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RE: The Curse II

sites around the world. Go to a sacred site and see just how
powerful it still is, like a huge untapped battery.
Feel a talisman that was made and used 4,000 years ago, yet
still has as much or more power than anything you have
touched by a modern worker of almost any system.
I gave a 4,500 year old scarab that hasn't been used since
to a friend of mine who put it in a box. 2 months later,
when he opened the box to use it he found the box has been
burned from the inside out. (although admittedly that scarab
is an exception).
I have found that both ways can work, but an old cultural symbol
(in Jungian terms) is more in our subconscious as a type of
universal symbol, and will be more powerful and last longer than
a personal one.
Get the most magically powerful person you know, have him/her do a circle ritual in a square area, and go back a month later and
see if you can find it by feeling for it. Go to a ancient sacred
spot that hasn't been used for hundreds or thousands of years and feel its power. Which is greater? My bet goes to the ancient
one. More use over more time.



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There are some definite misconceptions expressed here on Alchemy.
Alchemy is not about transmuting lead into gold (that was, at the
most, a test on your elixir), it does not involve using electricity,
it is not part of tantric.

One of the problems involved is that people get a tradition that
they don't understand and misuse the term until it loses almost all of
its original meaning.

Alchemy is a spiritual experience that is a combination of two
things, the transmutation of the workers spirit with the transmutation of physical substances (which creates the Elixir of Life).

while in the broad sense that Alchemy is a transmutation, it has
no part in Tantric.

The physical and metaphysical process has always been described in allegories, hence the confusion of work with metals.

In order to practice alchemy today, you need to read only about 2 or 3 good books on the subject

"Gold of a Thousand Mornings" is a non-fiction book describing
alchemy by a man/wife team in France. It dwells on both the spiritual and physical aspects and describes the work that they did.

"An Alchemists Handbook" has a brief description of the meaning
and the "Great Work" (as it is called), and gives you in great detail
how to do the physical work.



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In order for alchemy to work, you need to do both at the same time
as you need self transformation to work in order for the physical
transformation to work.

the chemical side of work delves mainly into herbs, and if you use herbs in your regular work, then you will have real use with alchemy.

In the chemical aspect, the herb's essence is extracted (the gold
from the dross), as well as yourself (your essence is purified). To do
so, you usually need chemical glassware such as a condenser, or
soylent extractor. This is a typical operation when making perfume
from flowers or making an herbal extraction. The main difference is
that the extraction takes place with a magical bent to it. rituals are
done during the extraction process, timing is essential (astrological,
lunar, and solar, and seasonal timing) .

So, since you may already be familiar with blessing and con-
secration of magical tools, and putting power into them, a very
similar thing is done to yourself (an human vessel) and your herbal
product during the alchemical process.

also, there are two existing alchemical schools, one in France,
one in Utah (of all places!)

If you already use herbs in your other work, following this
process will net you much more powerful herbal concoctions as well as a more powerful and spiritual self.

I myself use the process. One of the aspects in alchemy is that
one gathers certain herbs, minerals to produce an elixir that will
extend life (as one of it's benefits). but before ingesting it, an
alchemist would sometimes test it by adding a pinch of it to lead, and if it turned into gold, then your elixir is finished and can be used.

However, turning lead into gold was never the end product for the work, but merely a test. You can make other useful herbal/concoctions without achieving the 'Elixir of Life.' Since alchemy is non-denom-
inational, it can be used with practically any tradition.

The source of the word Alchemy has had a lot of discussion among alchemical writers and alchemists. Although chemy did eventually
become chemistry, the origin of the word did not.

The most agreed upon definition of the term Alchemy is this: Al
(arab word meaning THE) Khemia; meaning Egypt, which comes from the ancient Egyptian word for Egypt meaning "black land" thus: The
Black Land

since Alchemy does originate in Egypt, it makes sense.

The first alchemical work is called the Emerald Tablet, written by
Thoth, or Hermes Trismigistos.

the father of alchemy is Zoismos, an Egyptian.



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the mother of alchemy is Marie, the Egyptian, who describes in her
works the actual equipment used. (the only person who does!!!!).



The Fellowship of Isis is the only group that I am aware of that
worships only Isis and is not a Wiccan group. Their headquarters is on the British Isles but has many members in the US. They do, however, use almost exclusively late Dynastic and Greco-Roman Isis rituals,
which many people believe are disbased and not well understood (true of most of the Egyptian traditions at that time).

The Church of the Eternal Source uses rituals from the Old to New Kingdom ( I-XXIst. Dynasty) and includes Isis. It is a federation of
Egyptian temples, so there are Priests of Horus, Thoth, Ptah, Pries-
tesses of Bast, Sekhmet/Bast, Hathor and Isis. And, oh yes, a priest
and priestess of Osiris. They are currently looking at an initiation
plan based on ancient Egyptian sources to possibly adopt as their own.

If there is a group by the name that the person mentioned, it may
be either a new Egyptian traditions group, or an eclectic Wiccan

Isis was never worshiped by Wiccans prior to the 1950's and should best be worshipped by people acquainted with the ancient Egyptian
Traditions related to her. Isis went through many changes, adding more powers and attributes as time went on. She wasn't even called a Mother Goddess for the first 2,000 years of her worship.

Most people who don't know ancient egyptian traditions don't get
the response from Isis that they expect (or a totally different
response). Isis is very powerful, but exacting. It's always best to
know what power relates to which of her forms in order to invoke her.

One thing to remember. Isis belongs to several ancient Egyptian
traditions. As such, you won't be aware of her powers and attributes
unless you are familiar with the Egyptian traditions.
For example, as an Enchantress, she is invoked with a special form in mind (holding specific objects, in specific positions, wearing
specific clothes). Not to have that form in mind, according to ancient
Egyptian tradition, is to negate your entire ritual, or to degrade it
(it won't have the effect as much as if you did it the right way), or
to have an effect entirely different.
Isis, for one, has many powers and attributes, and many forms.
Just invoking her in a different direction invokes a power you may not be aware of. As such she can appear to be both benign or terrible (she is one of the Dweller of the Door, or Threshold goddesses).
Even during the Egyptian period, 4,000 bce (predynastic) to 641 ad (the closing of her last temple) she went through many modifications and changes. She wasn't even known as a mother goddess for at least 1,500 years!



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In the 18th dynasty a remarkable Pharoah Hatshepsut reintroduced the
worship of Set by building a Temple dedicated to him and Horus the Elder
at Ombos. This marked a strong interest in Set's eternal nature, for
example in Hatshepsut is the prophecy (which she had placed in her tomb
at Der el-Medina) that "She will not only enjoy the days of Horus, but
the days of Set will be added to her span."

She was also interested in the antinomian nature of the Set cult -- in
fact she preformed one of the most scandalous acts available to a woman
-- she acted as a man. This early feminist clearly found Set, a great
archetype to Work with. Set was popular among her family until the
Kingship of Akhenaton (may he be reborn forever drowning in the jaws of
Sobek the crocodile god).

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