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Boys Town Abuses - The RCC Cover-up

Now you have picked up a new client and it ties directly into Boys Town.

My client is the former head of Boys Town. He was the head longer than anyone in the history of Boys Town. His name is Monsignor Robert Hupp. In 1976, he was appointed as a U.S. delegate to the United Nations, the only clergyman ever appointed to that position.

He contacted me. He’s 87 years old. I met with him and he needed some help. He felt, I guess, at his advanced age that he wanted to correct some problems and abuses that he had tried to years ago. Just after I was asked to represent him, he completed a major recorded deposition in the presence of many church lawyers, and also attorneys for a number of altar boys who had been abused by priests.

Did he come to you because there were suits against Boys Town?

There were lawsuits against the Catholic Archdiocese of Omaha and Boys Town is a part of the archdiocese. The position of the church, which was very public, was that they knew nothing about the abuse and, if they had known, they would have done something about it.

That’s very important to understand. They are saying, “We didn’t know, so how can we be held responsible. If we had known, we would have done something about it.”

However, the essence of what Monsignor Hupp asked me to do was to help get the true story out, because what he had to say was rather shocking and would totally disprove that claim here in Omaha and probably in a lot of other places.

I made the arrangements so that he could get his story out under oath. The deposition that he gave in this case may be sealed, but one way or another the story he had to tell will come out.

Let me give you some background on Monsignor Hupp so that it will all probably make sense. In 1969, Hupp became was what is called the “vicar general” of the Catholic Archdiocese of Omaha. A vicar general is the second-in-command, just below the bishop. When the bishop is gone, the vicar general acts in his place. He held this post until 1973.

During that time he became aware of the problem of sexual abuse. He officially notified the bishop at the time, Bishop Sheehan, and said, “This is terrible. You have to do something.” From 1969 to 1973, Hupp was making an issue of this but the bishop did nothing but move the priest to another parish.

So, we overcame the first defense that “We didn’t know and if we did know, we would have done something.”

Then, Hupp gave an ultimatum to the bishop, saying, “I am resigning as vicar general,” and the bishop tells him that he can’t do it. Hupp said, “I will either resign and you will accept my resignation or I will go to the Omaha World-Herald newspaper and we’ll see what happens then.” So the bishop let him resign. Shortly thereafter, Hupp was appointed to be the head of Boys Town. Today Hupp believes this was sort of a reward for keeping quiet.

He served as head of Boys Town until 1985 and, of course, went on film with the BBC acknowledging that he was like the wife who was the last to know. He is now determined to do what he can to correct the problem. He sees this as a failure to address the issue which caused it to get worse.

Are you able to determine how many boys from Boys Town got dragged into these national pedophile rings?

I know there were many. I did not realize how serious and widespread it was until about the last six months.

I had a visitor from the federal public defender’s office in Las Vegas. They called me and said: “I think we have a common interest.” They said: “Well, you know about a place called Boys Town.”

I responded: “You federal prosecutors have been part of the problem, helping to cover up what’s going on there.”

They said, “Would you be willing to meet with us?”

I agreed and they were there the next morning waiting at my office door.

They were representing a fellow named Paine who is on death row in Las Vegas. He had a bad habit of killing taxi drivers. This Paine had a number of brothers and they had all been raised in Boys Town. When Paine was convicted it turned out that, as they explained it to me, he was a multiple personality that was deliberately created.

In other words, someone had used psychiatric techniques and sexual abuse to alter this young man’s mind.

Yes, and this happened at Boys Town. The story he told was that all of these mind control experiments were being carried out.


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Now, the first time you hear this, you think, “Oh, they are in la-la land.” However, the federal public defender went on to explain that Paine had revealed to them a host of very serious problems going on at Boys Town. Both he and his brothers had been involved, and Paine’s attorneys wanted me to share with them any information that I had come up with. They are appealing Paine’s death sentence and hope to use this information in the appeal.

The attorneys told me that this boy had another brother, Andre, who lived in Omaha. It turns out that many years before, on the very night the Franklin Credit Union was raided and closed by the federal authorities, he and a group of boys were taken out of Boys Town in the middle of the night and moved to an institution out of state.

I told these federal public defenders, after giving them a copy of my book: “I predict that after you read the book and before we get very far into this case that you will suddenly get intimidated and lose your interest. You’ll find that the FBI was involved in the cover-up of all of this.”

They said, “Oh no, no, no.”

So they lined up the brother, Andre, who is now in his early 20s, to meet with me. Andre told me all of the same things that my previous client, Paul Bonacci, and others had told me. But he had never had any contact with any of them. They had the same stories, the same information, the same people. However, Andre gave me some more information on how organized it was at Georgetown and how he was taken out of Boys Town on a regular basis to participate in sexual parties where they did pornographic films. They would say he was being taken on a visit to his mother, but, in fact, he was not visiting his mother.

It wasn’t 24 hours later I got a call from the kid and he told me that he was heading out of town. The reason why was because the FBI had shown up at the place where he was registered to go to computer school and seized the computers and told them the boy was involved in all kinds of things. He was kicked out of school. The FBI then went to his apartment and scared his landlord into evicting him. And they went to the place where he worked as a clerk and that place fired him.

The kid knew he was in trouble and he said, “If they come after me again, I’m going to kill myself.” But I’ve put this young man in touch via e-mail with Noreen Gosch, whose son Johnny was kidnapped and brought into these sex rings. They’ve been exchanging information.

What’s happened with the federal public defenders representing Andre Paine’s brother?

They stopped contacting me.

Another one of your clients who was involved in the Boys Town affair in the early days also ran for his life under similar circumstances.

Yes, that was Rusty Nelson, who had been a photographer at some of these sex parties. I found him in an Oregon prison after the authorities said that he never existed. I got him out of prison and brought him as a witness. He brought pictures that proved the Larry King connection in the case against King and in the same case where the judge threw out the archdiocese of Omaha as a defendant.

Your research has focused on Omaha, but this whole sex ring involving Larry King and Boys Town extends nationwide, all the way to Washington and involves the CIA and parts of the military.

I only focused on Omaha because it happened to be an important staging ground for so much of the intrigue that I documented. There was a confluence of institutions here in the Omaha area that are linked to all of this pedophile network. One of those institutions is Offutt Air Force Base, which, of course, is where the head of the Strategic Air Command (SAC) is located.

The SAC is the most secure place in the world. That’s where they took President Bush on Sept. 11.

As a Nebraska senator, I was in there. They have, beneath the ground, more of a secure barricaded facility that could take a nuclear hit.

What’s interesting—and this came out after the fall of the Soviet Union—is that there were more CIA people stationed and operating out of Omaha and Offutt than at CIA headquarters in Langley, Va.

Your research (and that of others) indicates that, for a variety of reasons, this national pedophile network is tied to the mind control and mind-altering experiments that have been conducted by the CIA under such names as MK-ULTRA. These have been acknowledged by the CIA and written about even in such mainstream publications as The New York Times. This mind control programming includes get ting small children and confusing them with sex and drugs.

As I pointed out in my book, many of the kids taken out of Boys Town and who were part of the sex ring being operated by Larry King were often taken out to Offutt Air Force Base. I believe that Offutt was the military component, so to speak, or contact point, for what we now know were mind control experiments in the MK-ULTRA mode.

Here’s a caller, Ken:

Are you familiar with the name John Jubert?

Yes, he was executed for the murder of two small boys.

I knew John Jubert and have been in correspondence with his mother. I was a senior at the same small military college in Vermont when he was a freshman. He was a good follower, but not a leader. He was always looking to please other people. He left school and went into the Air Force and ended up at Offutt. He killed two little boys. That wasn’t the John that I knew.

I had heard some stories about Offutt and know about the goings-on. As I learned more, it was clear that he was all wrapped up in this child sex ring. It seemed as if he were trying to impress somebody by committing this crime.

In your research, John DeCamp, have you been able to link this Jubert to what you’ve been investigating?

John Jubert had some other links that go directly into what we are talking about here. But I don’t think this is the time or the place to go into that right now. He was proved to have skinned alive two little boys from the Omaha area.

I know when you tell people about things like this, they think you are nuts. Are people in denial or does this system go so high that if you challenge those responsible you just disappear or what?

I will say that my client, Monsignor Hupp, had turned over to the bishop the name of a member of the clergy from the Omaha area who had killed a boy and they wouldn’t do anything about it. Again, I can’t go into that now.

I wrote my book at the suggestion of William Colby, the former director of the CIA. He said: “Write it for your own protection. Tell the story and nobody will have any reason to do you in, since you’ve already said it. They may try to make you sound like a kook, but at least they won’t have to kill you to shut you up.”


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Death penalty in 1990 Las Vegas cabbie slaying thrown out

CARSON CITY — The Nevada Supreme Court has thrown out the death penalty conviction of a Las Vegas man who killed a cabdriver in 1990, ruling that the circumstances of the crime did not warrant capital punishment.

Justices in a 7-0 decision vacated the death penalty given Frederick Paine and ordered his case be remanded to District Court for a new penalty hearing consistent with the decision.

The Supreme Court’s decision, which was released Tuesday, does not mean that Paine will be released, but that his sentence likely will be changed to life imprisonment.

In two previous penalty hearings, Paine, now 39, was sentenced to die for killing cabbie Kenneth Marcum during a Jan. 19, 1990, robbery. The cabdriver was shot in the head. He was robbed of $45.

Marcum was 53 at the time of his death and had driven a cab for only a few months.

Since Marcum had little money, fellow cabdrivers raised funds to send his girlfriend to California for his burial. A procession of 85 cabs drove up and down the Strip in his honor on the day of the funeral.

Justices said there were no valid "aggravating circumstances" that gave rise to two past decisions to sentence Paine to die.

Under state law, prosecutors must show that aggravating factors, such as torture, existed in the crime to impose the death penalty.

In Paine’s case, a panel of judges and a jury ruled that the killing was "random and without purpose," an aggravating factor that could be used to give him capital punishment.

But justices said that was an error.

"This is not a situation where Paine chose his victim 'without a specific purpose or objective,’" according to the decision. "The specific purpose was robbery."

The court added that in Paine’s statements to police, as well as his testimony in court, he indicated he shot the victim "at least in part, to eliminate the only witness to the crime."

Because there was a purpose to his killing, the "at-random aggravator was not properly applied," the court stated in vacating the death penalty sentence.

In a hearing before the Supreme Court in September, Paine’s lawyer, Michael Pescetta, argued that Paine had "freaked out" in exiting the cab and shot Marcum.

But Paine and a partner, Marvin Doleman, had shot another cabdriver, William R. Walker, 10 days earlier in a robbery that netted them $22, according to court records. Both of them were convicted of robbery in that case. Walker recovered.


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In May 1992, shortly after the first edition of this book was published, Monsignor Robert Hupp, who had been the head of Boys Town from the late 1970s through the decade of the 1980s - the critical time in question for the Franklin case, contacted me and asked to have a meeting, at which he specified that witnesses must be present. I anticipated that his purpose was to attack me, and to deny what I had written about Boys Town.

I was completely wrong. With two witnesses present, Monsignor Hupp opened our discussion with the simple statement: "John DeCamp, your book stated the game; I hope I can help with some of the names."

Monsignor Hupp and I then entered into an in-depth discussion on the entire situation involving Boys Town, Larry King, Peter Citron, the pedophile problem in general, and the entire story of the Franklin cover-up.

He verified piece after piece of evidence of the Franklin story for me, and provided guidance on other directions in which to look, to develop further proof of the children’s stories of abuse by this country’s wealthy and powerful.

When I asked Monsignor Hupp how this ever could have happened at Boys Town, he looked at me and told me, so apologetically, "I am like the wife who did not know, and was the last to find out. And when I finally did suspect something and tried to act, the Archbishop [Daniel Sheehan] elected to do nothing about it, when I asked him to help. And then, when I came upon something horribly evil, I found public officials and the Church would do nothing - apparently terrified at the damage it would do to the Church and to the entire city of Omaha," Monsignor Hupp said.

"What are you talking about?" I asked him. "Is there some particular story or incident you are talking about in the book that you have more information about? Please explain what you mean," I asked the Monsignor.

He then described an incident in 1985, in which a young boy named Shattuck, who lived in Elkhorn, Nebraska, had been sexually abused and then killed. The Monsignor told me that he was certain who had killed the boy, a man he identified as a member of the Catholic clergy in the Omaha Archdiocese. Monsignor Hupp provided precise detail which he said proved beyond any doubt, that the particular individual he named was, in fact, the child’s murderer.

"The Church is plagued by these sexual abuse problems across the country and by the devastating publicity the clergy abuse incidents have caused," Monsignor Hupp explained. "The Church’s reaction to these sexual abuse problems is, in most cases, to immediately get the clergy member involved out of the state and, if possible, out of the country, and hopefully into treatment. I know that may not be right, but it is a difficult situation to deal with, and simply moving the priest or the brother out of the state or country has been the traditional approach by the Church in America to addressing the problems. In this case, where an innocent child was murdered and where I know that a member of our clergy has done this, I felt I had a moral obligation overriding all other things, to bring the situation to the attention of the appropriate authorities. And I did," Hupp concluded.

The Monsignor then shocked me for the second time that day - and in a way that brought back to me the horrible memories of the Franklin cover-up.

He explained that after he determined that the Catholic Archbishop of Omaha was not going to take action on the case, he then went to the FBI and to the Omaha law enforcement authorities to provide complete details on the child’s murder.

So, what happened as a result of Monsignor Hupp’s actions?

Apparently, nothing. Each year on the anniversary of the child’s murder - now almost ten years - the media talks about the case as still being ‘under investigation’, and street rumors persist about the Catholic clergyman - the one Monsignor Hupp believes killed the child - who was shipped out of state for alcohol treatment right after the murder.

In the aftermath of our meeting, Monsignor Hupp ran into his own problems. In September 1992, the Monsignor advised me that he was receiving all kinds of pressure and criticism and was, he feared, being forced to leave Boys Town.

Shortly after that discussion, in a controversy that received national press attention on how resources should be used at Boys Town, Monsignor Hupp was removed from his post. He now lives quietly in a home in West Omaha, Nebraska. Monsignor Hupp has shown incredible courage, as he has continued to provide me direction and assistance in the Franklin investigation and related matters.

Monsignor Hupp is not some 13 year old kid whom the cops say they cannot trust or believe. On the contrary, he is one of America’s most famous and nationally honored clergymen; the author of two best sellers; a former Presidential Appointee as Special Ambassador to the United Nations; and the former head of America’s most famous child care institution (Boys Town).

Monsignor Hupp showed his courage yet again, when he repeated his charges a year later to a British TV team making a documentary on the Franklin cover-up, entitled Conspiracy of Silence.


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In mid-1993, after The Franklin Cover-Up had been circulating for almost a year, the British-based TV station, Yorkshire Television, sent a top-notch team to Nebraska to launch its own investigation of the Franklin case. Yorkshire had a contract with the Discovery Channel to produce a documentary on the case for American television.

They spent many months in Nebraska, and also travelled this country from one end to the other, interviewing, filming, and documenting piece-by-piece the Franklin story as I had told it in the book. They spent somewhere between a quarter-million and one-half million dollars investigating the story, deploying probably a thousand times the resources and abilities that I personally had.

Over the year that I worked with them, I was amazed at the team’s ability to gather new documents and witnesses which kept opening up new and frightening facts about Franklin. They were a crack team. In the final weeks that they were in Nebraska, they expressed their certainty that they would win awards for this documented horror story of government-sanctioned abuse of children; and government protection of some of this country’s most powerful businessmen and politicians, who had been the chief acts in the Franklin story.

Finally, the big day came. Their documentary was to air nation-wide on the Discovery Channel on May 3, 1994. It was advertised in the TV Guide and in newspapers for that day. But no one ever saw that program. At the last minute, and without explanation, it was pulled from the air. It was not shown then, and has never been broadcast anywhere since.

I have a copy of that program, which arrived anonymously in my mail in late 1995. When I watched this pirated copy, I could see clearly why the program had been suppressed. Conspiracy of Silence proved, beyond doubt, that the essential points I had stressed in the book (and more) were all true.

For instance, the team had interviewed Troy Boner. Sometime after that grand jury was over, Troy, guilt-stricken because of his lying over Gary Caradori’s death, contacted me and told the truth about what had happened. This is recorded in a remarkable affidavit (see Chapter 20). The Yorkshire TV team spent a small fortune to confirm Troy’s charges. They flew Troy to Chicago and paid for a lengthy polygraph (lie detector) test at the Keeler Polygraph Institute. With the results of that test, the Yorkshire team was so convinced that Troy was telling the truth, that they featured him in their documentary.

It was only in mid-1996, that I finally pieced together, through sources I am not at liberty to disclose, what happened to stop the broadcast of this documentary.


  1. 1. At the time the Yorkshire TV team and the Discovery Channel were doing the documentary, they had no idea how high up the case would go into Government, and what major institutions and personalities in this country, would be found to be linked to the Franklin story. Ultimately, the documentary focused on several limited aspects documented in this book, and developed them much more extensively than I ever had the resources or abilities to accomplish.

  2. These areas which the documentary focused on, were:

    (a) the use and involvement of Boys Town children and personalities in the Franklin Scandal, particularly Peter Citron and Larry King’s relationships to Boys Town;
    (b) the linkage of Franklin to some of this country’s top politicians in Washington, and in the US Congress, with particular attention on those who attended parties held by Larry King at his Washington mansion on Embassy Row;
    (c) the impropriety of these politicians and businessmen and compromising of these people by Larry King, through drugs and using children for pedophilia.

  3. When the broadcast tape was sent to the United States, Customs officials seized the documentary and held it up as being ‘pornographic material’. Attorneys for Discovery Channel and Yorkshire TV were able to get the documentary released. Then, the lawyers went through the film for months, making this or that change or deletion, so that the documentary ultimately advertised to be shown on the Discovery Channel on May 3, 1994, would survive any claims of libel or slander that any of the individuals identified in the documentary might attempt to bring. The lawyers had cleared the documentary for broadcast.

  4. During the several months that the documentary was being prepared and advertised for showing, major legislation impacting the entire future of the Cable TV industry was being debated on Capitol Hill. Legislation, which the industry opposed, was under debate for placing controls on the industry and the contents of what could be shown. Messages were delivered in no uncertain terms from key politicians involved in the Cable TV battle, that if the Conspiracy of Silence were shown on the Discovery Channel as planned, then the industry would probably lose the debate. An agreement was reached: Conspiracy of Silence was pulled, and with no rights for sale or broadcast by any other program; Yorkshire TV would be reimbursed for the costs of production, the Discovery Channel itself would never be linked to the documentary; and copies of Conspiracy of Silence would be destroyed.

Not all copies were destroyed, however, as I and some others received anonymously in the mail a copy of the nearly-finished product.


When the Discovery Channel program, Conspiracy of Silence, was being prepared, the British investigative team insisted that they would not go forward on the program unless they had the on-camera personal interview, and verification of Bill Colby himself, that John DeCamp was reporting the truth with respect to Franklin, and with respect to this book, The Franklin Cover-Up. Colby went on camera, and thoroughly shocked the Yorkshire TV team in how strongly he came out, risking himself, to support me and my work on Franklin.

Bill also wrote a letter to Attorney General Janet Reno, in which he strongly recommended that the Justice Department investigate this case from the standpoint I outlined in my book, a copy of which he enclosed with his letter. He got a formal response back from a Justice Department official, promising that the Department would indeed look into the case.

But then, Bill had always backed me up, right from the earliest days, beginning in Vietnam.

Suspicious Deaths Tied to the Franklin Cover-Up

At least fifteen people who were close to the Franklin case have died under suspicious circumstances. Many of these deaths were violent, others were unexplained.

1. Bill Baker. He was a restaurant owner in Omaha, and a partner of Larry King in homosexual pornography operations. He was found shot in the back of the head.

2. Shaun Boner. Brother of victim-witness Troy Boner, he died of a gunshot wound from ‘Russian roulette’.

3. Gary Caradori. Chief investigator for the legislative Franklin Committee, Caradori told associates days before his death that he had information that would ‘blow this case wide open’. He died when his plane crashed on July 11, 1990.

4. Andrew ‘AJ’ Caradori died at the age of 8, in the plane crash with his father.

5. Newt Copple. A confidential informant for Caradori and his investigative firm, Copple was a key behind-the-scenes activist fighting the cover-up of the Franklin case. Son of Commonwealth Savings owner S E Copple, businessman in his own right, an ex-champion wrestler with no prior health problems and parents who lived into their late eighties and nineties, Copple suddenly ‘died in his sleep’ in March 1991, at the age of 70.

6. Clare Howard. The former secretary of Alan Baer, who arranged Baer’s pedophile trysts, Howard ‘died in her sleep’ in 1991.

7. Mike Lewis was a former care-giver for victim-witness Loretta Smith. He died of a ‘severe diabetic reaction’ at the age of 32.

8. Joe Malek, associate of Larry King and an owner of Peony Park, where homosexual galas were held. His death from gunshot was ruled a suicide.

9. Aaron Owen, the brother of victim-witness Alisha Owen. He was found hanged in his cell in Lincoln, Nebraska, hours before one of his sister’s court appearances.

10. Charlie Rogers. A reputed homosexual partner of Larry King, Rogers said that he feared for his life, in the days before his death. His head was blown off with a shotgun, in what was ruled a suicide.

11. Dan Ryan, an associate of Larry King. He was found strangled or suffocated in a car.

12. Bill Skoleski. An officer in the Omaha Police Department who was believed to be keeping a file on Larry King, he died of a heart attack.

13. Kathleen Sorenson. The foster parent for Nelly and Kimberly Webb after they fled the home of Larry King’s relatives, Jarrett and Barbara Webb, she was an outspoken activist against Satanism. Her death in a suspicious car crash is related in Chapter 15.

14. Curtis Tucker. An associate of Larry King, he fell or jumped out of the window of the Holiday Inn in Omaha.

15. Harmon Tucker. A school superintendent in Nebraska and Iowa, a reputed homosexual, his death had signs of Satanic ritual murder. He was found dead in Georgia, near the plantation which Harold Andersen and Nebraska-Iowa FBI chief Nicholas O’Hara used for hunting.

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