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         This book I fret is going to be difficult to write.


         I am going to relate traumatic and sexual abuse experiences that I have had in my childhood that I believe may be related to MK-Ultra and Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA).


        This will definitely not be fun to relate to you.


        It is possible that these two sets of experiences are unrelated. It is possible that they are entirely coincidental. On the other hand, I can not rule out the significant possibility that they are indeed related.


        At any rate, I feel that any attempt that I may make to write my story in which I would describe the traumatic events that occurred to me as a child and leave out the possible Mk-Ultra and SRA phenomenon would be incomplete.


        Alas, this is something that I have tried to do. I have attempted to write two other books, prior to this one.  

        Sadly, the first book, that only describes the traumatic events themselves, lays incomplete. I wrote only about two-thirds of the book and then abandoned it.


        My second attempt to write a book, about a year later, was an attempt not only to chronicle the sexual-abuse and other traumatic events but also to make the case that they were definitely related to Mk-Ultra and SRA.


        This book also, lays in my closet incomplete. Once again, I compiled an amount of material that I would estimate was approximately two-thirds of what I had intended to write, and then suddenly abandoned the project.


        This project is my third attempt to tell my story, and this time, I intend to tell it all, accurately and honestly, so that the story is complete.

        I will describe a sexual assault; being drugged and raped. I will describe a murder attempt. I will describe a kidnapping attempt, and I will describe a traumatic threat on my life and the subsequent emotional and psychological damage these traumas caused and how they have effected me over time and continue to to this day.

        And in addition, I'm going to describe suspicious circumstances which may or may not be related to MK-Ultra and Satanic Ritual Abuse. I don't know that I am a victim of MK-Ultra and or Satanic Ritual Abuse or not, I do know that it is a part of my story whether it actually happened or not, because of the suspicious circumstances surrounding these traumatic events in my life. 

        In this writing, I am going to describe my suspicions and the coincidences that seem to be related to SRA and MK-ULTRA but I am not going to attempt to build a case that I am definitely a victim of this. I definitely am a victim, but like I said earlier, I don't know if it is connected to these more exotic allegations. But they very well could be, so I am going to include talk about MK-Ultra and Satanic Ritual Abuse in my book.


        Really, to try to tell it any other way, really would be incomplete, and you would not have anything like a concise picture of me; who I am, and what has happened to me.



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"Sometimes when you open your mind to the impossible,
  you discover the truth." Walter from Fringe.

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