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     I can still quite clearly remember that bath room to this very day; what I mean is I remember clearly the interior of the bathroom.

     If you marked the door that was the entrance to the bathroom as South, then you had to turn slightly West or to the left. 

     On the North side, slightly to the left and opposite the entrance was the one and only stall.

     On the South side of the bathroom, on the same side as the entrance door and opposite the one stall was a sink, and just West of the sink, or just to the right of the sink if you were standing there facing the sink were two urinals; the kind that went all the way to the floor; to work for adults as well as children.

     When we first walked into the bathroom together, the stranger, who either never told me his name or else I simply don't remember if he did, kind of rushed past me and made like he was going to use the one stall.

     I was disappointed because I was a bit modest. I almost never used the urinals in a public bathroom, and preferred to use the stall, even though all I needed to do was urinate.

     Since there was only one stall in this bathroom, and the stranger rushed over to use it, that left only the urinals to use, and since I had to pee bad, I walked over to the urinals to do my business.

     I walked up to the urinal closest to the West wall, or the one on the right. To my left was the empty urinal and to the left of that was the sink.

     I unzipped myself, and began to go, and no sooner than you could hear the "water-works" sort of speak, the stranger walked out of the stall, and walked over towards me and took up a stance at the urinal just to my left.

     This was a very uncomfortable and embarrassing situation for me. I was so modest I usually didn't use the urinals at all because I wanted to avoid just this kind of a situation. I was shy, and I didn't want somebody seeing my "private parts" I would have been embarrassed enough for another kid to see them, but the feeling was ten times more embarrassing to pee next to an adult.

     However, I really had to pee bad, and I had already started peeing, so I wasn't going to try and stop and then go over to the stall so I just endured the embarrassment.

     I also felt tricked. I couldn't prove it, but I thought it strange that the guy made like he was going to use the stall, preventing me from using it, and then when I started peeing at the urinal and not a moment before then the man suddenly changes his mind and decides to use the urinal next to me instead.

     What was even more embarrassing is the guy was talking to me as I was going pee, and looking in my direction and I caught him several times looking down directly at my private parts. It was very obvious, but he just kept talking to me and acting very friendly and telling me what a nice guy he was.

     He also pulled out his own genitals, and I tried not to look but it was so big, how could I not notice that the guy had an erection, and he began to stroke his erection once he saw that it had gotten my attention.

     There was no way I couldn't notice it. Especially how he engaged me in conversation while he was standing next to me, and its only natural to look at someone when they're talking to you.

     And it was so big, being fully erect, how could I not notice it?

     At this point, I knew that what the guy was doing was strange, but I didn't know it was necessarily wrong. I had never before seen anyone do what he was doing, and it captured my curiosity and caused me to stare.

     I also had the sense though that what he was doing was naughty but I wasn't necessarily aware that it was wrong or bad or illegal or anything, but I did have an uneasy sense that there was something naughty about this.

     "You're not going to tell anyone about this are you?" he asked me.

     "Nah, no, I'm cool" I said. I don't know why I said that, the words just came out of my mouth.

     I was wearing Toughskins at the time which were long-legged jeans, and when you unzipped them to go to the bathroom the two sides of the jeans just kind of hung off to the sides and I guess was blocking the man's view of my genitals because he extended his hand and moved the pants part out of the way so he could clearly see my genitals.

     He looked at them for several moments and then I suddenly zipped up. I didn't like what was happening.

     After I zipped up I continued to stare at the man pleasuring himself, and then I said, "I'm going back out to play now," and I headed out of the bathroom

     The man zipped up also and followed me out of the bathroom.

     I was hoping I would get to Scott and have a moment with him alone before the man got there so I could tell Scott about the situation.

     I didn't know that the man had done anything wrong, but I felt intuitively that he was dangerous, and deceptive.

     The man didn't give me the chance though. 

     Scott and the man started wrestling with one another and I did try several times to indicate to Scott that we should shake this guy; we shouldn't play with him but Scott kept ignoring me.

     Finally, it would appear that Scott got impatient with my attitude and said to me, "If you don't want to play with us then go home."

     That stunned me. The last thing I wanted to do was go home. maybe I was blowing this thing out of proportion. The guy did seem very friendly.

     I started playing with the man also at that point, and he was wrestling with me and Scott and tickling us both.

     At one point the man got me pinned down on the ground and fully felt me up, and tried to stick his hand down the front of my pants, even inside the swim trunks I was wearing underneath, but then I rolled and got away before he could get his hand all the way in.

     It seemed that the man had started this game with us, that he would wrestle us on the grass groping us, and trying to get his hands inside our pants-- that was the game I guess, and we would try to stop him from getting his hands all the way in there.

     He was also putting his hands on our butts and just about everywhere he could. Like I said, he made it into a kind of game.

     I remember then that there were these yellow city trash cans in the park and there was one near by and it was empty. It must have been just emptied by the City probably that very morning.

     The man picked up Scott and held him with both hands cupping his butt, and then put Scott in the trash can.

     Scott was laughing about this and clearly thought it was all a lot of fun, and I have to admit, so was I, at this point. I had just turned ten years old a few days earlier. My intuition initially told me this was not right, but I was only ten, and what did I know?

     Then the man picked Scott up again and pulled him out of the trash can, and then reached over to pick me up.

      I didn't resist and he cupped his hands around my butt the same way and lowered me into the trash can.

     As soon as the man set me down inside the empty trash can, and my full weight came down on my feet, I felt a piercing pain in my right foot.

     It turned out the bottom of the trash can was just metal that was folded upwards, and their were sharp pieces of metal on the bottom on the trash can due to the way it was manufactured.

     I grimaced and the man asked me what was wrong and I said, "I'm hurt I'm hurt, take me out, take me out"

     The man seemed worried at this point, but pulled me out of the trash can, and as soon as my feet were in view it was obvious that I had a bad cut because blood was dripping everywhere and the whole bottom and side of my foot was covered in blood.

     "I need help, I got to go get help," I said trying not to panic but I was bleeding profusely and it was obvious I needed an adult's help.

     Scott and the man stood there looking at each other as if neither one of them knew what to do.

     "Look, I'm going inside the rec-center to the front desk and ask for help,"

     "Wait!" The man said, looking at me, and then giving Scott a funny look. It was a very funny look. I wasn't sure what it meant but I had seen this look before.

     One time I was playing a game of Monopoly with Nina and Raquel. It was actually the last time I would ever see Raquel again, and the last time I would see Nina for about a year.

     During the game, Raquel and Nina kept exchanging this weird look at each other, and each time they did it I noticed it but couldn't figure out what it was.

     I finally figured it out, when I discovered that Raquel and Nina were passing each other money to each other under the table. It seemed the joke was on me.

     The look meant they were in on something together and it was a signal.

     It seemed Scott and this man were giving each other the same kind of look, like they were in on something together, but I guess the joke was on me again, because I didn't know what.

     What I thought at the time was that they were cheating. I didn't know how they were cheating, but they were cheating, and the joke was on me.

     I looked at Scott because I didn't know this man from Adam and I wasn't going to ask him for any advice, I looked at Scott and said, "What should I do?"

     And again, Scott looks at the friggin stranger with a questioning look on his face like he's waiting for the stranger to tell him what he should say.

     Finally the stranger said to me, "You're not going to tell them about me are you?"

     Scott nods his head in agreement, "Yea, you're not going to say anything about him are you?"

     "No," I said, waiting, I think, very patiently as my foot was bleeding all over the place, for them to make up their minds what I was supposed to do.

     I got the definite impression that this was set-up and my cutting my foot definitely had not been part of the plan.

     "You promise?" Scott said.

     I didn't understand why Scott gave a rat's ass if I told on this guy or not? What, did he know the guy? Was he a friend or a relative that he should give a crap if I tell on him?

     I looked at the stranger and said, "I promise I won't say anything about you."

     It was at that point that they agreed I go inside the recreation center and get help.

     "Are you coming?" I asked Scott.

     "No, we'll wait out here for you to get back," he said.

     I looked at the man and he looked very nervous; very nervous but he nodded.

     As I started to turn to walk inside the building Scott suddenly said, "Hey," and handed me a jaw-breaker.

     "Thanks," I said taking it and putting inside my mouth.

     I walked inside the building. The door was a typical government building type see through glass door, with dark tinted glass on the glass on the outside of it.

     There was a long hall way that lead to the main desk.

     I walked down the hallway, looking back over my shoulder every few steps noticing that I was leaving a snail-trail of smeared blood as I walked along. And each time I glanced backwards, I noticed that Scott and this man were still standing outside the door apparently having what seemed to be a very serious conversation with each other. The guy no longer looked friendly and he looked like he was threatening Scott. Scott kept nodding his head up and down as though he were agreeing to something.

     The main point that I am trying to make is they seemed like they knew each other. I don't think they were aware that I was watching them from inside the building, and it would appear that they let go of the pretensions and it was fairly obvious that they had not just met, at least that's the way it appeared. My mind couldn't make sense of it though.

     I really don't think they knew I could see them because there was some kind of tinting on the inside of the glass door which really didn't allow you to see inside the building but you could easily see outside from inside the building-- like a one way mirror.



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"Sometimes when you open your mind to the impossible,
  you discover the truth." Walter from Fringe.

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