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Post Info TOPIC: Photographs of Nibiru?

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Photographs of Nibiru?

A couple of weeks ago I took quite a few photographs of the sun, intrigued by video and pictures other person's were posting on youtube that they had taken of the sun in which it appears that there is a planet or small sun or both visible in the sky, but not to the naked eye.

While analyzing the photographs, I realized I had captured a saucer shaped object that had been flying around the vicinity of the sun. Today when analyzing all the photos I had taken I realized I had captured yet another flying craft that appeared disk shaped to me.


The photographs themselves are very intriguing to me. I did capture images of the sun that I believe can only be described as anomalous. There was what appeared to me to be what looked like a small sun near the vicinity of our own sun which consistently appeared in my photographs, which does not appear to be any kind of a normal light refraction. It appears to be a small sun.

I am an amateur photographer, and have been since junior high school, some 33 years now, and I am not claiming to be an expert, but I can tell refractions usually when I see them, and there are plenty of them in the photos since I was taking pictures directly of the sun, and yet, this one "object" appears consistently, and consistently does not appear to be a refraction of any kind. It is most intriguing.

In addition, especially near sunset, I captured a number of photographs which appear to be a planet, in the vicinity of the setting son. It is different than the previous anomaly I described, in that the previous "object" definitely appears to be self-luminous, whereas, this second anomaly does not appear to be self-luminous, and appears to be reflecting sunlight, just as the moon would during the day light hours.

I find all of this very very intriguing. I have no explanation why these objects can not be seen by the naked eye, except to say that the light of the sun is so bright, that these objects can only be practically seen if photographed. Perhaps they can be seen with the naked eye, I have no intentions to try staring at the sun to find out.

I uploaded the video to YouTube, but they blocked the video from being viewed in the U.S. This is supposedly over a copyright issue regarding the music I used for an audio track.

I have been uploading videos to youtube for several years now, and in the past, whenever there was a copyright issue, they simply disabled the audio track. I was quite surprised that in this case, they didn't disable the audio track they blocked the entire video from being watched from the U.S.

If you would like to watch the video, I uploaded to the following link. All of the photography is original and were taken by me with an Olympus FE 5x Optical Zoom digital camera, in which, in most of the photographs, I set the aperture -2 to compensate for taking pictures directly of the sun and to lessen refractions and digital artifacts.

All of the photographs are owned by me, and have not been altered in any way.

I made a UFO report to MUFON regarding one of the UFO's that appears in the pictures since I was also an eyewitness.

I am not making any claims in this video. You decide for yourself, what you think is going on.

Is this evidence of Nibiru from the Sumerian texts as translated by Zacharia Sitchin? Is this Wormwood prophesied in the bible? Is this ELEnin as has been recently identified by JPL / NASA?

I don't know, you be the judge. Here is the link. The photograph I sent to MUFON has a copyright. You are free to re-post the photograph as long as you leave my name of the picture. You are free to re-post any of the photographs, all I ask is that you give the photographer (me) credit.

Here is the link to my video entitled 'Sun, UFOs & Wormwood'

[Link replaced with Youtube Link] Yes, they finally switched the soundtrack so the video can now play in the U.S. The soundtrack has been changed but, you can watch the video with the intended music simply by playing it yourself, their are que up messages in the video.



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"Sometimes when you open your mind to the impossible,
  you discover the truth." Walter from Fringe.

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