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Post Info TOPIC: Boys Town Abuses - The RCC Cover-up

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RE: Boys Town Abuses - The RCC Cover-up

Peculiar Ties Connect Boys Town to CIA

Although the national media have focused on pedophilia and abuse committed by Catholic priests in the Boston area and elsewhere, the media have consistently suppressed an even more explosive and related story.

For years, former Nebraska State Sen. John DeCamp has spearheaded an inquiry into a massive pedophile ring with a base of operations in Omaha, Nebraska, that has been linked to high-ranking political figures in Washington. Recently, DeCamp won a $1 million civil judgment against former big-name Republican Party figure Larry King (an Omaha credit union founder) on behalf of a young man, Paul Bonacci, who charged that King had molested him and brought him into the pedophile ring.

DeCamp was the guest on the February 24 broadcast of Radio Free America, the weekly talk forum sponsored by AFP (American Free Press) with host Tom Valentine. Valentine’s questions are in boldface. DeCamp’s responses are in regular text. Caller’s comments are in italics.


hen your client, Paul Bonacci, filed a law suit against Larry King of the Franklin Credit Union in Omaha, you also named the Catholic Arch diocese of Omaha as a co-defendant. Why?

The reason was that my client said that it was because of a couple of Catholic priests there started doing improper things to him at a very young age that started him into the tragic life that he led. The federal judge ruled that it was not possible to name the archdiocese—that it couldn’t possibly be guilty of anything, because how would they know what individual priests had been doing. In other words: "How would the bishop have known anything to stop it?"

This sounds just like the current controversy in Boston, except this happened long before the Boston scandal.

That’s right. It was exactly like Boston. I took it so seriously at the time that I went to Rome and met with Cardinal Ratzinger. He’s the one who has been in charge of this systemic problem in the church of priests involved in pedophilia. Ratzinger is now in the limelight over this issue, but he couldn’t get anyone to do anything 12 or 13 years ago when I was writing about this and filing my lawsuit.

I appealed the decision removing the diocese from my lawsuit. I went before the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals and they upheld the judge’s decision in favor of removal of the diocese.

I went on to win the rest of the lawsuit against Larry King, but I was always bitter because I knew that I was right. This problem of priests abusing their position and abusing young children was a serious problem and not being properly dealt with by the church.

Of course, there have been some major cases in recent years, but these cases trace back to events many years ago. So now we have the Catholic Archdiocese in Boston paying out millions to settle claims. But my case in Omaha was thrown out.

When in the course of your investigations did you begin to realize that Boys Town in Omaha was essentially a "farm" for what you determined to be a national network of pedophiles that extended well beyond pedophilic priests?

When the children I was representing—and in the course of interviewing others—brought the role of Boys Town up as a central point. At least certain elements of Boys Town were being improperly used.

How did you get the British Broadcasting Company [BBC] interested in coming over and doing the explosive documentary that they produced on Boys Town (but which was never aired)?

I did nothing to get them interested. Somehow the BBC got a copy of an early edition of my book. They sent over a preliminary team and, for whatever reason unknown to me, the BBC sent over an entire investigative mission. Over a period of nine months or so they produced the program entitled Conspiracy of Silence. It was scheduled in all of the TV guides to appear on the Discovery Channel on a particular date and at the last minute it was pulled and never saw daylight.

I called the individual who handles the Discovery Channel programming and he told me that the program had been bought up and sealed and was never to be seen. However, a copy of the video was sent to me from parties unknown, who were obviously concerned that the program was not going to be aired.

Some $500,000 was paid to buy the airtime for the program. So, whoever bought it at the last minute was able to prevent it from being shown. However, the copies of the videotape are out there and are being widely distributed.*

Now you have picked up a new client and it ties directly into Boys Town.

My client is the former head of Boys Town. He was the head longer than anyone in the history of Boys Town. His name is Monsignor Robert Hupp. In 1976, he was appointed as a U.S. delegate to the United Nations, the only clergyman ever appointed to that position.

He contacted me. He’s 87 years old. I met with him and he needed some help. He felt, I guess, at his advanced age that he wanted to correct some problems and abuses that he had tried to years ago. Just after I was asked to represent him, he completed a major recorded deposition in the presence of many church lawyers, and also attorneys for a number of altar boys who had been abused by priests.

Did he come to you because there were suits against Boys Town?

There were lawsuits against the Catholic Archdiocese of Omaha and Boys Town is a part of the archdiocese. The position of the church, which was very public, was that they knew nothing about the abuse and, if they had known, they would have done something about it.

That’s very important to understand. They are saying, "We didn’t know, so how can we be held responsible. If we had known, we would have done something about it."

However, the essence of what Monsignor Hupp asked me to do was to help get the true story out, because what he had to say was rather shocking and would totally disprove that claim here in Omaha and probably in a lot of other places.

I made the arrangements so that he could get his story out under oath. The deposition that he gave in this case may be sealed, but one way or another the story he had to tell will come out.




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Monsignor Hupp?????was listed on Caladori's 1990 Lead Sheet as possible informant to abuse at boystown....Paul Bonacci was not listed?????

What happened to Monsignor Hupp?

From the Boystown website, "Monsignor Hupp, a native Nebraskan, was born on July 3, 1915, the oldest of nine children. After his ordination he served as a Navy Chaplain during World War II and founded the Christ the King parish in Omaha. On October 11, 1973 he was named the third director of Boys Town. During his administration the Family Home System

was implemented replacing the dorm ties. The biggest change was the admittance of girls to the Boys Town program in 1979. In 1985 after thirteen years of leadership Father Hupp retired."

So then Monsignor Hupp died in Wisconsin on August 30/03 from a "viral infection". He was 88.

The thing is Monsignor Hupp had just signed up with Senator John Decamp to expose some major bigwigs 1 month before he died. (Scroll down to the mid of that interview:

JD: Anyway, they pretty well ¡¦. But anyway, the head of Boys Town, the head of Boys Town is now an 87-year old man, a monsignor. Guess who his newest attorney is? He's hired because he's getting old and is worried about wanting to get some things told and get some truth out - which might happen about next week. His newest attorney is a young man, well he's not young anymore is he? A man named John Decamp who wrote a book called "The Franklin Cover-up" and if anybody would have a reason to want to attack me, it was him. Instead he is doing the opposite.

AJ: Now repeat that again.

JD: He hired me within the last week or ten days as his private attorney because of some of these things you've been reading about in the national press, pedophilia of the priest and so on. He's an old man now and he's 87 or 88.

AJ: And who is he again?

JD: He was the head of Boys Town. )

Two things. AJ's webite says that the interview took place on July 21, 2004. This is not correct. The interview took place on July 21, 2003 . Secondly, In the transcrip it doesn't mention the Hupp by name(the transcriber must have not been able to make it out) but if you listen to the interview you can clearly hear Decamp name the Monsignor as Hupp. died Aug. 29/03

A Catholic priest, Hupp was brought in to run the beleaguered Boys Town in Nebraska in 1973 after it was revealed that the charity home was taking in much more money than it was spending on its charges. Hupp was reluctant to take over, preferring to retire. "I came in right when things were really boiling," Hupp said in 1992. "I was viewed as a real rebel." So much so that he opened the facility to girls, and moved boys out of dormitories and into the homes of the teachers. He also opened the "alternative" Father Flanagan High School, named after the Boys Town founder. He finally did retire in 1985, and lived in a Boys Town apartment until 1993. Monsignor Hupp died in Wisconsin on August 30/03 from a viral infection. He was 88.



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DeCamp, John W. The Franklin Cover-up. Published in 1994 by AWT, Inc., P.O. Box 85461, Lincoln NE 68501 ($9.95 plus $2 postage). 288 pages.

In 1984, John DeCamp came in at number five in an Associated Press listing of the ten most powerful people in Nebraska, as ranked by media editors and publishers. In Vietnam he worked with William Colby in CORDS, and later initiated Operation Baby Lift in 1975. Back in Nebraska he served 16 years as a state senator. This book is about a cover-up that involved Lawrence E. (Larry) King, Jr. and his Franklin Community Federal Credit Union. Franklin was raided in November 1988 by federal regulators, and King, a wheeler-dealer with Washington connections, went to jail. The Nebraska legislature launched a probe, only to have their chief investigator, among others, die violently under suspicious circumstances. What began as a financial swindle ended up as a "hideous tale of drugs, Iran-contra money- laundering, a nationwide child abuse ring, and ritual murder." DeCamp was involved with the probe from the beginning, and became the attorney for two of the abuse victims. The investigation, unfortunately, fizzled out.

William Colby was secretly hired by the legislature's committee to look into the investigator's death. Colby warned DeCamp to stay away, or he could end up dead as well, because "sometimes there are forces and events too big, too powerful." Nevertheless, DeCamp wrote this book, which documents untold corruption in the American heartland.

William Colby

This former CIA director disappeared 1996 in an apparent boating accident, and a body was later discovered (minus the life jacket Colby's friends insisted he always wore while boating) and buried promptly. John DeCamp, a lawyer from Lincoln, Nebraska, and Colby's close friend and confidant, said Colby's death was not an accident. He stated that Colby was prepared to disclose that missing P.O.W.'s were working for a dope smuggling operation orchestrated by General Colin Powell, Pentagon official Richard Armitage, and George H. W. Bush.


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Alex Jones interview with John De Camp coverup interview of RCC


I read an interview Alex Jones did with John DeCamp, attorney who filed suite on behalf of abuse victim who lived at Boys Town which was under the Arch Diocese of Omaha Nebraska. In the interview Alex Jones seems to swerve around info dealing with the over seer of Boys Town at the time who's name was Monsignor Robert Hupp. Alex Jones even edited the Monsignor's name out of the interview. I found it from another source.

I then did a search on google for " pedophilia" and found that Alex Jones just about completely omits the Catholic Church's role in the pedophilia and abuse in this country and in the world but instead spotlights almost ever OTHER case of pedophilia in the world. usually calling them "Elites" and "Republican Party" etc.

So Jones continues his whitewash of Catholic Church's corruption and evil in the earth.

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Pope slams Irish church, no Vatican blame in abuse

Mar 20, 8:19 AM (ET)



VATICAN CITY (AP) - Pope Benedict XVI rebuked Irish bishops Saturday for "grave errors of judgment" in handling clerical sex abuse and ordered an investigation into the Irish church but did not mention any Vatican responsibility.

In a letter to the Irish faithful read across Europe amid a growing, multination abuse scandal, the pope doled out no specific punishments to bishops blamed by victims, and Irish government-ordered investigations, for having covered up abuse of thousands of Irish children from the 1930s to the 1990s.

Ireland's main group of clerical-abuse victims, One in Four, said it was deeply disappointed by the letter because it failed to lay blame with the Vatican for what it called a "deliberate policy of the Catholic Church at the highest levels to protect sex offenders, thereby endangering children."

"If the church cannot acknowledge this fundamental truth, it is still in denial," the group said.

The letter directly addressed only Ireland, but the Vatican said it could be read as applying to other countries. Hundreds of new allegations of abuse have recently come to light across Europe, including in the pope's native Germany, where he served as archbishop in a diocese where several victims have recently come forward. One priest suspected of molesting boys while the future pope was in charge was transferred to a job where he abused more children.

While a cardinal at the Vatican, Joseph Ratzinger penned a letter instructing bishops around the world to report all cases of abuse to his office and keep them secret under threat of excommunication. Irish bishops have said the letter was widely understood to mean they shouldn't report the cases to police.

"You have suffered grievously and I am truly sorry," Benedict said, addressing himself to Irish Catholics who suffered "sinful and criminal" abuse at the hands of priests, brothers and nuns and a botched response by their superiors.

"It is understandable that you find it hard to forgive or be reconciled with the church," he said. "In her name, I openly express the shame and remorse that we all feel."

Benedict used his harshest words for the abusers themselves, saying they had betrayed the trust of the faithful, brought shame on the church and now must answer before God and civil authorities.

"Conceal nothing," he exhorted them. "Openly acknowledge your guilt, submit yourselves to the demands of justice, but do not despair of God's mercy."

Benedict faulted their superiors, the Irish bishops, for having failed "sometimes grievously" to apply the church's own law which calls for harsh punishments for child abusers, including defrocking priests.

But he didn't rebuke them specifically for having failed to report cases of abuse to police, saying only that serious mistakes were made and that now they must prevent future abuse and "continue to cooperate with civil authorities."

"I recognize how difficult it was to grasp the extent and complexity of the problem, to obtain reliable information and to make the right decisions in the light of conflicting expert advice," Benedict wrote.

"Nevertheless, it must be admitted that grave errors of judgment were made and failures of leadership occurred. And this has seriously undermined your credibility and effectiveness."

While the letter doled out no punishment for the bishops, the pope did order a Vatican investigation into some dioceses, seminaries and religious orders. Such a move is undertaken only when Rome considers a local church unable to deal with a problem on its own. The Vatican ordered such an "apostolic visitation" into U.S. seminaries after the U.S. clerical sex abuse scandal exploded in 2002.

The results of the Irish investigation could lead to further action.

Victims have been demanding that bishops resign, and three Irish bishops have offered to step down. Benedict hasn't accepted the resignations.

Asked why there were no punitive provisions in the letter, Vatican spokesman the Rev. Federico Lombardi noted that the letter was pastoral, not administrative or disciplinary in nature, and that any further measures concerning resignations would be taken by the competent Vatican offices.

Cardinal Sean Brady, the top cardinal in Ireland who himself is under fire for not reporting a notorious abuser to police, welcomed the letter.

"Let us pray that the Holy Father's pastoral letter will be the beginning of a great season of rebirth and hope in the Irish Church," he said.

Three Irish government-ordered investigations published from 2005 to 2009 have documented how thousands of Irish children suffered rape, molestation and other abuse by priests in their parishes and by nuns and brothers in boarding schools and orphanages. Irish bishops did not report a single case to police until 1996 after victims began to sue the church.

The reports have faulted Rome for sending confusing messages to the Irish church about norms to be followed and, in general, for what it called the absence of a coherent set of canon laws and rules to apply in cases of abuse.

In particular, the so-called Murphy report faulted the 2001 secrecy letter penned by then-Cardinal Ratzinger, who headed the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith for a quarter-century before becoming pope, making him the most informed Vatican official about the global scale of clerical abuse.

In that role, he denounced the "filth" in the priesthood and initiated what has amounted to a crackdown on predatory priests, demanding a policy of zero tolerance from his bishops. As pope, he has met with American, Australian and Canadian victims of abuse, offering them comfort and apologies.

Nevertheless, reports emerged last week that while he was archbishop of Munich in the 1980s, Ratzinger approved therapy for a priest suspected of molesting boys. The priest was then transferred to a job where he later abused more children. He was convicted in a criminal trial. The archdiocese has said Ratzinger's then vicar general took full responsibility for the transfer.

Lombardi defended Benedict in his handling of the global abuse scandal and said anyone who knows the pontiff's background and history would know he has been a "witness for coherence and correctness" in confronting abuse and a "guide to overcome a past of silence."

Lombardi was peppered with questions about why the German-born pope didn't directly address the German scandal or take the opportunity of the letter to make a more sweeping commentary on the now-global dimensions of the scandal.

Lombardi acknowledged the other cases but said the Irish scandal was unique in its scope. But he said that obviously issues in the letter could be read to apply to other countries and individuals.

"You can't talk about the entire world every time," he said. "It risks becoming banal."

The head of the German bishops' conference, Archbishop Robert Zollitsch, said the letter was a message also for Germany.

"The sexual abuse scandal in Ireland is not just an Irish problem, it is the scandal of the church in many places, it is the scandal of the church in Germany," he said.

A prominent German Catholic activist group, We Are Church, said it respected the pope's efforts with the letter.

But it faulted him for failing to address the fact that abuse is a global and structural problem for the church. "It would be good if there would be a mea culpa from him for all victims around the globe," said spokesman Christian Weisner.

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