or enlightenment:
The Hebrew word, 'or', is translated 'light' in the above verses. The literal meaning of this word is 'illumination' or 'luminary.' Its root means 'to be, cause, or make luminous' and 'enlighten,' and may be used literally and/or metaphorically... 34.

The term "Metaphorically" seems to be the Hebraic Roots euphemism for gnostically or mystically. In fact, there is no indication that these verses refer to anything but physical light. Peter continues to exegete these verses using the occult method of gematria, which leads to the interpretation that Yeshua is identical with the Torah:

By study of the numerical equivalence of Hebrew words (gematria), the light of creation is shown to be related to the light of Torah. God's instruction according to the 613 commandments given in the first five books of the Bible. In John 1:1, Yeshua is referred to as the Word, the meaning of which is identical to Torah. Again this is a direct reference to Yeshua as the Light and the Word (Torah) of God... 35.

Rabbinical understanding rejects Jesus Christ. Gematria is a Kabbalist esoteric teaching. Peter Michas references John 1, saying 'The Word" is the same as "Torah" and that Torah is the same as Light. However, "The Word" in John 1 means "Logos", not Torah, as indicated in Strong's Exhaustive Concordance #3056.

Since the Torah (first five books of the Old Testament) is not the whole revelation of Scripture, students of HRM are bereft of full revelation of Jesus Christ. Peter's conclusion to the matter is that this Messiah was and will be the Primeval Light or knowledge, wisdom, illumination or enlightenment (gnosis) that is restored to the world:

Delving deeper into the Hebrew of Genesis 1:3, we find that there are two Hebrew words translated 'let there be light.' The word meaning 'light' has already been discussed. [ed. enlightenment] The other Hebrew word literally means 'let be.' The word 'there' does not appear in the original Hebrew but has been added for clarification. In fact, the Hebrew word that means 'let be' is a masculine form and therefore refers to 'him', rather than 'it.' Therefore, the Hebrew can validly be translated as 'Let Him be Light.' In this way, Messiah is revealed in the original Hebrew words! An expanded translation of Gen. 1:3-5, including its metaphorical meanings, is... 36.

To appreciate the total changing or permutation of the Scriptures that is taking place through Peter's application of Gematria, please note his spiritualization of Genesis 1:3,4 of the KJV:
Genesis 1:3:

"And God said, Let there be light: and there was light."
Peter's gematria rendition:
v. 3 "And Elohim said, 'Let Him be Light [life, natural and spiritual; prosperity; honor; joy and all manner of happiness in this world and the next, encouragement; comfort; hope in adversity; the saving knowledge of Elohim and of the Messiah]' and He was Light." 37.

Genesis 1:4:
"And God saw the light, that it was good: and God divided the light from the darkness."
Peter's gematria rendition:

v. 4 "And Elohim saw [the revelation of] the Light that [the knowledge and wisdom of it] was good. And Elohim separated the Light from the darkness [spiritual darkness, spiritual ignorance, spiritual discernment]." 38.

Genesis 1:5:
"And God called the light Day, and the darkness he called Night. And the evening and the morning were the first day."
Peters gematria rendition:

v. 5 "And Elohim spoke, 'You will be the light' [Messiah; Word of God], until darkness [Lucifer; spiritual darkness] is defeated..." 39.
"God expressed Himself through this Primeval Light when He commanded the Light to be revealed. By his Word, God's knowledge, wisdom, and purpose for this world burst across the chaotic waters in a blinding revelation of God's glory... [And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters v.2] God gave this light as the knowledge of Himself...God's first words to the world contained the knowledge of Himself, the very essence of Himself, the Word of God. This was the light that shone so brilliantly on Day One. It was the gift of the Light of God, the Primeval Light that was revealed to a world which had been consumed in chaos and darkness." 40.

Peter's teaching places Christ or God, as an equal and opposite to Lucifer. This concept is not new but is the classic occult doctrine of dualism. In her expose of Jay Gary titled "The Millennium Doctor", Dr. Cathy Burns quoted David Spangler's Reflection on the Christ:

Lucifer and Christ are twin sides of the demiurgic power of the manifest universe... (Scotland Findhorn Publication, 1997).
There is none equal to God. Nor is there any Scriptural reference that Lucifer was created on Day 1. When Peter states that God expressed himself through this Primeval Light, he is actually referring to the Kabbalistic concept of the Torah as a living organism which is an extension of God or the wisdom of God. "Primordial Torah," also referred to as the Primordial Wisdom, is actually the second sefiroth, Hokhmah or wisdom, since the Torah is viewed by the Kabbalist as emanations of God and His wisdom. Gershom Scholem explains this concept:

In other words, the secret life of God is projected into the Torah; its order is the order of the Creation. This most secret aspect of the Torah, or one might say, the Torah in its occult form, is sometimes referred to in the Kabbalistic literature of the thirteenth century as torahkedumah, the primordial Torah, and is sometimes identified with God's hokhmah (sophia), His 'wisdom', the second emanation and manifestation of the divine power, which sprang from the hidden 'nothingness'.3.We shall see in the course of our discussion how certain Kabbalists conceived the state of the Torah when it was still contained in the mystical unity of God's wisdom...
[Footnote states: "3: Sophia as the primordial Torah ...'The primordial Torah is the name of God'."] 41.

On the Kabbalah and its Symbolism by Gershom Scholem describes a Kabbalistic teaching that parallels Peter Michas' teaching that the Primordial Light of creation is the Torah. [The following excerpt from a semi-mystical treatise is an elaboration of a Talmudic theme that Moses received the commandments in seventy languages and aspects.]
...Abraham bar Hiyya writes: 'Every letter and every word in every section of the Torah have a deep root in wisdom and contain a mystery from among the mysteries of [divine] understanding, the depths of which we cannot penetrate... 'The meaning of the holy text cannot be exhausted in any finite number of lights and interpretations, and the number seventy stands here of course for the inexhaustible totality of the divine word. Moreover, the light and the mystery of Torah are one, for the Hebrew word 'or, light, and the word raz, mystery, have the same numerical value, 207. When God said, Let there be light,' he meant, as the author of the Midrash ha-Ne'elam puts it, the mystery that shines in Torah. And it was this hidden primordial light of Creation, which was so noble that it could not be abased to the use of creatures, that God enclosed the Torah. 42.

We shall at this point turn to H.P. Blavatsky's Secret Doctrine for another look at the Kabbalist interpretation of the Genesis account of creation. The term "Primeval Light" is a frequent usage of Blavatsky and the Kabbalists from whom she derived her "secret doctrine" (as a search on the Internet will reveal). Note the exposition of Genesis 1:3 from her foundational theosophical work, which identifies the light as "Spiritual light" created by a "second god" who is the eternal Law (Torah):

Let anyone read the first verses of chapter i of Genesis and reflect upon them. There 'God' commands another 'god' who does his bidding -- even in the cautious English Protestant translation of James the First's authorised edition...

And God said, Let there be a firmament. . .'(i,6), and 'God,' the second, obeyed, and 'made the firmament' (i,7). 'And God said let there be light,' and 'there was light.' Now the latter does not mean light at all, but in the Kabala, the androgyne 'Adam-Kadmon,' or Sephirah (Spiritual light), for they are one: or, according to the Chaldean book of numbers, the secondary angels, the first being the Elohim who are the aggregate of that 'fashioning' god. For to whom are those words of command addressed? And who is it who commands? That which commands is the eternal Law, and he who obeys, the Elohim... 43.

According to Mme. Blavatsky and Peter Michas, the light of Genesis 1:3 was Spiritual Light created by a secondary god, who is himself the eternal Law (Torah). Elsewhere Peter states "In Jewish thought, the Word (Torah) of God is the same as God." 44. This is a Kabbalistic teaching which a perusal of works like Gershom Scholem's reveals.

From here it was only one more step to saying that God Himself is the Torah... He explains this by saying that the letters are the mystical body of God, while God, in a manner of speaking, is the soul of the letters...The principle that the Torah is a living organism falls in with several lines of Kabbalistic thought. The reference to body and soul... suggests such a conception, and the notion that the Torah is woven of holy names is merely a metaphoric way of saying that it is a living fabric...This conception of the Torah as an organism is also fundamental to the Zohar... the position of the Zohar: 'Scripture is like a man and has flesh [according to the literal meaning], soul [according to the allegorical interpretation]and spirit [in accordance with the mystery].' 45.

The author of the Tikkune Zohar, who wrote only a few years after the completion of the main body of the Zohar, also declares: 'The Torah has a head, a body, a heart, a mouth and other organs, in the same way as Israel.' 1.

Here we have the parallel between the two mystical organisms: the Torah and Israel... The mystical organism of the Torah, which embodies the name of God, is thus correlated with the mystical body of the Community of Israel, which the Kabbalists regarded not only as the historical organism of the Jewish people, but also as an esoteric symbol for the Shekhinah, its members being, as it were, the 'members of the Shekhinah.'2...46



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Was searching on Thoth and found this article. It long. It's Channeled. It's about Thoth and Merlin. Thoth/Hermes channeled Poimanderes and was called a God so it is very possible he was speaking to this person. Did a search on Merlin and very little is known about him other than fiction connected to the Arthurian Legends and Geoffery Manmouth stories.

Merlin Masters of the Mound

"Thoth served to enlighten humans in that age that they were not the spawn of the Nephilim, the fallen angels of Lucifer.

He revealed to them that although the Fallen Lords had greatly tampered with their mortal bodies through eons of genetic manipulation,

human kind were still 'angels unaware.'"

Soul Invitation

Merlin Masters of the Mound (channeled by Maia from Thoth)

Thoth spoke into my mind, he told me that he was one of the five souls of Merlin. He lifted the veil for me, and I peered into the misty folds of the Goddesses robe to behold Myrddin of Galataine.

When an incarnation 'window' is opened for an aspect of karmic interaction affecting many people, often that incarnating entity is comprised of multi-souled levels. Thoth Hermes in that incarnation, was/is only one soul. Yet Merlin was five souls, all layered and working together through the window that was Myrddin.

In a layered entity, there is first the 'body soul' - that soul which attaches directly to the body chakras, animating the physical mode and coordinating the ensuing layers with that bio-link and the other connective souls of the layered complex. It is difficult for us to contemplate more than one soul working in such unity, but with spiritually evolved entities such as Merlin, this is accomplished. Thoth explained to me that he himself was not a product of layering because his service required single-entity consciousness (he did not elaborate further). In the most illuminate layers of Merlin's five-soul structure were Thoth and the one known a later incarnation as St.Germaine.

There were then two other souls serving as grounding and balance factors - one is now incarnate as a female of great spiritual power in the inner Earth. The other is presently in male embodiment upon the surface of the planet. Lastly, there is the body-soul of Myrddin, which was sealed away etherically awaiting its future release when it will re-enter the physical body of Merlin.

Myrddin's family name, so Thoth informs me, was Galataine. They were originally from Gaul, but his father, along with three aunts an uncle (and their families), came to the Isle of Man off the coast of Scotland, led by a 'Shining One' in his father's visions. It was there, upon this small island, that Myrddin was conceived and born. Myrddin's father, Hestor, and his siblings, had a powerful mix of genetics – part ultra-terrestrial (Rigel, in the constellation of Orion), and also some 'cosmorphic', or Faery. This was in an age when the veils which separate the Nature and HUman Kingdoms were still fluttering in the winds of change. Thus, the Faery People, or Cosmorphic Beings could at certain levels, merge their seed with humankind.



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Hestor and his kin had a strange blend in their veins, coming from the stars, the Nature Realm, and the Gauls. Since Gauls were Celts, we can see that the Galataines were returning to their original homeland when they journeyed to Great Britain. But the most interesting find was yet to come. In reading on, I came to the historical fact that the Merovingian Dynasty was in Gaul. This is the Family that the authors of Holy Blood, Holy Grail claim to be direct descendants from Jesus' and Mary Magdalene's son. Thoth had confirmed this, although he did not agree that this child was born of a physical union between Jesus and Mary as is assumed in HBHG.

Thoth has also revealed that the lineage of Merlin and Jesus both stem from an ancient Egyptian-Hebrew-Celt named 'Torhannah'. Her history can be referenced in SOIF's Star Lotus and issue #-90 of Temple Doors. The son of Jesus and Mary Magdalene, John Martinus, was born on the Isle of Iona, given unto the care of a Ionian Celtic Priestess, Elaine, who brought him to Glastonbury, England at the age of two. It is clear that he was born for a purpose, another product of genetic engineering, which is so evident in Merlin's life; and thus was relinquished from the no doubt loving arms of his mother into the flow of destiny at a tender age. John Martinus was to become the first Templar, from whence the Knights Templar descended. Actually, there were Templars of a sort as far back as Lemuria, but apparently not a true precursor of the Order as was John Martinus. From this 'Son of the Sun King' also sprang the (Frankish) Merovingain dynasty. But Thoth stresses that the Merovingains were for the most part, not a kin worthy of their ancestry. There was a inner core group that was both knowledgeable and worthy, and it was to the credit of his 'Secret Order' within the larger dynasty, that the Grail Mysteries were preserved. But that is another story. In returning to the Galataines we see them more clearly defined through this brief detour. As descendants of Torhannah, they were cousins to the Martinus lineage.



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Myrddin's mother, Mary Grace, bore an even closer Christic lineage. She had been given her name, for at her birth, all in the room saw the Mother of Christ hover near the babe. Mary Grace's mother was a part-Jewish Christian, and a direct descendant of Joseph of Arimathea, uncle of Joshua ben Josef - Jesus Christ. Hestor, from the House Galataine, married Mary Grace, from the House of Arimathea, in a Celtic-Christian ceremony at the foot of the Holy Hills (later to become Chalice Hill) in Glastonbury, at Somerset, England. It was in that age called the 'Holy Hill', for it had been this place which was consecrated by Jesus when he made his second journey to Glastonbury as a young man (the first trip had been as a boy with his uncle Joseph). Later, his son, John Martinus, would build an inner temple beneath the hill, which was sealed away after his death.

Hestor and Mary Grace made their home on the Isle of Man, where the Shining One of Hestor's vision had brought him. From the eyes of this most elusive Being Hestor had been given the Sight. He had witnessed the 'sky jewel' (meteor fragment) strike Man, long before his birth, cracking the earth and burrowing deep within the cold winter ground. From that small crack came forth a spring from which flowed a sparkling creek, igniting fertility to burst aflame along its pathing banks. All this had seen in the mirror-light of the Shining One. Thus, he needed no common hand to lead him to the Sacred Spring, for it brimmed within his heart and flowed without hindrance through his seeking mind. When Hestor hand his young bride arrived at the spring, he built a home nearby, of yew tree and deerhide. Here Myrddin sought the psalm of life, grasping it eagerly with his strong lungs, in the dawn of what is now down as September 15th, the Year of Our Lord, 363).

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