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RE: The Curse II

Mary's Story... Curse Of Solomon

The next few months flew by and before I knew it, my time to deliver had nearly come. Then the Roman governor really threw a wrench into the works by deciding to conduct a census. Every family in Israel had to travel to their ancestral home to be counted. For Joseph and me that meant Bethlehem since we were both of the tribe of Judah and the house of David. Joseph was a descendant of King Solomon while I came from his brother Nathan's family. Yes, that means we were actually distant cousins many times removed, but before you get all concerned let me explain that this was proper for two reasons.

First, my father Heli had no sons so as his oldest daughter I was his rightful heir. But the law required I marry someone from the tribe of Judah so my family's land wouldn't be lost from the tribal inheritance given to our ancestors in Joshua's time (Numbers 36:6-9). Joseph was a proper choice under the law.

And second, the angel Gabriel had promised that my son would rule on David's throne. The problem was that just before the Babylonian captivity, Israel's kings had become so corrupt that the Lord had put a blood curse on Solomon's line of David's family, the royal line of succession, swearing that no biological descendant of Solomon's after Jehoiachin (aka Jeconiah) would ever again rule over Israel as King (Jere. 22:28-30), and indeed, none ever has; Jehoiachin was Israel's last legitimate king. This even though the Lord had promised David that Solomon's descendants would always be Israel's kings (1 Chron 17:10-14). Since Joseph was from Solomon's line, he carried this blood curse as did every other living descendant of King Solomon's.

To fulfill all the prophecies and keep God's promise to David, the Messiah had to be from the tribe of Judah and the house and lineage of David. (House of David means Jesus had to be a descendant of David's. Lineage means He had to be in Solomon's royal line of succession.)

If Jesus had been a biological offspring of Joseph's He would have been disqualified by the blood curse from ever being the King of Israel. But because I was also from the house of David, and was biologically related to Jesus, I could secure my son's claim to the throne as long as whoever I married was also David's descendant and from the royal line. Joseph met this requirement too, and when we married he became Jesus' legal father. This placed Jesus in the line of succession and fulfilled the requirement that He be "from the house and lineage of David" without making Him liable to the curse. For this reason alone Jesus had to be born of a virgin. It's the only way any descendant of David's could ever be qualified to rule as King of Israel. It sounds complicated, but God is bound by his own law, just as we are.

Of course the prophecy that Jesus would reign on David's throne is unfulfilled as yet. It won't be fulfilled till his 2nd coming. But because Joseph and I were cousins, it can legally come to pass.

The imagery of the swallow

The incidental mention of the swallow occurs only once in the writings of Solomon. We read in context:

"As snow in summer, and as rain in harvest, so honour is not seemly for a fool. As the bird by wandering, as the swallow by flying, so the curse causeless shall not come." Proverbs 26:1-2.

In ancient Egyptian imagery archaeologists found at times a tiny, standing or crouching swallow with a sun disk adorning garments (kilts). Such a swallow was found `attached to the lower border of the hip drape' on a relief block of Amenhotep III, on a sheet-gold belt of Tutankhamon (as a stylistically represented swallow) and on a relief of the Osiris complex of the temple of Seti the Great at Abydos. [2200]

The hieroglyphic image of a swallow without a sun disc occurs in a group of hieroglyphic characters transliterated as the `Arch-seer', at Heliopolis, and in words relating to priests, ie. ura herp hem, priests in the service of Ptah. [2300]

Perhaps Solomon knew something about Egypt to explain this feature and the Solomonic allusion holds the secret to the meaning of the Egyptian swallow with a sun disc and written by itself - to hold off or divert a curse.


His lifetime shall not exist on earth (tomb of Senmut, Dyn. 18)



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Found this on GLP. Sounds like a Tarot Card being discribed.

(sorry I can't get the picture to post)

-------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------
I'm pretty sure I know what the "myth" of the Holy Graal is saying. The attached picture (sorry no picture) says it about as succinctly as I've ever seen. I'll work my way through the symbols.

Front and center....the cup. "bowl, especially for mixing wine with water."

Here we have "the problem", the source of the "curse". This is the curse, the destroyer of the "land" (nations) Also, this is the symbol that is looking to be "found" and "fixed". The quest about which the "aspirants" contend, is the fulfilling of said requirements to become that which solves the problem. The problem is that of the time of the beginning, the problem our "Creator" has been looking to "fix". (Stay with me Jim, I know I used the "C" word. LOL ) BTW, this what the FreeMasons/Zionists/Jesuits are all "fighting" over. Everyone wants to plop their butt in the "seat(s)" of the "throne(s)". LOL

OK, more simply, the cup represents the big "no no" of all time, the mixing of eternal and "flesh" body architecture. This is THE problem of the beginning of time, the problem that has plagued the entirety of the "Kingdom" since it's inception. That IS the point of this "quest", to ultimately single out the few "worthy" to sit in these "seats". (Notice the long lists of "messiahs" fighting over said seats)

Next we have "the woman"

Yes indeedy, we have as the main cause of this.... the "woman".....uh huh. LOL And, not just any woman displayed here, but a "ruddy" woman, the flesh representation of the female "half" that ultimately must be "satisfied", the very ultimate descendent of "awdawm" (ruddy man), the ultimate of the "supplanters" (Jacob). Notice where her hand's over HER HEART. Notice her hand gesture, the TWO fingers of direction and power, side by side extended "upward" from her heart. Her expression is that of unfulfillment, she awaits her "completion". Once "completed" he&she will "supplant" those who have created the "problem" from the beginning, the "watchers" who breached "the wall" between the two realms. This is the reason for all the "romance" surrounding the "story" of the Graal.

Next, we have the white Dove......

And, expectedly we see "behind" all of this the white dove, not just ANY dove, but a WHITE one. The white dove is THE symbol of eternal relationships. It is the symbol shown as the relationship of love between Jesus and His "bride/Wife" and also it is shown in the "covenant" example shown "abraham" (shown "dead" in that case). But more importantly in this case the white dove is the symbol "behind" all of this, that which will in fact "find" the graal and break the curse. Notice the "gold" over the heart of the dove, the "royalty" of the representation of her "completion". Also, notice the SHAPE of the gold, it's the great pyramid river delta shape, the shape of the beginning of the "problem", the shape of that which will be "repaired", the shape of things past, the shape of things to come.

And finally we have the foilage.....

The foilage represents the beginning, the background of ALL of this, the setting of the "quest", the starting and end of the "problem". Yes, the whole quest which will finally at long last repair the Kingdom and usher in the "golden age" anew (as Mother Shipton puts it) is this quest now set out upon by those who don't even realize they are in search of the "prize". Yes, she is standing in the "garden of eden" as it has been called or, more appropriately, the garden of pleasure, the garden which will once more swaddle the lives of God's children.

Additionally, the "water" of the "quest".....

The "water" is the very source of life of God's Creation. In the Hebrew the very term for water is synonymous with "semen", and as such, both here and "there", is the source of all "life" in the "form" of containers for spirits, whether "jars of clay" or "eternal stones". Therefore, when we see the "river" being "restored", we see the successful "completion" of the woman, the restoration of the "flow" of creation, the "repair of the wall" seperating the realms, and ultimately the sustinance of the "trees" of the forest, the "forest" of the "trees" of the Mountain of God's Kingdom. From the veritable "desert", the "waters" of life once again bring back the eternal "trees" to "stand" forever at the top of the Mountain of our Creator to be those who are the Kings of "heart" who have replaced the Kings of "diamond".



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Others are noticing all the recent 18th Dynasty Finds too. The tombs
are prominent names in history. Wonder if the tombs are known to
contain items wanted now. Maybe buiried to keep hidden until they were
needed in the future. That would mean that a group would have known
who and where these people were and what was buiried with them.


Posted By: XXX
Date: Wednesday, 15 February 2006, 4:42 p.m.


I should like to know two things:

Who is really doing the looking?

- and -

What is it they are actually looking for?

And don't tell me it's the grail. There are too many "astounding" finds of important tombs, widely separated by distance. Someone, somewhere is looking for something and using academia to find it.


: It has been an interesting few months since October when
: whilst carrying out routine conservation work, the ancient
: tomb of Edward the Confessor was discovered by chance under
: Westminster Abbey, England, a crypt and chamber with a
: stone vaulted roof revealed by archaologists using the
: latest GPR technology, forgotten subterranean chambers of a
: number of royal tombs dating back to the 13th/14th century.
: In February a chance discovery revealed a tomb in the
: Valley of the kings, Egypt when it had been declared that
: no other tombs were there. Days later in Greece another
: accidental find revealing the country's biggest ever
: underground tomb. Clearly, as the bible prophecy says, the
: dead are rising up ! Whose tomb next - that of Mary
: Magdalene currently suspected to have been located in the
: precincts of Lincoln Cathedral, England ?



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Could Senmuts star map be showing an event like pole shift....we have the Hendaye Cross events coming up

Could the Denderah Star Map be showing Dec 2012

Papyrus Ipuwer

According to this early to middle kingdom papyrus, it told of an era when ‘the land turns round (over) as does a potter’s wheel” and ‘earth is turned upside down.”. This was associated with a terrible destruction in the land in the land of Egypt.

According to A. Pogo, on the ceiling panel of this architect’s tomb, it “displays the celestial heavens including the zodiac and other constellation. The strange thing is the southern sky shows the constellations in ‘a reversed orientation.
This star-map actually describes a planetary conjunction in which the planet position is defined to a certain sector of the sky, plus a solar eclipse. As such, precise astronomical calculation can date this map to the date, May, 1534 BCE



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Mystery Babalon. Daughter of the Divine, Bride of the Demonic, and thus Bride also of the Divine. Forger of their Reconciliation in Love and the End of Reason's Lie. Sword-girt Feminine archetype of Life, Light, Love, Liberty, Lust, Lahat, and Laughter. Heh Finale, World-soul and Soul of the World. Daughter of Fortitude ravished every hour from Her youth; Voice of the Thunder, Perfect Mind, whose Name is Understanding and in whom dwells science. Epitome of vision and prophecy in ecstasy, Traverser of the Timestream, rippling rock dropped in the pond of reality, cosmic Zeitgeist, nexus of the tesseract, stablisher of the pillar in the void, temple of Abaddon, alphabet of Dee and Kelly, spirit bound in the Mirror by the Great Sorceror at the Dawn of Time, and Undoer of the Wrong of the Beginning. That about says it all.

Does She walk among us? Is She really incarnate in our midst? You be the judge of that. Go on ... immerse yourself in the Dream, dance in the arms of the Story, taste an echo of the timeless love-song of Belarion and Babalon, drown in the living flame of pure gnosis, and relish the unfolding histomythory. TIME IS

The Birth of Babalon
(by John Whiteside Parsons, 1914-1952 e.v.)

What is the tumult among the stars
that have shone so still till now?
What are the furrows of pain and wrath
upon the immortal brow?

Why is the face of God turned grey
and his angels all grown white?
What is the terrible ruby star
that burns down the crimson night?

What is the beauty that flames so bright
athwart the awful dawn?
She has taken flesh, she is come to judge
the thrones ye rule upon.

Quail ye kings for an end is come
in the birth of BABALON.


I have walked three dreadful nights away
in halls beyond despair,
I have given marrow and tears and sweat
and blood to make her fair.

I have lain my love and smashed my heart
and filled her cup with blood,
That blood might flow from the loins of woe
to the cup of brotherhood.

The cities reel in the shout of steel
where the sword of war is drawn.
Sing ye saints for the day is come
in the birth of BABALON.


Now God has called for his judgement book
and seen his name therein
And the grace of God and the guilt of God
have spelt it out as sin

His bloody priests have clutched his robes
and stained his linen gown
And his victims swarm from his broken hell
to drag his kingdom down.

O popes and kings and the little gods
are sick and sad and wan
To see the crimson star that bursts
like blood upon the dawn

While trumpets sound and stars rejoice
at the birth of BABALON


BABALON is too beautiful
for sight of mortal eyes
She has hidden her loveliness away
in lonely midnight skies,

She has clothed her beauty in robes of sin
and pledged her heart to swine
And loving and giving all she has
brewed for saints immortal wine.

But now the darkness is riven through
and the robes of sin are gone,
And naked she stands as a terrible blade
and a flame and a splendid song

Naked in radiant mortal flesh
at the Birth of BABALON.


She is come new born as a mortal maid
forgetting her high estate,
She has opened her arms to pain and death
and dared the doom of fate,

And death and hell are at her back,
but her eyes are bright with life,
Her heart is high and her sword is strong
to meet the deadly strife,

Her voice is sure as the judgement trump
to crack the house of wrong,
Though walls are high and stone is hard
and the rule of hell was long

The gates shall fall and the irons break
in the Birth of BABALON


Her mouth is red and her breasts are fair
and her loins are full of fire,
And her lust is strong as a man is strong
in the heat of her desire,

And her whoredom is holy as virtue is foul
beneath the holy sky
And her kisses will wanton the world away
in passion that shall not die.

Ye shall laugh and love and follow her dance
When the wrath of God is gone
And dream no more of hell and hate
in the Birth of BABALON

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